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  1. Duke

    Was a good run

    Aye lads, it's time for duke to move on for now. Many of you guys might not know me since there's alot of new players joining the server but for your knowledge i was moderator on here before the ''open beta'' shut down. I have been dealing with some irl issues and so on, so it's not the right time for me to stay at this moment. ill miss most of you guys and especially kade and slayer. They are the most professional and most dedicated Owner/manager i have seen in all my rsps years, give them alot of support guys, they deserve it. I don't want to make a bible out of this so yall just have a good one yeah? PEACE OUT ❤️
  2. Duke

    Loving the Server!

    Hope you have a good stay man
  3. Duke

    Wassup Plebs

    Welcome bud.
  4. Duke

    Is this a bug or just pure luck?

    I doubt it is a bug haha, you got hella lucky man. Gz!
  5. Congratzzz big boii :P

  6. Duke

    Where is Nivo?

    Looking forward for our ginger to return
  7. Duke

    500 Ruined Backpack Loot

    Love the vids man, b0nk l00t. 500 Leg mbox opening next!
  8. Duke

    PVP Armours

    I have already suggested a shop to repair pvp armour such as vesta, i hope it gets added soon cuz of now, it's kinda useless.
  9. Duke

    Default General Chat

    So you're calling a ''grown up cc'' that's meant for flaming mostly, is for grown ups? Woahh, i'm really really confused on this one. Even though you make your own cc, won't change the fact that there's rules that has to be followed on this server, if you get reported for harassing another player, you will be dealt with.
  10. Duke

    Devyns POV.

    Sad to see you go buddy, Was fun working with you on the staff team. Goodluck with your future endeavours.
  11. Rohan

    Clean shave , #Gillete fusion pro glide btw.

  12. Rags 2 richest would be nice to see, will defo follow the episodes on that one.
  13. Duke

    u ded?

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    2. Duke
    3. Rohan


      No bro , stuck at lumbridge trying to find Duradel, legends never die btw 

    4. Rohan


       Sorry been busy, but will be online sometime soon Duke , betaminer101 xp.

  14. Duke

    Corp pet struggle

    Congratulations dude!