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  1. Teddy

    Thank You Everyone!

    Thank you! I will soon.
  2. Teddy

    Thank You Everyone!

    Hey all, I'd like to give a big shoutout to the few staff that have made my time here amazing! @Devyn @Kade @Bane Unfortunately i've come to the discision that it's time for myself to leave pre-scape. I love this server and the past month being apart of it has been amazing! I will erturn in the near future possibly but for now im going to continue on with life and see what other Great things there are to explore in this world! Thank you to everyone who has made my expierence here at Pre-Scape amazing! Teddy, over and out! Take care y'all!
  3. Teddy

    Howdy All

    Sorry for the inactivity the apst few days! I've recently lost someone very close to myself! But im back and stronger then ever! I'm ready to help make pre-scape #1! Sorry for the inconviniance... -Teddy!
  4. Over the weekend i was quite inactive, had a birthday party to attend. Although i can't say im not on atleast every day. i spend quite some time online sometimes morning sometimes night. I afk cause im going for that vet rank although ofcourse with a ss rank i wouldn't afk due to the fact it's not a great look. I understand i might not be on 24/7 but i try my hardest. Thank you all for my feedback! muchy appreciated! will try and improve!
  5. Thats what i'm going for XD, Although yes i shouldnt afk alot and if i ever was to recieve that Rank i'd ofcourse log when not at my comp. Thankyou bard
  6. Yes i AFK, i agree not going to lie. but im on every day atleast 5-15 hours. i dont turn my pc off cause is Not running properly i jsut normally let it snooze. I apologise for this adn ill remember to log out. Although atleast 150-200 hours of mine are non-afked. Thanks for the feedback
  7. Teddy

    First Comped Iron Man

    That's Awesome man, Congratulations!
  8. Teddy

    Pre-Scape Starter Guide

  9. Teddy

    Forum/GFX Giveaway!

    @Finch Winners Being announced today?
  10. Teddy

    Forum/GFX Giveaway!

    I swear i have seen this somewhere else before?
  11. Teddy

    Skilling outfits : )

    I Agree, would be nice too see some more skilling outfits!
  12. Teddy

    Pre-Scape Starter Guide

    Added 2 more little guides into this! Good Luck everyone with your adventures. Soon to come - How to find location of Crashed Shooting Stars.
  13. Teddy

    Pre-Scape Starter Guide

    Great Idea! will deffinately add this!
  14. Teddy

    Pre-Scape Starter Guide

    Thank you for the feedback, will definitely look into this!
  15. Teddy

    Wilderness NPC's Locations

    Slayer Monsters: Dharok's - ( level 55 Wildy ) ::mb - Pull Lever - Run West 30 Steps. Ahrim's - ( Level 17 Wildy ) ::easts - Run to lvl 17 wildy - Run West until your here Other NPC's - Tormented Demons: ( Level 54 Wildy ) Telebook - Skilling - last page - Wilderness Area - Run Wests Towards Mage Bank. Chaos Elemental: ( Level 51 Wildy ) Telebook - Skilling - Last page - Wilderness Area - Run east 20 steps, then south till fence, after reaching fence follow it east until you reach the npc. Green Dragons: ( Level 22 & 14 Wildy ) Wildy Level 22 Dragons - ::easts Wildy Level 14 Dragons - ::wests Dark Beasts: ( Level 25 Wildy ) Teleport to ::easts - Run North Lava Dragons: ( Level 23 Wildy ) Teleport to ::easts - Run West Greater Demons: ( Level 14 Wildy ) Teleport to ::wests, Run North/East Skeletons: ( Level 10 Wildy ) Teleport to ::wests, run east Dark Mages: ( Level 7 Wildy ) Teleport to ::wests - Run South Frost Dragons: ( Level 52 Wildy ) Telebook - Skilling - Agility - Wilderness course - Run South till Fence - Follow fence West More To Come!