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  1. Leigh

    hei it me

    Welcome hope you enjoy your stay
  2. Leigh

    Staff Updates - 01/07/2019

    Gz @Jake you definitely deserved this position and I can see you doing a great job helping kade manage the server , shame to see finch leave, thanks for all the hard work and time you dedicated to the server.
  3. Leigh

    Announcement 01/06/18

    Shame to see arithium leave us. You have done a great job bringing pre-scape back up from the bottom. I hope to see this server reaching the top over this next year and see all your hard work pay off. Can't wait to see the great ideas you have planned for the server, I'm sure @Juice and @Knight will be able to help you a lot with the server and make it a more enjoyable game for everyone.
  4. Leigh

    Staff Updates - 12/29/2018

    Gz guys very much deserved
  5. Leigh

    Staff Updates - 12/19/2018

    Please don't jail me @Lancelot
  6. Leigh

    Staff Updates - 12/19/2018

    Lancelot back to ss well I guess it's time for me to quit
  7. Leigh

    Server Update 12/17/18

    Very nice updates keep up the good work.
  8. Leigh

    $50 Giveaway

    As a result of the server doing so well after being released again i have decided to do a $50 scroll giveaway. To win this giveaway you must do the things below. Tell me a bit about yourself e.g. Age, what you like to do for fun, what your dreams and goals are in life. How did you find this server? What would you like to be implemented on this server? What can be done to improve the server? Pick a number between 1-1000 Winners will be picked on the 25th of December. One person will receive 3x $10 scrolls This will be chosen by whoever gets closest to the Number. I will also pick 2 other winners for $10 scrolls they will be picked based on how well they answer the questions above. Winner #1 Tony stark - 3x $10 scrolls Winner #2 Trymzy - 1x $10 scroll Winner #3 Naked - 1x $10 scroll
  9. Leigh

    $10 scroll giveaway

    First one to trade me the items in my inv wins $10 scroll Winner was "a god"
  10. Leigh

    Pre-Scape Re-Launch

    Hope this goes well would love to see your hard work and dedication finally pay off.
  11. Leigh

    Server Update 11/12/18

    So many great updates in such a short period of time keep up the good work.
  12. Leigh

    Staff Updates - 11/09/18

    My boi @Tremor is staff again gz mate plz no abuse.
  13. Leigh

    Black Flowers vs finch for the win

    Black and white flowers aren't that rare on this server should be a rp if either of you plant a black or white
  14. Leigh

    Finch black flowers vs me

    Black and white flowers aren't that rare on here
  15. Leigh

    New Player Here

    Welcome tremor, plz no call me lay