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  1. Hash

    200 Crystal Keys +

    yes it isssss thats a rough turn of events
  2. Hash

    Where is this server going?

    I'd love a thread with something like expect these updates in the following month(s) but I've seen alot of people pissed off about low amnts of updates etc. which I dont really understand If it really adds 'negative energy' to your day, why not leave and check back once a week? no need to make a rsps ruin your mood boyz all luv, hash
  3. I'll take the number: 1 Thanks for the giveaway!
  4. Hash

    Leave your feedback on current staff!

    Funny how you're blaming me for 'cropping images' when sad enough this was actually our conversation. 'luckily for you' Lucky what? that you are bad at making excuses? I think pming you about your unwarned action, because I wanted to know the reasoning (you know why you enforced your powers unwarrented) was a perfectly fine reason to contact a staff member. 'my skype keeps crashing' thats the worst excuse I've ever heard, in 5 years of using skype mine has never ever crashed! No buddy that's the thing, I dropped the conversation, he then proceeded to taunt me with what I said to you in our pm conversation and he didnt get kicked. You're misusing powers, that multiple admins told me you shouldnt have for personal bias quote: 'you were on my ignore list' and then taunt players by saying 'report me' knowing that they're not gonna punish their little csgo buddy with the nice barrows guides. someone saying 'come on guys drop the convo' and 'if you go on action X will happen'. Is big difference. And as you can clearly see in my screenshot posted earlier, I already dropped the convo, which is why you said 'report me' Also, everything you're saying about 'being active' is false, you're online maybe 20min a day where you tell people to ffa and then go back to afking not even in the help cc Answering trivia? are you serious? 'im active because I answer trivia questions?' what? Maybe you should make another essay long barrows guide because at this moment in time nobody in this community thinks you're an active staff member, not even your fellow staff members that i'd post pictures of if I didnt respect their privacy.
  5. Hash

    Leave your feedback on current staff!

    This happened when I got kicked without warning from the help cc, because I responded to someone saying 'hes sucking my dick right now' about me.
  6. Hash

    Leave your feedback on current staff!

    As an active member of this community I can 100% confirm you are NOT greatly involved. And in addition to the forums, do I need to point towards this thread, where someone pointed you out on not doing the biggest part of the job you have and instead of doing it, you made excuses and hades had to come and save the day? Explain, if hades has time to do it, why don't you? Just in case it didnt connect yet, thats a direct shot at you
  7. Hash

    Balance & Suggestions

    1.you cant 'easily farm kill' a boss like nex. so make it harder than nex, easy fix. ''if the stats are higher then everyone is going to say “PAY TO WIN” again. So no support with this.'' ''the owner will need to make money to keep the server up so no support.'' nice contradiction mate 2. Edgeville is only 'active' because its home everywhere. on servers where edgeville isnt home it isnt the most active spot lmao. 3. Drygore weapons aren't too op when a 120$ drygore set gets outhit by sir owens+ flameburst 2/5 times, also chaotics and sir owens being bis is bad for the economy.
  8. dont @ me

  9. Good suggestions, though sir owens needs a nerf instead of a buff
  10. Hash


    Core. You are in no position to act innocent, what you did is way worse than what @knight did Knight, you didnt get muted for saying what you said, you got muted for get warned maybe 7 times.
  11. Hash

    Realism Donator Accounts

    You can set the 'realism' title that only realism players have access to
  12. Think twice before you think

    - spermedd 20-08-2018

  13. Hash


    u srs?
  14. Hash

    End game boss instances

    The problem with a non aggro boss (imo) is people are just going to enabling soulsplit, make your screen small so you can only see your loot pile and you can basically check every few minutes to see if you're rich yet..
  15. Hash

    End game boss instances

    I agree 100% the only thing I dislike about it is alot of the bosses that are getting camped have minions, which make it harder and less afk. Maybe we can make all the instance bosses non aggro so a player with unlimited prayer (like me) can't just set his character in the instance and check in every 2 minutes if he has a drop. +1