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  1. Bladed

    Patch Notes 1.5

    Nice update! It's really nice to see ironmen got some additions, thanks for the hard work!
  2. Bladed

    Herb/str helms

    I fully support this, as ironmen we have loads of secondary herblore supplies we cannot get yet. Maybe drops can be added to a handful of monsters, so that we aren't jammed into one area?
  3. Bladed

    Content Poll 04/09/18

    All of it sounds pretty good, but Could you also add a little bit of ironman secondary options? It's a bit lacking atm, most of the secondaries are un obtainable.
  4. Username: Bladed Time Zone: CT Central Time UTC -6:00 / -5:00 State/Region: Louisiana How many hours can you be on during the week: Probably around 30+ What time are you usually online: I'm usually up very early, so mornings and also around night time. Any past history of being staff: Yes, I was a server support, and a senior moderator on one server for almost 2 years total. Have you been sanctioned (disciplined) before? No Do you have Skype: No, but I can make one. How long have you been in the rsps scene: Many of years, probably ever since rsps's came out. What makes you different than others: I am a person who strives, once I set my sights on something I intend to finish it. I handle things with passion, and integrity. And I am very unyielding when it comes to stressful situations. If accepted, what would you bring to the staff team: I go by the guidelines, I only offer the best of my abilities. I offer my honesty, loyalty, and full support to the server. I offer my years of experience, and game knowledge. And lastly I vow to provide nothing but friendly, and quality service to benefit our growing community. My thoughts/Other: Though It seems like I don't help many people, I find the time to. If someone is asking for help I will most likely answer them to my best ability. Total Time Played(Found in quest tab. Provide Screenshot):
  5. Bladed

    Boss Crashing

    I mean, that's really part of the game. You're going to get crashed every once in a while lol. But they could make something like instance tickets, it's a one time use thing from boss drops. I would suggest getting void and chaotic weapons, no matter what gear people have it's really good.
  6. Bladed

    Cash Signatures

    Still looking good af, keep up the good work man!
  7. Bladed

    Wilderness Multi-logging

    Usually I wouldn't support polls like this, I have no quarrels with pking, it's the people who are pking. but. You've given an even greater reason to, looking at your name and how you type. You're snobby at most, toxic as well. Not to mention you've contradicted your own statement. "they just want it to go how hey want" Don't even go there dude, the reason of why the wilderness dies on servers is because of people like you. I wan't the wilderness to be clean, not some ragging cesspool of toxicity that most servers end up to be.
  8. 1a0cc3a84e8e95f3a30b31a466afb3bb.gif


    Farming is bugged for me, a lot of my crops are doing this. Tried re-logging, reloading client nothing works. Please help :(

  9. Bladed

    Wilderness Multi-logging

    Mmm that salty response, I bet you're the one who wanted it. It'll be alright darling, i'm sure you can find something else unfair to abuse.
  10. Bladed

    Wilderness Multi-logging

    As Yor was saying, it would be a ridiculous advantage for anyone pking. If they would have access to two spell books, they could teleport block and freeze them with the other account. That's pretty much a 100% kill for a pker in deep wilderness, So i'm going to vote no on this one.
  11. Bladed

    Ironman/Secondary herblore supplies/drops

    It's fine if the shop isn't added I wouldn't mind getting them as drops, But what if you wish to make extreme potions, overloads, super restores? There's a ton of potions I can name that secondaries aren't dropped for.
  12. Hello my name is Bladed, I look forward to meeting new people in this community. I was kinda delayed on making this forums account lol. Other than that, I'm a pretty chill person once you get to know me. If you ever need someone to talk to, or hang with, I'm your guy.