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  1. Leigh

    Server Update 11/12/18

    So many great updates in such a short period of time keep up the good work.
  2. Leigh

    Staff Updates - 11/09/18

    My boi @Tremor is staff again gz mate plz no abuse.
  3. Leigh

    Black Flowers vs finch for the win

    Black and white flowers aren't that rare on this server should be a rp if either of you plant a black or white
  4. Leigh

    Finch black flowers vs me

    Black and white flowers aren't that rare on here
  5. Leigh

    New Player Here

    Welcome tremor, plz no call me lay
  6. Leigh

    hello commynity!

    Long time no see welcome back mate
  7. Leigh

    200 Crystal Keys +

    That's some really nice loot always wanted to see a ckey loot video good job
  8. Leigh

    Dragon claws giveaway

    First one to bring me the items in my inventory will win Dragon claws.
  9. Leigh

    Staff Updates - 09/13/2018

    My boy deathrow is back to ss congratulations mate
  10. Leigh

    Its 1994k

    Welcome to the server Alex, hope you enjoy your stay
  11. Leigh

    Nivo's Holiday

    Have a good one mate
  12. R.I.P XXXTentacion

  13. Leigh


    Very nice bank man.
  14. Leigh

    Finally Maxed

    Gz mate
  15. Leigh

    Howdy All

    Sorry to hear that take as much time as you need mate.