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  1. Yin

    AFK Combat Training

    Nice guide, hellhound at Kuradal's dung are more aggressive, and dealt no dmg, Soul include it on the guide. Keep up the good work!
  2. Yin

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Nice guide, I feel like this post can transform into a wiki of all guides.
  3. Yin

    Pre-Scape Starter Guide

    Yo Teddy, this isn't bad. I personally think you can add in the armour perspective, which is showing new comer on how to obtain void/fc/ddef/gloves. Still a decent guide on how to make good money as a start. Keep it up!
  4. Yin

    Commander Zilyana Guide

    Nice guide Angel, do another one for Nex or Corp would be helpful!!
  5. Yin

    Agility Guide

    Very detailed! Apperciate the guide and hoping that you can make some guide for other skills as well.
  6. Yin

    Beginners Easy Money Making Guide Ft Rohan

    Awesome guide! More skilling guides would be a plus. Appreciate the effort.