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  1. Jarred

    Server Update 02/03/19

    Amazing update. Keep up the great work❤️
  2. Jarred

    Farming Guide

    Well done, this'll clarify a lot for players who are inexperienced when it comes to this skill. Thank you! -jarred
  3. Jarred

    Good to be back :)

    Pleasure to have you with us bud! Happy early birthday as well. Looking forward to seeing you in game!
  4. Jarred

    HC Cutie | Post Max Goals

    You’re doing great! Keep up the good work(:
  5. Jarred

    Staff Feedback By Creation

    Thank you for the feedback buddy, I do admit I lack when it comes to the forums but that’s due to the exciting life in game😇 I will become more active on the forums, i’ll Even take a poll on a guide people would like to see made. Thank you. -jarred
  6. Jarred

    Server Update 01/16/19

    awesome job boss, thank you for your hard work and dedication. -head server support
  7. Jarred

    Staff Feedback

    Thank you for your feedback sir, very much appreciated and I shall continue to do my best to help out anyway I can.
  8. Jarred


    I would love to see this implemented as well, a few corrections on some of the npc's listed, but you made your point very clear. +1
  9. Jarred

    Cerberus guide

    Amazing job on the thread. As Rob said, a couple of possible inventories would benefit newer players in knowing you don't need max gear to kill every boss.
  10. Jarred

    Server Update 12/29/18

    Very nice job done!
  11. Jarred

    Staff Updates - 12/29/2018

    Congratulations guys!
  12. Jarred

    Christmas Special 2018 [GIVEAWAY] + More

    Very nice thread. Good job as always
  13. Jarred

    Staff Updates - 12/21/2018

    Thanks buddy!
  14. Jarred

    Jarred's Back!

    Much appreciated ya’ll
  15. Jarred

    Staff Updates - 12/19/2018

    Congratulations ya’ll