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  1. Bardaloo

    Economy Reset

    Never claimed to be author, just sharing information. Just trying to help the situation as staff you should appreciate that instead of trying to put me on blast
  2. Bardaloo

    Economy Reset

    7 RULES TO ECONIMICS: SCARCITY: The economic pie is limited. Society has limited resources and unlimited wants and needs. Because there is only so much to go around and everyone wants more than they have, what one gets, another does not. That means that virtually every good produced, every action taken has an opportunity cost. SUBJECTIVITY: Prices depend on preferences. The value of goods and services is subjective. Buyers have personal likes and dislikes and are willing to pay different prices for goods. Sellers base prices on production costs which depend on the subjective value that resource owners place on their resources. INEQUALITY: Life is not fair. Resources, goods, services, income, and wealth are not equally distributed. Some people have more than others. Inequality can be caused by differences in natural abilities, parental wealth, the luck of birth, and other factors beyond one's control. Inequality also results from effort, education, training, shrewd decision making, and just plain hard work. COMPETITION: Competition is good. Competitive markets promote efficiency. Competition among buyers in search of products and competition among sellers in search of buyers brings out the best in both--and in the economy. Limited competition on either side is bad for the market and bad for the economy. Limited competition among sellers causes higher prices for buyers. Limited competition among buyers leads to lower prices for sellers. IMPERFECTION: Nothing is perfect and never will be. Society can fix some problems, but not every one. Seeking perfection from an imperfect world can be frustrating and even counter productive. Markets, a useful way to deal with scarcity in many circumstances, have deficiencies that can be corrected only by government action. Some deficiencies are minor, others are monumental. Governments, however, are also flawed. Government actions intended to fix market flaws are also imperfect. Invariably, the choice in a mixed economy is between the lesser of imperfections. IGNORANCE: Nobody knows everything. Information is a scarce good. Acquiring information is governed by the same scarcity problem as any production. It requires limited resources that have alternative uses. This imposes an opportunity cost on society. The cost of getting information limits how much anyone can "buy." That is why everyone is ignorant about something. Sellers who have a good usually have more relevant information than buyers who want it. COMPLEXITY: There is more than meets the eye. The world is a complex beast. Society has millions of people interacting in production, consumption, and allocation activities. Every action, every purchase, every production, every sale, has several effects. Some effects are intended and obvious, others are unintended and more subtle. An action that may be good for one person, may be just as bad for another.
  3. Bardaloo

    Economy Reset

    No tbh it's not like a reset would do anything, all "RICH" players are at that stage due to donations and gambling so unless you remove those 2 aspects there will always be a gap look at zammy 3 years with no reset and still have 3 or 4 people owning the large majority of wealth. Hell look at real life the 1% own 99% of the wealth or w.e the stats are but still people are able to live good lives and even be considered wealthy in there own right. Furthermore removale of stats and time played would be a kick in the nut for the few who have stuck it out the last few weeks.
  4. Bardaloo

    Pre-Scape Open Beta Closing 06/08/18

    Cool hopefully it will be good, I miss the good old days of 100+ on daily
  5. Bardaloo


    Got gano legs lmao
  6. Bardaloo


    I want to swap gano top for legs or willing to sell top pm me offers
  7. Bardaloo

    Finally Maxed

    Might start bringing my laptop to school I'm fallin behind
  8. Bardaloo

    I'd do anything for the right price ;)

    Heck, ill even do things out of the game if you want me to. I will do it. But only for the right price. hmmm no rwt now
  9. Bardaloo

    Flowers' Departure

    Aaaaah life, has a way of fucking over your fun. Sad to see you go champ you were one of the good ones
  10. Bardaloo

    Brawling gloves/completionist (t)

    I agree with finch that the way to get them is t too important as long as you cant farm em easily, with that said they should be limited to play hours so if you exp waste or bank stand there will disappear, they should be like bonus co given by lamps(but maybe last 3 hours instead of 1) or in my opinion they should be untradeable would give players a reason to go to revs this I proving wildly activity
  11. Bardaloo

    It's Content Time

    At this time a overwhelmingly large majority of players are either friends of kade and past returning players either way we know what to expect from him and that he is a genuinely devoted guy willing to put long hours into this server, eight that said the $280 irl cash and 20m osgp I spent is well worth it knowing I got something to play and people to "hang" with for the next few months to come, if you feel the donor is unfair suggest a change just just say "turn off for new players" cuz as far as I know no one but you has expressed a negative concern about it, furthermore it's not a game breaker as stated in your other post about the issue it's mainly slayer monsters besides like 3-4 bosses, only true benefits is barrows as the other bosses rarely have players at there respective locations. Such as tormented demons. Lastly it's not like you can't get donor with Ingame cash, if you grind hard enough maybe someday you to can join the ranks of the elite monster hunter squad
  12. Bardaloo

    It's Content Time

    I would say mini games or a community type update. Maybe setup a good lootshare system and a boss or 2 that needs multiple players to kill.
  13. Bardaloo

    Clue scrolls (Pogchamp)

    +1 this is basically staple content to not include would be kinda dumb
  14. Bardaloo

    Huge list.

    1, as a realism player I love the xp lamps a free 150k xp daily isn't bad to be used on agility or herblore, 2, I agree shops need a bit of a revamp, voting especially although I don't mind the 2 donor stores, as for black plate n such there not really cositered custom as a lot of servers have and on here and "unspeakable" server had true customs that were made by kade only for kades server. 3, Donor benefits are perfectly fine imo paying $300 for 20% bonus seems far to me not everyone has to donate and not ever donor need to donated $300 so there will be players with no bonus at all, and for the npc zone it's not that big of a bonus 80% of monsters in there are for slayer (Abby demons, bloodvields, spectres, hellhounds, dark beasts, dragons,) and the others are alright bosses (tormented demons, style worms and barrows,) really not much of a handy cap considering the player just payed $500 for it (4 nex sets plus 2x $10 scrolls) I don't see them camping barrows maybe tormented but there more likely to crash someone at nex or corp, yay! Lastly i I don't see how it's unprofessional, you can't buy any inappropriate items, or o.p items like anger sword or crazy bonus such as buying xp bonus, drop bonus, hit raisers, max all skills, and I know for a fact that kade wouldn't let a player buy bonus (they tried in past, only thing I've seen added was range bonus againt all monsters but bosses, witch imo isn't worth a single $300 donation for custom thing,
  15. Bardaloo

    Name Change/ Custom Titles

    I don't like name changes, can lead to sketchy problems and trolling. As for custom titles would be alright if it cost Ingame donor points or better yet cost to make via forum store say $10 then it's Ingame after that any donor can use it aslong as they pay Ingame cash, so you can start a clan tag or something