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  1. Bardaloo

    What do you want to see?

    Tokens for xp!
  2. Bardaloo

    Loyalty Cape

    I like the idea but it should be a real grind to get kinda like a mini questline or something, immediately 100% against the drop idea as people will just camp for it, my suggestion is minimum 85 in all skills with 200 hours (or w.e time) to start the quest the it would be like gather x number of items so like 300 mage logs 500 raw shark am so one each giving a key one turned I once you get 5 keys you can enter a boss area to fight a boss or multi bosses like rfd after the boss is slain you can purchase the Cape for 30m 100k d token and 200 post control points, that way it makes the player go thru many aspect of the game to get the Cape and it will help out lower end players since you will be forced to get pc points
  3. Bardaloo

    Welcome to October! - 10/01/18

    Stan was a client dev, different set of skills. And for the most part we have seemless communication between server (physical servers) aswell as pier to pier. Bane is more front end so stuff the player acculy sees and interacts with such as sprites, keys/ buttons, and GUIs like the boss log or drop table.
  4. Bardaloo

    Secret santa

    It would be broken down into tiers tier 1 would be anything dragon and under, tier 2 is pvp armour bandos and few weps, and high tier would be like dragor torva and the like, it's not perfect but it would work for the 1 event
  5. Bardaloo

    Secret santa

    Not really would be a simple script I know 100% bane could do it easily baisicy just a number generator with pre values of number set to username
  6. Bardaloo

    Secret santa

    With Christmas just a few months a way it would be cool if bane or kade could add a small secret santa event (would start in December and end on the 25) where basically you talk to an npc (snowman) and offer him an item or 2 then your name is placed on a list with a value added corasponding to the items given. Higher priced item would give higher value at the end of the event the names on the list would be paired by value and on the 25 the items are distributed. Kinda like a fun little gamble let me me know what you think, just trying to find fun community events
  7. Bardaloo

    Leave your feedback on current staff!

    Well it's more about the conversation I know on zammy Abdul would do rap battles to bri g people in and dumb stuff like that. As for event best is spontaneous if you plan for em like weekend multi event or w.e people get excited then it dies off by the time the few days have passed try to like announce random o e like log In and first on to kill you get rare item or w.e or hide and seek is pretty good just be koi with the spot make em simple but hints hard
  8. Bardaloo

    Leave your feedback on current staff!

    As perm said this should be more structured most times these threads turn into flam baits / wars, but my personal opinion is there needs to be an effort for community bonding. Proper events, bring people into discord, try to recruit and such. I know it not there "job" but as of now we have like 10 or so staff of a player base of like 50 recurring players and there only so much questions to be answered before the potion starts to loose value. Again just my personal option
  9. Bardaloo

    Staff Updates - 09/13/2018

    Lol no hate but please bets on how long Ebay last thing time ;D jk love ya bud
  10. Bardaloo

    Double everything week

    I like, it one the day of dubble xp the well should be void so people don't waste money and I feel havering 2x base xp and well on would be a bit op
  11. Bardaloo

    Hunger Games

    If anything get castle war implemented
  12. Bardaloo

    skilling master

    Brawlers are ingame just not coded I've talked to kade about them back when were where testing beta. But that's beside the point +1 for skills tasks
  13. I'm ify on this suggestion I 100% agree there needs to be more insentive but I don't like the idea of the bracelet max players will have in no time and camp them while other plebs will cry p2w since only players with high cash stacks to buy or good gear to camp right away will benefit from it. And as break on death it's okay but this sever really doesn't have much in terms of death penalty a so adding one to a specific armour will turn people off from trying for it since there is better more efficient armours.... just my 2 cents feel free to tell me to fuck off, thanks
  14. Bardaloo

    Crystal keys and birds nests, skilling outfits.

    Lumberjack outfit does give bonus when full set is worn
  15. Bardaloo

    Realism Completionist Cape Requirement

    I would say 500m as getting all 25 99s is 325000000 exp