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  1. Think twice before you think

    - spermedd 20-08-2018

  2. Hash

    Item Price Guide [UNOFFICIAL]

    I feel like this is so outdated already lol 😛 couple of active traders should sit together and make a list, i volunteer
  3. Hash

    wildernes keys

    25 keys? Thats like saying is nex worth it see for yourself after these 25 kills.. The keys are not rare at all, and the boss is super easy. Do 250 and if you didnt get loot then its bad i agree, but 25 kills?
  4. Hash

    Mining Guide 1-99

    hey, not tryna be a dick just genuinely interested. why do you make a mining guide? mining been the same in runescape since 2001, thats a whopping 17 years ago.. I think you might be better off making guides that people CANT find already at literally 90 places in the click of a button. Something like how to solo corp.. but if this makes ya happy do ya thang ofc
  5. Dude said Hi forums 3 times hahah
  6. Hash

    you should ask more for your sigs!!!!

    check teddy for more accurate prices

    1. Arcy


      I will thanks !

  7. @Bladed 4 SS