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  1. Scott

    Flame Wars Season 1 - Rewards & More

    @KadeDidn't you used to eat them to "enhance" a certain aspect of yourself? and the fucking paki calls me a foreigner SMFH ISIS wants you back fucktard
  2. Scott

    Flame Wars Season 1 - Rewards & More

    @Kade Bet you i will log in and still see bugs that havent been fixed since your last project.
  3. Scott

    Wilderness Multi-logging

    Leave the general wild the way it is and have a "honour zone" with an entire different teleport. that way anyone wanting to have legit fight and no bullshit have a place to go. Changing the wilderness from how it's been for as long as i've known it would be horrible for pkers in general.
  4. Scott

    Wilderness Multi-logging

    Anyone willing to have a back and forth with quicker replies speak to me ingame via the account 'lord of war' and i will happily debate the pro's of allowing multi-logging in wilderness.
  5. Scott

    Wilderness Multi-logging

    And you are making the assumption that pvm'rs and others are not allowed to do it to defend themselves. If you take the time to prepare and do things right u can have two accounts running around the wilderness together 24/7 if you take the time and effort.
  6. Scott

    Wilderness Multi-logging

    I completely disagree, Anyone has the ability to multi log and attack or defend themselves. Limiting people based on the fact they are more skilled at doing it takes away a massive skill factor to pking and the game in general. I have pvm'd on my ironman in wild and had my main logged somewhere nearby to cover myself. It's easy enough to attack the barrage guy on your main and tank the tber on ironman. It can be done with relative ease unless they are highly skilled. All you need to do is always be prepared for the worst and never risk what you aren't willing to lose. You are making it sound like only the pker gets the advantage, THIS IS THE WILDERNESS, if you don't want the advantages it can offer then do not risk it. However if you want to reap the rewards it can offer then suffer the cost at the chance of being pked. I would like to add i am mainly a pvm'r and this could hurt me in the future if passed but that is just part of the game, i would never want to take away a huge fun factor for people based on the fact i don't like dieing in a PVP zone. You made the point it is unfair to allow multi logging as its unfair to the "1 player in single combat", Should we disallow clans and teaming in singles also? Based on the logic you used we should. Multi logging and pking on two accounts is twice as hard as it is to have a buddy do it for you. NEVER forget pvm'rs can multi log 2, and if the reasoning you don't do it is because you "can't" then that is just tough luck in my opinion.
  7. Scott


    Welcome to Pre-Scape and i hope you feel welcome here. I'm sure i will see you about on forums. =]
  8. Scott

    How Trusted MM should be managed

    When you widen the criteria that far then people can have the excuse 'I've known this guy for years and hes never scammed' and 'genuine guy, helped me out a lot'. In my opinion a person who wants to MM gambles has to prove it by MM'ing gambles. High risk pker is a lot different as u can see what they are wearing and what they have in their inventory, then when they die they automatically lose the stuff due to the pk system, there is no such system for gambling and thus the problem arises and the differences become clear.
  9. Scott

    How Trusted MM should be managed

    One huge problem with that, to gain TMM you must middleman gambles without a rank and thus gives scammers massive opportunity to abuse and profit from the situation, i am all for the community having a say and vouches being a part of it, if there is a system in place to protect the people of Pre-Scape.
  10. Scott

    I like pizza

    Then you seriously need your taste buds checked. PINEAPPLE PIZZA TILL I DIE!!!
  11. Scott


    People think you will be the first one banned, i however do not believe that. You are a reformed man from what i hear!
  12. Scott

    Hello everyone!

    Welcome to this community, hope to see you ingame and get to know you.
  13. Scott

    I like pizza

    Surprised nobody asked the real question..... because we all know most people love pizza. The real question is do you have pineapple on it?
  14. Scott


    AYYYYYYY chizzy is here, lets get it.