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  1. hi im skill


    jesus, how i supposed to get any items if i dont camp bosses?? ur not only1 who needs items.....
  2. hi im skill

    End game boss instances

    like i suggested at start of beta, we need especially corp and other bosses to monster zone so non donators can grind with theyr mid gear in peace
  3. hi im skill

    Economy Reset

    hell no
  4. hi im skill

    It's Content Time

    All i need is placeholders and zulrah for now!
  5. hi im skill


    putting some time to this, nice man! i support these 100%
  6. hi im skill

    Pre-Scape Starter Guide

    Damn! thats really nice guide for starters
  7. hi im skill

    Master skillcapes/max/comp cape

    in time hopefully not priority tho
  8. hi im skill

    VPN Voting Solution

    its so pathetic use some vpn voting..
  9. hi im skill

    More bosses

    yeah ofc there is prioritys, in future i ment, there is alot work to do, keep up good work guys
  10. hi im skill

    More bosses

    I would say ultimate donator zone needs more bosses, 500 dollar is alot to donate and there is only few bosses
  11. hi im skill

    Kade and Bane

    yeah its awesome server already and going to be the best <3