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  1. Hash

    Balance & Suggestions

    1.you cant 'easily farm kill' a boss like nex. so make it harder than nex, easy fix. ''if the stats are higher then everyone is going to say “PAY TO WIN” again. So no support with this.'' ''the owner will need to make money to keep the server up so no support.'' nice contradiction mate 2. Edgeville is only 'active' because its home everywhere. on servers where edgeville isnt home it isnt the most active spot lmao. 3. Drygore weapons aren't too op when a 120$ drygore set gets outhit by sir owens+ flameburst 2/5 times, also chaotics and sir owens being bis is bad for the economy.
  2. Hash

    Server Update 09/03/18

    Yet another amazing update! thanks for the dedication guys!
  3. dont @ me

  4. Good suggestions, though sir owens needs a nerf instead of a buff
  5. Hash


    Core. You are in no position to act innocent, what you did is way worse than what @knight did Knight, you didnt get muted for saying what you said, you got muted for get warned maybe 7 times.
  6. Hash

    Announcement 08/25/18

    damn finch, tearing up a lil bit, i member elder mauling at funpk when you were still a ss, now kade is making you wear ties and fire people. But in all seriousness, big BIG gz for you! you deserve it. And @Slayer you will for sure be missed, top 3 staff member and top 1 ex staff member out there!!
  7. Hash

    Realism Donator Accounts

    You can set the 'realism' title that only realism players have access to
  8. Hash

    Server Update 08/20/18 (Announcement)

    Thx for the fixes Damn, npcs turned into other creatures? wish I got to see that one ;(
  9. Think twice before you think

    - spermedd 20-08-2018

  10. Hash


    u srs?
  11. Hash

    End game boss instances

    The problem with a non aggro boss (imo) is people are just going to enabling soulsplit, make your screen small so you can only see your loot pile and you can basically check every few minutes to see if you're rich yet..
  12. Hash

    End game boss instances

    I agree 100% the only thing I dislike about it is alot of the bosses that are getting camped have minions, which make it harder and less afk. Maybe we can make all the instance bosses non aggro so a player with unlimited prayer (like me) can't just set his character in the instance and check in every 2 minutes if he has a drop. +1
  13. Hash

    Item Price Guide [UNOFFICIAL]

    I feel like this is so outdated already lol 😛 couple of active traders should sit together and make a list, i volunteer
  14. Hash


  15. Hash


    Hello everyone, here my super late introduction. By now I think i've met 95% of players haha! Im hash, a 22 year old clothing designer from the Netherlands. I'm a skateboarder and a blue belt in taekwondo but I havent fought in about 1,5 yrs now. Joined zammy when it was only 6 months old and haven't really spent a day without atleast looking at forums since! So loyal at one point the staff team blessed me with a TMM rank. I like doing GFX work alot, you can check out my signature shop at the creative section and I've done multiple things for Kade to make the forums a better looking place. Some people might've had a bad impression of me because im quick to let people know how I feel, but they could also vouch for me always doing it because I think its best for the server/ enjoyability of Pre-Scape. Hope to talk to ya'll soon, Hash