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  1. Psycho

    Yor’s Inactivity

    Hope to hear everything goes as planned and you can resume activity soon. Best of luck in the meantime @Yor.
  2. Psycho

    500 Ruined Backpack Loot

    I've always been a fan of openings of items that were earned rather than spawned. Keep up the good work and content @ Vhalid.
  3. Psycho

    It's Content Time

    I'm looking forward to the new content. Keep up the good work and thanks for keeping the community informed. I have been inactive during the week days due to a new job.
  4. Psycho

    Devyns POV.

    If I see you online i'm still going to spam message you for assistance. Sad to see this happened under those circumstances.
  5. Psycho


    Welcome! You made a good choice deciding to play Pre-Scape. Don't hesitate to start a conversation if you see me around the server.
  6. Psycho

    Really excited to be here!

    Welcome! I wish I played Zamorak back in the day. Hopefully i'll see you around skilling on the server.
  7. Psycho


    Hope to see you decide to return eventually. Best of luck in your future endeavors @BigGucciSosa.
  8. Psycho

    Realism exp cap

    If possible I would like the experience requirement for Realism accounts to be lowered and the max experience remain at 1B. I plan to dedicate time to getting a few skills to 1B experience in the next few months.
  9. Psycho

    Comping Realism Ep 1.

    Nice video man! I was looking forward to seeing your achievements tab too. Subscribed.
  10. Psycho

    Reset Barrows

    I don't see any downside to having a command always players to conveniently reset barrows. +1
  11. Psycho

    Staffhunters need to chill!

    I can see your point but regardless they're contributing to the community while staff hunting so I don't mind. Stay tuned i'll be posting a guide later on How to get Server Support.
  12. Psycho

    Rate the Signature Above You!

    I'm actually a fan of your signature and GFX work @Teddy. My signature from back in the day.
  13. Psycho

    Rate the Signature Above You!

    Rate the signature above you. Only if this forum game is allowed in this section.
  14. Psycho

    Adventures of a completionist

    Good luck with your adventure and best of luck obtaining all boss pets.
  15. Psycho

    What would you like to see?

    A hardcore iron man series along with a road to realism completionist series would be cool. Subscribed.