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  1. Bardaloo


    Riot wars , Wildy worm, king of the hill ( host spawn useless item then waits to be killed in wild first one to kill him gets item as drop, then he is "king" and everyone must kill him [item would be cape or helmet to show who is king] after a certain time the player holding the item wins prize. Evil tree (much like shooting star but for wc), and a custom mini game SNOWBALL FIGHTS! Everyone starts with 1hp and 100 nome balls that due very little accuracy by will hit 1hp killing the player, last team standing wins! ( this last one is mostly a joke)
  2. Bardaloo

    Suggestions for all Part 4

    NAh nothing carried over from beta as we could spawn items
  3. Bardaloo


    I 100% agree, bosses first and foremost are needed as an iron its nearly impossible to get your grind on with other players crashing with sir owen or what ever (not bashing sir Owen's I love that thing). There also needs to be some more mid gear drops like rune plate/plate legs, addy /rune knives, stuff that drops cannon balls. Scummy stall should also give rune scims, and magic stall should give runes not just staffs. All would help irons move along nicely
  4. Bardaloo

    Suggestions for all Part 4

    Was 100% wipe I did t get any of my items I donated for eve without charging back
  5. Bardaloo

    Suggestions for all Part 4

    Welllllll................... seems like people need to grind In game to get that drop bonus for themselves... lmao I have an idea how about we abalish all donation perks all together and leave only the title as a "status symbol" and make lowest possible donation $1000 so that way it's super duper rare to see. I mean why not eco wipe and rename the sever free-scape let's see how long the server lasts, cuz I rather play nothing the play with torva kids
  6. Bardaloo

    pre sets

    Do you mean free starter gear? Or pre sets of your own gear?
  7. Bardaloo

    Server Updates 08/05/18

    Right on, right on, right on
  8. Bardaloo

    Bae vouches

    What's the point of this?
  9. Bardaloo

    Announcement 08/02/18

    Most games even triple a ones are buggy on launch day, look at any Bethesda game, ea game, hell even rockstar has bugs on launch, as for the lag we can only test so much with the 5 or so testers we had on daily so it wasn't until a mass flood of players come in that it was brought to our attention and still it was fixed well within 24 hours meaning it wasn't all that bad of a issue
  10. Bardaloo

    Donation Store 2 Shenanigans.. c'mon now

    Well first off is like to say please name 1 top server where you cant pay to win? Hell with bond system setup you can play to win osrs if you really want to, I mean honestly buying g nex sets isnt that big of a deal not to mention drygore is basicly a cosmetic whip it has same stats. And you also have to think it could be ALOT worse, there is no death capes, drop rate boxes, primal gear, vanguard / trickster, cerb boots, serp helmet, blow pipe, and the list goes on. And with the idea of putting barrows and bandos in there, I cant wait for the comments like "lol pay for barrows that makes the minigame pointless" and other shit like that.... just saying enough is never enough
  11. Bardaloo

    A is here boyys

    Aha just wait, might be something else for you to camp instead... ;D
  12. Bardaloo

    Economy Reset

    Never claimed to be author, just sharing information. Just trying to help the situation as staff you should appreciate that instead of trying to put me on blast
  13. Bardaloo

    Economy Reset

    7 RULES TO ECONIMICS: SCARCITY: The economic pie is limited. Society has limited resources and unlimited wants and needs. Because there is only so much to go around and everyone wants more than they have, what one gets, another does not. That means that virtually every good produced, every action taken has an opportunity cost. SUBJECTIVITY: Prices depend on preferences. The value of goods and services is subjective. Buyers have personal likes and dislikes and are willing to pay different prices for goods. Sellers base prices on production costs which depend on the subjective value that resource owners place on their resources. INEQUALITY: Life is not fair. Resources, goods, services, income, and wealth are not equally distributed. Some people have more than others. Inequality can be caused by differences in natural abilities, parental wealth, the luck of birth, and other factors beyond one's control. Inequality also results from effort, education, training, shrewd decision making, and just plain hard work. COMPETITION: Competition is good. Competitive markets promote efficiency. Competition among buyers in search of products and competition among sellers in search of buyers brings out the best in both--and in the economy. Limited competition on either side is bad for the market and bad for the economy. Limited competition among sellers causes higher prices for buyers. Limited competition among buyers leads to lower prices for sellers. IMPERFECTION: Nothing is perfect and never will be. Society can fix some problems, but not every one. Seeking perfection from an imperfect world can be frustrating and even counter productive. Markets, a useful way to deal with scarcity in many circumstances, have deficiencies that can be corrected only by government action. Some deficiencies are minor, others are monumental. Governments, however, are also flawed. Government actions intended to fix market flaws are also imperfect. Invariably, the choice in a mixed economy is between the lesser of imperfections. IGNORANCE: Nobody knows everything. Information is a scarce good. Acquiring information is governed by the same scarcity problem as any production. It requires limited resources that have alternative uses. This imposes an opportunity cost on society. The cost of getting information limits how much anyone can "buy." That is why everyone is ignorant about something. Sellers who have a good usually have more relevant information than buyers who want it. COMPLEXITY: There is more than meets the eye. The world is a complex beast. Society has millions of people interacting in production, consumption, and allocation activities. Every action, every purchase, every production, every sale, has several effects. Some effects are intended and obvious, others are unintended and more subtle. An action that may be good for one person, may be just as bad for another.
  14. Bardaloo

    Economy Reset

    No tbh it's not like a reset would do anything, all "RICH" players are at that stage due to donations and gambling so unless you remove those 2 aspects there will always be a gap look at zammy 3 years with no reset and still have 3 or 4 people owning the large majority of wealth. Hell look at real life the 1% own 99% of the wealth or w.e the stats are but still people are able to live good lives and even be considered wealthy in there own right. Furthermore removale of stats and time played would be a kick in the nut for the few who have stuck it out the last few weeks.
  15. Bardaloo


    Got gano legs lmao