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  1. Duke


  2. im D

    Really excited to be here!

    welcome we will have to go skill sometime
  3. im D

    Master skillcapes/max/comp cape

    i think this is far from priority, but maybe we can get bane to squeeze it in
  4. im D

    Realism exp cap

    I FULLY disagree with, this a 500m cape on a realism will be something remarkable and should remain so, realism isn't a mode for people who want to achieve things fast, its for people who want to GRIND and earn something that has some significance.
  5. im D

    Boss kc

    Even though I don't pvm at all, I would love to see this, I think it would spark some fun competition and would also be super fun to look at.
  6. im D

    Completionist Cape Effect

    I feel the health regen is a bit overpowered Tbh but I like the others.
  7. im D

    Ironman + Droprate

    I could see this being an added incentive for people to play the mode more, 5% doesn't seem too op, I support this!
  8. im D

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Good FAQ, I get asked these all the time!
  9. im D

    New content to bridge the wait

    although I do love minigames, castlewars in particular I doubt they would remain populated after the release hype died down as this happens for most servers.
  10. im D


    I think instances are a great idea if they have a cost to enter, this way it is a money sink. maybe ultimate+ no fee?
  11. Donator skilling zone adjustments: Add a fishing spot for Mantas, and Rocktails. Ability to make fires in DI, or add some sort of brazier to use logs on. A cooking range inside of di skilling. Quality of life: Shift drop Bank place holders Game Chat filter ( game chat spammed while skilling makes hard to read the rest.) Toggle trivia on/ off. Ability to remove left click attack ( toggle option) Make "x" or make all while smithing. Slayer: Duo-slayer and or Clan slayer 25-50% xp for partner kill, and full xp for kills obtained by self. shop ideas: colored infinity ( blue brown red ) imbue scrolls, dyes for whips, dbows and staff of lights. Votes: 15-30 Min of bonus xp upon claiming an auth code. Lamps in vote shop - 50 points. Crystal key in vote shop- 5 points. Crystal Keys: Add casket, ruined backpacks and onyx to the crystal key drop table. Obviously I was just brainstorming ideas and figured I would write them out, and get community feedback let me know what you think on them.
  12. im D


    good luck on the clan bud
  13. Rune



    I'm getting harassed while just winning a stake, wtf?

  14. im D

    Rate the Signature Above You!

    @Psycho the Devyn fail sig is simply flawless 10/10
  15. im D

    Fletching Guide 1-99

    i feel this guide was rushed, I like the layout, but add xp per action for the different game modes, not much real content here.