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  1. Very detailed, nice work finding all of this.
  2. Famine

    Signature Give Away

    My favorite color is Blue and my favorite skill is slayer.
  3. Famine

    Hello, how are you?

    Welcome to the server man.
  4. Famine

    Put More Monsters in Wild

    I would always love to see some new bosses in the wild but pk points are meant for player kills not boss kills.
  5. Some nice looking loot there. Seems very worth doing to me.
  6. Famine

    Just a few suggestions

    You have a very valid point. I did not think about that nor take that into consideration with my suggestion on that matter. With that being said I'll definitely be removing that suggestion. Thank you for your input.
  7. Famine

    Xp Drops

    Yes, definitely support. This is very well needed.
  8. Famine

    Some suggestions

    Support, definitely the last item suggestion. That would be very useful when it comes to doing herb or potions. But you can always just right click and hit deposit all.
  9. Famine

    f capes

    Eh maybe like 1/1000 chance would be a bit better. It's a pet, can't have it too common or it's no fun in achieving the pet.
  10. This is just a few suggestions of mine that I have for the server/forums/discord. I'll update this thread every so often as I think of things and I'll of course bump it if it hasn't had any traction in a few days. In-game: I believe it would be nice to see when someone has achieved a 99 or maxed an account or achieved completionist Add another mode called "Classic" and made the xp rate x5 and allow them the trade between each other but not with any other mode. I believe this would make for a nice challenge. Maybe pump up the amount of slayer points you get from lower-tiered slayer masters instead of just getting 1 slayer point. Add vote streaks, for example if you get a 5 vote streak you get say like 3 extra vote points or some bonus xp that can give up to 1.5x the current xp(could be adjusted of course per mode). Add a drops table that we can access in the quest tab so can look up what a certain monster drops. Add timers so we can see how long we have left for a potion such as anti dragonfire or overload Forums: Add Advanced user profile which can be easily downloaded from an IPS/IPB Hack forums and/or actual invision community board Discord: Add fredboat to the discord, it is a very good bot to use for music. Easy to configure and control. Add role rewards for the mee6 bot. I see some people are way over level 10 and do not have any rewards for it. I believe these would work just fine https://imgur.com/a/a9nxN Maybe add a suggestion channel on there for those quick few word suggestions that just don't justify creating a topic for. Add a support channel on there with the simple rule that you only post your problem once and staff remove it right away after they see it and then take the conversation to the Direct message. I understand there is a support board on here but for those quick or immediate problems could be handled a bit faster on discord as you can tag the staff/staff rank on the discord to quickly grab someones attention. These are just a few of my suggestions for the moment. I plan to edit this and add more as I find and think of more. Thank you for reading!
  11. Famine


    Wow, thats nice man. Congratulations.
  12. Famine

    Shift click drop option

    Support. Every server needs this.
  13. Famine

    Baby dragons with dragon task

    I thought baby red dragons was an entirely separate task? Like you get tasked with Blue Dragons and also Baby blue dragons.
  14. Famine

    Place holders/save armour sets

    Definitely would love to see placeholders specially for those who like to have an organized bank this would just make things so much nicer.
  15. Famine

    Nerf Sir owen's sword

    Definitely support. I've never heard someone using this sword at corp lol.