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    Zamorak / Pre-Scape Information

    @Titan, have you ever considered switching to 317 and putting a primary emphasis on Oldschool?
  2. Enzo

    How To Add A Forums Signature.

    Some of you may be 'unfamiliar' with Forum Signatures and how to add them so I thought I'd make a clear & descriptive guide on how to add one! First thing you should know is, what are Forum Signatures? To make this as simple as possible, it's basically an image that describes you or you're IGN or your clan. Here a few examples of the ones currently on the Pre-Scape Forums! Courtesy of @Baaail Courtesy of @Legendary Courtesy of @Enzo To add a Forum Signature too your profile, all you're going need is an Image and an Imgur link! Firstly, you're going to want too upload your Image to imgur.com (https://imgur.com/) using the 'New Post' option. Secondly, you're going to want too browse your computer for the image you have chosen. Once completed you should then see your image pop up. Thirdly, hover your mouse over your image, and click 'Get Share Links'. Lastly, go ahead and copy and paste the 'BBCode (Forums)' text. Next we're going to go ahead and move into the Pre-Scape Forums. Firstly, go ahead and navigate too the top right hand of the screen and click you're profile, navigate down too 'Account Settings' Secondly, navigate too the 'signature' tab, click that and then copy paste the text that you had gotten from the 'BBCode (Forums) text on Imgur into the text box. Lastly, if you go ahead and click save, you should see your new Forum Signature pop up in the text back and you're done! Thanks for reading, Enzo