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  1. Leigh

    Server Update 09/18/2018

    Great update! cant wait to try Ffa out now
  2. Leigh

    Staff Updates - 09/13/2018

    My boy deathrow is back to ss congratulations mate
  3. Leigh

    Server Update 08/31/18

    Great updates wish I had more time to play so I could try out all these updates, Keep up the good work 😊
  4. Leigh

    Announcement 08/25/18

    Shame to see slayer go will miss trying to get him to give me items will have to beg @Finch now
  5. Leigh

    Announcement 08/17/18

    You guys are doing a great job with the server it's a shame to see so many people being impatient and leaving, as someone who played the server when it was first released I can see the insane amount of time you and the staff team have put into the server, I'm 100% sure all the hard work you guys have put in will pay off.
  6. Leigh

    Its 1994k

    Welcome to the server Alex, hope you enjoy your stay
  7. Leigh

    Nivo's Holiday

    Have a good one mate
  8. Leigh

    Announcement 08/09/18

    Doing a great job can't wait to see the player count take off when advertisement begins.
  9. Leigh

    Server Updates 08/06/18

    Doing a great job keep up the solid work
  10. Leigh

    Server Updates 08/05/18

    Good job guys if only bandos range was reduced earlier i would still be a hcim
  11. Leigh

    Server Updates 08/02/18

    Doing a great job, seeing how much work you and the development team have put into the server shows me that this server is going to be very successful.
  12. Leigh

    Pre-Release Announcement 08/01/18

    Thanks for all the hard work you, the staff team and beta testers have put into the server, can't wait to start playing again.
  13. R.I.P XXXTentacion

  14. Leigh


    Very nice bank man.
  15. Leigh

    Finally Maxed

    Gz mate