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  1. Bardaloo

    Store history

    Would also be nice if when you searched an item in store it would tell you the last 3 or 5 purchases of that item so you get an idea of price
  2. Bardaloo

    Miscellaneous Suggestions

    i don't see place holders being a thing as it has been suggested at least once a month for over a year, and I beilive it's due to revision of client 317 or w.e were on. I don't like the pet idea as there are more of a trophy then anything so anything that makes it easier takes away from the ones who already achieved it however I do like the dung idea
  3. Bardaloo

    Suggestion for skilling improvements

    Support for farming but not the others. Mining isn't too bad just go wildly and drop invent frequently hunter was updated and smithing is pretty easy too if anything add a coal bag
  4. Bardaloo

    Zo Kar Ta's Staff Application

    I'd support you seem engaging with the community, I also like how you out 1-10 hours daily as there is nothing worse then saying "I play 65+ hours a week every week" then gets staff and is afk or rarely on. But good luck all the best +1
  5. Bardaloo

    Potential Economy Fix

    We mainly need items lost on death would be a game changer even if it was only in boss rooms and donor islands
  6. Bardaloo

    Donator Shop

    And yet the server is growing? This time last year we had 5 player online no way were 10x that. Not to mention every top server had top tier options for donation. A real fact here; out servers online store is less top tier items then any of the top 5 servers on any list. Go look for yourself if you don't beilive me. Be warned tho the custom item should can get op some server even has lazer gun and is top listed..... pretty sure players don't mind it much.
  7. Bardaloo

    Donator Shop

    No support server started off with that idea in mind and it didn't last long not to mention it would be unfair to all new players who don't have that option anymore when there are other players Ingame that bought them
  8. Bardaloo

    Combined items

    Not a fan of the armour but amulets and rings seems like a cool idea
  9. Bardaloo

    Runecrafting Guide

    Quick tip, when grinding for fragments for robes. bring full invent of ess but drop them all but 1 then use alter. And pick up 1 more then click again. Shards are random amount so u can get same for 1 Ess as 27 this way it saves trips and u get get robes way faster (if you don't have ::bank) alwo add galcors for ess, super easy and fast kills
  10. Bardaloo

    The most important question you'll ever answer

    In order to really know one must first ask them selfs, what is pizza? Is it the dough, the toppings, the combination of sauce and cheese? Is a pizza bagel a thing? Or is it a cheesy bagel with marinara? The answer is not as simple as yes or no we must first determine the fundamentals of pizza.
  11. Bardaloo

    Some stuff I'd like to see

    Im no a big fan of the preset idea switching is part of combat and to lessen it will make this game even more afk then it already is. And placeholders have been suggested a few times befor with no word on them, it might be something not feasible on this serve
  12. Bardaloo

    Untradeable items

    Been saying this since day 1 (day 1 of first realese back in like march) it would help the Eco tremendously to have a influx of low to med their items being lost and value removed from game
  13. Bardaloo

    As Rec Pep's HC Road to 23B Comp

    Good luck champ!
  14. Bardaloo

    Server suggestions

    Cool ideas, I like anything that help bud a community
  15. Bardaloo

    smouldering stone

    I'd want something a bit more unique then an xp, like it auto notes logs or ores or maybe use it to craft a ring (find unused ring and rename) and it give an attack bonus to boss npc