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  1. R.I.P XXXTentacion

  2. Leigh


    Very nice bank man.
  3. Leigh

    Finally Maxed

    Gz mate
  4. Leigh

    Howdy All

    Sorry to hear that take as much time as you need mate.
  5. Nub

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    2. Oxycontin


      You got no chance 


    3. Leigh


      Even if I had no armour I would kill you 

    4. Hades


      Leigh is op, can confirm. 

  6. Leigh

    Comping Realism Ep 1.

    Nice video man looking forward to seeing future videos from you.
  7. Leigh

    Bring this back.

    Never been so happy to see a adv pop up before the video
  8. Leigh

    Patch Notes 1.3

    Doing a great job with the server getting more enjoyable to play everyday, the boss store could use a little more work
  9. Leigh

    Completionist cape - how far are you guys?

    Looking good guys can’t wait to see who gets comp cape first
  10. Leigh

    Late is better than Nothing?

    Welcome to the server, hope you enjoy your stay.
  11. Leigh

    My skilling tab.

    Looking quite good! cant wait to see what it looks like in a weeks time.
  12. Leigh

    Patch Notes 1.2

    Great updates, doing a great job.