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  1. im D

    Cooking Guide

    The pics are quite big on my screen too ( desktop ) but overall nice guide, cant wait to see amount of fish required! would also be cool to see the amount required for 500m/1b xp also
  2. im D

    Cerberus guide

    Very nice and clear guide!
  3. im D

    Woodcutting and Firemaking Guide

    Looking pretty good my dude!
  4. im D

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Good FAQ, I get asked these all the time!
  5. Rune



    I'm getting harassed while just winning a stake, wtf?

  6. im D

    Fletching Guide 1-99

    i feel this guide was rushed, I like the layout, but add xp per action for the different game modes, not much real content here.
  7. im D

    Woodcutting Guide (knight game mode)

    nice guide! id also like to see lumberjack set xp bonus mentioned in it though
  8. im D

    Locations of Shooting Star

    nice guide! no wonder its so packed now I blame you @Derron