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  1. Bardaloo

    Small QOL fix

    please fix avas it dont work for chins
  2. Bardaloo

    Pre-Scape Re-Launch

    Maaaaaaaaaaaaan, just stop putting dates I love ya but they never seem to work out as planned either that or give yourself some extra days trust me when I say if you "release" early no one will mind and if you add the extra days at the beginning, again pretty sure no one will mind and it less stressful
  3. Bardaloo

    New game mode, hardcore

  4. Bardaloo

    New game mode, hardcore

    Yup yup sure bud, seems like flame wars is the only popular part of pre-scape but the community isnt toxic, and by all means out up some suggestions for the dev's if your super active and know what's best fix the problem ... c'mon I'm waiting..............
  5. Bardaloo

    New game mode, hardcore

    What ever then lmao was just an idea please let's just keep this community toxic and the game bare seems to be working out so far
  6. Bardaloo

    New game mode, hardcore

    I do play osrs but that's beside the point we need more reasons for people to play pre-scape I'm trying to think of some at this moment we are struggling to stand out from the rest of the rsps and something like this is a relatively simple thing to implement and if it bring in 5 new players it's a success imo
  7. Bardaloo

    New game mode, hardcore

    So I have a small idea that this server could use a hardcore mode, not hardcore iron man but one unique to pre scape, basically make this specific server harder for the player some rules would be , realism xp rate perma death ( all items are dropped on death even in safe spots,altho mini games would still be safe), No bonus from wells cant use dragon kin or other lamps/ xp bonuses No player trades but can still buy from all shops and loot items from ground (can drop trade for things like boss loot just a small annoyance so make it a bit harder and more coordination is needed) would still benefit from donations but would be stripped of specific commands such as ::bank and ::restore if/when implemented no coop slayer or dung let me know what you think and if you have any other ideas / restrictions
  8. Bardaloo

    Server Update 11/27/18

    Yea sizes for sure I mostly mean like the only time your trade a player currently is to purchase say 1 or 2 items usually higher teir stuff then ones you have what you need you don't really trade other players until you need that next big item, we need small things to encourage player to player interaction such as scales and darts since then the mainway ppl ussaly get them is off other players since it's easier then camping for yourself. I also think most items should be dropped on death and bought back via a grim reaper or some sort of system that encourages item loss so people are forced to buy multiply set for fear of loosing it aswell as max gear won't be crashing afk all the time for again fear of loosing items. And lastly we need more 1 time use big items, like brawlers for bonus xp or a timed droprate buff that last 1 hour and the only way to get these is by pvp drops or max teir bosses and they would be specific to the boss such as melee brawlers from Borg, range from k-queen, Mage from zulrah, or w.e it may be and skilling ones from c chests and m boxes. ...... but that's just a theory,.... a game theory (and to clarify I meant by skilling items are currently only item that once it's used it gone forever such as dragon bones and that's basically driving the Eco ATM)
  9. Bardaloo

    Server Update 11/27/18

    Yay, we need more spendable items to help the Eco. With basiclly loosing nothing like ever other then skilling items the Eco slows down substantially
  10. Bardaloo

    1B in every skill on Knight Mode

    The prize is you get todo it again..... on realism
  11. Bardaloo

    Realism mode.

    Well realism was always for the players personal benefits more then Ingame ones some people like to grind for days for the bragging rights and highscore spot or just to be able to play the game for more then 2 weeks without getting maxed and bored
  12. Bardaloo

    Server Update 11/13/18

    FUCK! You guys are doing good, come over later for mouse soup?!
  13. Bardaloo

    Petition to ban Baaail

    This seems a bit unprofessional IMO, if you have any inclination to ban someone, your do so with respect to your fellow player wither your interaction with them was negative you as staff must surely come out the bigger man,, with that said YES BAN THE KID'! Lol just kidding we need all the players we can get