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  1. Bardaloo

    Zamorak / Pre-Scape Information

    Yea customs were $300 ea I had 3 of them
  2. Bardaloo

    Zamorak / Pre-Scape Information

    I just want my customs back from zammy
  3. Bardaloo

    Goyolo's opinnions and suggestions.

    I think he’s right on point no suggestions means everything is good to go!
  4. Bardaloo

    Prelaunch Updates

    It’s all major updates since the first launch. basically a recap post to show have far we have come!
  5. Bardaloo

    Runecrafting Guide

    Quick tip, when grinding for fragments for robes. bring full invent of ess but drop them all but 1 then use alter. And pick up 1 more then click again. Shards are random amount so u can get same for 1 Ess as 27 this way it saves trips and u get get robes way faster (if you don't have ::bank) alwo add galcors for ess, super easy and fast kills
  6. Bardaloo

    Smithing Guide 1-99

    Not much of 1-99 guide more of a info page
  7. Bardaloo

    Fletching Guide 1-99

    Not much of a 1-99 guide more of a fletch info page would be nice to have so rates and levels so 1-10 shortnow u 10 -15 longbow u and so on, would also be beneficial to mention alternative methods such as buying unsprung bow spinning your own flex and making your own string for fastest xp
  8. Bardaloo

    Mining Guide 1-99

    Would be nice if it was a bit more based on pre scape such as living rock mining giving coal and gold ore good for smithing and crafting also it's pretty afk, also where to get dragon picks and what spots are closed to banks for corresponding ores
  9. Bardaloo

    Woodcutting Guide (knight game mode)

    Nice guide, but if putting xp rates you should include realism rates too, I can record and send you them if u don't want to go thru the effort of wc on realism
  10. Bardaloo

    Beginners Easy Money Making Guide Ft Rohan

    step 1 should be get 95 thieve, but nice guide
  11. Bardaloo

    .Bat launcher

    got no software and cbf to hear my own voice lmao
  12. Bardaloo

    .Bat launcher

    Hey so me and a few others have had some issues starting the client via the download. So im going to show a quick way to get it to launch. First off make sure u have java updated to newest revision, and use runetime8 not 9 as 9 has issues with rsps' To set up the launcher first open a notepad (search on windows for notepad) and type the following: java -jar C:\Users\NAME\Downloads\Launcher.jar The part where it says NAME put in your computer name for example mine is "Aidan" It should look like this Next, in the top left corner click "file" then "save as". Name it anything but end it as a .bat file Then exit notepad. There should now be a shortcut on your desktop. once its double clicked it will run the launcher If you have any questions or its not working let me know via pm or disc i will try and help