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  1. Iron 7


    I think a speed dating event so we can all find the love of our lives.
  2. Iron 7

    New Tittle suggestions

    Would love to see some more titles! Gives some nice side-goals to work towards. Supported.
  3. Iron 7

    Ironman Shop Additions

    Going to post here again rather than create a new thread. Thanks for implementing the vials of water suggestion quickly. Could we get the rock cake added to the ironman store (or a method of getting one, e.g. rockcrab drop)? It's currently only available in the non-ironman supplies store.
  4. Iron 7

    Max Cape.

    About time. achievements*
  5. Iron 7

    Smith Pickaxes

    There's already an iron pickaxe in the ironman store, and living rock creatures all drop mith/ addy pickaxes. The strikers and patriachs even drop rune pickaxes quite frequently
  6. Iron 7

    Mining Guide 1-99

    Would've been nice if you had mentioned the way to get to the mining spots. You also could've mentioned the star which is arguably the best mining xp in the game and has some good rewards. Useful for the level requirements though, and not bad for one of your first guides.
  7. The main suggestion I'd like to put forward is to have more than 100 vials of water in the Ironman shop. They take a few minutes to stock back up and they're currently in high demand with this recent secondary update. Would also be nice to have god books added (specifically zammy) as we have no way of obtaining them. I would suggest having them as a reward somewhere instead but they're currently available in Zaff's shop for non-ironmen. It'd also be pretty cool to have the ironman costume added. Cheeky bit of unique cosmetics for us, don't see a downside to having it!
  8. Iron 7

    More bosses

    Frost Dragons are lovely creatures which need other monsters to hang out with, they're all alone up in the wilderness at the moment. *hint hint*
  9. Iron 7

    Bring this back.

  10. Iron 7

    What would you like to see?

    I'd say HCIM! Fun to see people earn everything by themselves and not simply result in staking (and aslong as you're not Devyn you shouldn't die within the first 5 minutes)
  11. Iron 7

    Skiller Vs Main

    I'd say make yourself into a main. There's far more content to explore and you can aim to get the max and completionist capes. I don't see the point in limiting your horizons! If you wanted to live the simple life and become a skiller again you can always buy stat reset tickets from the general store. You'd also then still have the max and completionist capes on your account to show off. It's your decision to make, but I feel there's only so much you can do on a skiller until you'd get bored anyway; and there's no exciting skilling clans about at the moment
  12. Iron 7

    Agility Guide

    Very detailed guide, great job! Although you did miss the best method of getting 99 agility - using dragonkin lamps Keep it up mate
  13. Iron 7

    Herb/str helms

    Something needs to be done about secondaries. Farming spots are far from perfect so they limit what we can actually grow. On top of this, some of the secondaries are unobtainable completely currently. It'd be nice to have a shop but if people want to argue that'd make it 'ezscape' it'd atleast be nice to have a method of making these potions. Examples are snapegrass for prayer potions, and redberries for ranging potions. If there's no way for ironmen to get these 'melee helmets' then they should be added somewhere, best ideas would probably be a quest/ achievement reward or as a drop.