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  1. Colt

    Unc danny

    Xoxo unc
  2. Colt

    Server Updates 08/05/18

    Grind don't stop. Good stuff
  3. Colt

    Permedds Introduction thread.

    Lmao whose child is on the loose
  4. Colt

    Economy Reset

    Lmao u mad asf
  5. Colt

    Economy Reset

    Thx for typing this because I am too lazy
  6. Colt

    Economy Reset

    Shit like this will always pass for not having an eco reset lol.
  7. Colt

    It's Content Time

    Placeholders in bank More dung floors Cluescrolls
  8. Colt

    Clue scrolls (Pogchamp)

    Ur post got me dead 😂 +1
  9. Colt

    Dungeoneering shop additions

    Full support
  10. Colt

    simple hunter guide.

  11. Colt

    Suggestions List 20/04/18

    Permedd you have no room at all to tell someone to stop being lazy.
  12. Colt

    Race to MAX account.

    Yet you ask me if I have friends. Lmaooo
  13. Colt

    Race to MAX account.

    It took me like 6 months to do 3 skills on zammy so I’m with you...
  14. Colt

    Race to MAX account.

    Ur busy taking care of ur son too, don’t forget that.