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  1. Hash

    Economy Reset

    I'd argue the exact opposite of this, we dont need the 10 players that stuck standing at home with max gear doing nothing voting. We need to listen to the 200+ players that quit in the first month and what the reasons are that they quit. edit: ask yourself, if we asked the 10 zammy players that stood around with their customs and their 10t banks all day if they wanted to keep zammy the way it is and never make a pre-scape or make a brand new server, I'd bet 10k$ zammy would still be open with 7 players playing, and pre-scape wasnt a thing. sometimes you gotta stop worrying about yourself and your bank and think what will be best for the server in 6 months..
  2. Hash

    Economy Reset

    If my ult donor buddies are wondering why I'm saying what I'm saying, this is why.
  3. Hash

    Economy Reset

    A tradeable item reset would solve everything honestly, but I wonder of thats a possibility
  4. Hash

    Economy Reset

    Ask yourself, want a 100b bank with 50 active players or a 20b bank with 200 active players. Cause thats what the poll is saying
  5. Hash

    Pre-Scape Open Beta Closing 06/08/18

    I care about people making selfish decisions over RSPS pixels, its about having fun not staring at your torva sets. the IDC was about the 10 players that still play pre ruining it for the potential new players to come HAVING DONATED 500 MYSELF. sometimes you gotta take 1 for the team
  6. Hash

    Pre-Scape Open Beta Closing 06/08/18

    its OBVIOUSLY not about being broken, its about releasing a server as BRAND NEW and having players have 22 nex sets already, remember when pre just came out and people donated for torva which caused it to be shitty and common in the first week? yeah that x100
  7. Hash

    Pre-Scape Open Beta Closing 06/08/18

    Poseidon liked your comment and he has a bank pic up with 22 nex sets in it.. stop protecting your bank by voting against something that will help the server in the long run, smh. w/e tho, idc
  8. Hash

    Economy Reset

    eco runners voting no lmao gl reviving this with this much of a gap between poor/rich
  9. Hash

    Pre-Scape Open Beta Closing 06/08/18

    I think not doing an eco reset is a huge mistake. People holding 50 nex sets and 20 phat sets on the ''day of release'' is a huge no. I'd advise having a poll on this, since after all thats the least you can do after what has happened
  10. Hash

    Where is Nivo?

    Literally 150 players quit in the past 2 weeks, there even is only 1 active SS (that got mod now, even though he had more negative than positive reviews on the staff review thingy?) and 1 active admin. 1 week without any information on updates etc. This is exactly what went wrong with the somehow forbidden to mention server here. and it happens again. So much for a fresh start huh? fresh start of what? donation amount per account? Now dont get me wrong we had alot of good updates but as I mentioned earlier about first impressions.. the guys that quit (and there are alot, we went from avg 120 players to avg 15 online) are not super likely to come back. I hope we can still revive pre, cause its very nice.. I feel like things wouldve been different if instead of announcing the server 1.5month before launching it with alot of bugs, the server came out as it was now with more content to come. One love
  11. Hash

    I'd do anything for the right price ;)

    Good idea! Back in the day when servers were still relatively new id sell barrage rune sets for amazing profit too, might wanna add that to your list
  12. Hash

    1,000 Casket Opening Vid

    Nice video I wonder why people want a ruined backpack video, theyre harder too get with intentionally 'bad loot' (potion secondaries that have no purpose but herblore dont exactly make for a super entertaining video)
  13. Hash

    It's Content Time

    Cerberus and obsidian cape is all I need babyyy
  14. Hash


    bald dude the host, he invites rappers and introduces them with a freestyle off top.. check the second video..
  15. Hash


    I hope you're only talking about bald dude.. thats off the dome.. cassidy legendary philly rapper..