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  1. Yin

    Economy Reset

    Like what Operative have said, it is more like a "commitment" type of thing just turned players off. Speaking of P2W, the perks you get are a bigger aspect compare to maxed gear. The P2w situation will never be addressed if there are perks like extra drop rates for donators, even if you remove all maxed gear from donator shop. I honestly think Eco reset does not help too much. Because, we need Eco holder in game to set price for high value items. If you remove all maxed gear from donator shop and then reset the server, the eco will be even more fucked, I doubt anyone would even sell Nex set or Divine for anything less than 1b.... Unless u can buy them from shop for a set amount of cash. You might think I said this because I am somewhat rich ingame. Yes, but no, its more like I don't want my time to be wasted for holding on to the belief that I have a month ago of to think the server will still work out. I can't speak for players like "A, Hi I am skill, nor Operative" who put in 500+ hours in game and grind the fuck out to get towhere they are at today. IT MORE LIKE GRINDTOWIN AND GAMBLETOWIN. Knowing that there is an ECO reset proposed is more depressing than seeing the server going down. Btw, I don't get the point why should players that got cleaned should be refunded.. I still respect Hades and Nivo's input, because they gotta agree to whatever Kade come up with for the server. But, for players that letgo of the server a month ago. Please go somewhere, because you obv have never funded the server nor put in the effort into the game like us.
  2. Yin

    Economy Reset

    There will always be poors and rich in every server. Btw, we put in the effort for this.. Not Poseidon tho😏 Maybe offer bonus drop rate for the new players(limited of time), and do more Dp. A “No” from me for sure.
  3. Good to know what are up next in the game. I was glad that there are no eco reset, since alot of the players obtain alot of their items by paying in tens if not hundreds of hours ingame. And please dnt just come back after a month and there is a big gap among players. Is just that u gave up on the game. Appreciate the announcement @Kade
  4. Yin


    Decent bank mate! Keep it up! Time to hook me up with some of that divines😉
  5. Decided to afk at Bandos Gwd and this happened. Rng not only on point... Don't know what to say.
  6. Yin

    Patch Notes 1.9

    Great updates! Appreciate all the hard work!
  7. +1 just for the effort that you put into making this thread!
  8. Yin

    Patch Notes 1.8

    Good work dude! Keep it up!
  9. Yin

    Corp pet struggle

    Good Job!
  10. Yin

    AFK Combat Training

    Nice guide, hellhound at Kuradal's dung are more aggressive, and dealt no dmg, Soul include it on the guide. Keep up the good work!
  11. Yin

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Nice guide, I feel like this post can transform into a wiki of all guides.
  12. Yin

    Pre-Scape Starter Guide

    Yo Teddy, this isn't bad. I personally think you can add in the armour perspective, which is showing new comer on how to obtain void/fc/ddef/gloves. Still a decent guide on how to make good money as a start. Keep it up!
  13. Yin

    Just a heads up

    I will hold down the fort for you in-game, hope everything went smoothly irl for you. See U later!
  14. Yin

    Wilderness NPC's Locations

    Nice guide!
  15. Yin

    Patch Notes 1.7

    Thanks for the update @Bane!