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  1. im D


    Seems pretty pointless to me personally but I don't see any negative side to this so I'm neutral on this.
  2. im D

    Combined items

    I do like this concept but I feel combinding vanguard/ battle mage/ and trickster would be too over powered. I do think that doing some sort of jewelery/ capes would be a good start and maybe sometime in the future we can figure out something for a hybrid set.
  3. im D

    HC Cutie | Post Max Goals

    Don't die cutie ❤️ nah just playing goodluck on that pet grind!
  4. im D

    Staff Feedback By Creation

    Im going to guess this is timezone related but I am not sure anyways thanks for the staff feedback, these are my favorite things to read on the forums ❤️
  5. im D

    hei it me

    I don't have the slightest clue who you are but welcome to Pre-Scape, if you need any help ingame feel free to pm me!
  6. im D

    Operative's Absence

    Cya in a couple weeks buddy, have a good time out of country!
  7. im D

    Player titles

    I love the thought of this, like in Runescape I think Completionist cape should be ever evolving so that players do not get bored after they comp, but also so players try out aspects of the game which might otherwise be overlooked or unused and if more title options come with that even better.
  8. im D

    Player titles

    id like 1k hours to say " no lifer " title thief should be based off steals not xp
  9. im D

    Anyone tried CBD-oil?

    I would say it for sure worked, as for side effects I didn't personally notice any but I've heard people say that they could feel sluggish or like they have no energy.
  10. im D

    Anyone tried CBD-oil?

    It for sure helps with sleep, and I don't know how much you would need as I basically used it all day long.
  11. im D

    Staff Feedback

    Thank you for the feedback if you can think of things for me to improve upon let me know.
  12. im D

    Anyone tried CBD-oil?

    I used to have a CBD pen what are you curious about?
  13. im D

    The most important question you'll ever answer

    The fact you have the audacity to not leave this in 2018 reveals a lot to me.
  14. im D

    Twisted bow peak performance.

    in that case 100% support
  15. im D

    Twisted bow peak performance.

    Have you tried it at the bosses that its used for on osrs? because in osrs tbow sucks at kraken too. ( I am genuinely curious)