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  1. hi im skill

    Economy Reset

    hell no
  2. hi im skill

    It's Content Time

    All i need is placeholders and zulrah for now!
  3. hi im skill


    putting some time to this, nice man! i support these 100%
  4. hi im skill

    Patch Notes 1.8

    Sick update man!
  5. hi im skill

    Pre-Scape Starter Guide

    Damn! thats really nice guide for starters
  6. hi im skill

    Master skillcapes/max/comp cape

    in time hopefully not priority tho
  7. hi im skill

    Patch Notes 1.7

    eyy great update for pvmers
  8. hi im skill

    VPN Voting Solution

    its so pathetic use some vpn voting..
  9. hi im skill

    More bosses

    yeah ofc there is prioritys, in future i ment, there is alot work to do, keep up good work guys
  10. hi im skill

    More bosses

    I would say ultimate donator zone needs more bosses, 500 dollar is alot to donate and there is only few bosses
  11. Username: Hi im skill Time Zone: UTC +2 State/Region: Finland, Tampere How many hours can you be on during the week:well i play 12-16h per day so i would say atleast 70h minimal What time are you usually online: my sleeping schedule changing rapidly but does it really matter when im online almost all the time Any past history of being staff: Actually no i havent been staff before. Have you been sanctioned (disciplined) before? no i havent. Do you have Skype: I think so but i never use it, discord is the thing How long have you been in the RSPS scene: yes ive played many years and love it <3 What makes you different than others: My dedication to rsps If accepted, what would you bring to the staff team: Well alot help cause like ive been saying, im online all the time so i can guard chat and people pretty much all the time but i know u have pretty much enough staff right now, so i can be ur next in line if not needed Total Time Played(Found in quest tab. Provide Screenshot):