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  1. 2B8

    1,000th Topic

  2. 2B8

    PVP Armours

    The Armour and Weapons Should Degrade but Not To Dust And Be Reparable By "Bob" For a Repair Fee << this one is the best option if not, keep them degradeable
  3. 2B8

    Thank You Everyone!

    Oh sir, sad to see you leaving but hopefully you come back as soon as possible!
  4. 2B8

    Tree farming

    Yh +1
  5. A NEW system which spawns a wildy boss once every 30 minutes or an hour, that boss gonna be OP, spawned in different multi spots which will be dropping some rare new items such as Drygores. so by that, we woukd introduce a new custom wildy boss & drygores **NOTE** that is like for later after we get osrs bosses, ect..
  6. 2B8

    Mithril Seeds

    We can get trusted mm rank, and you gotta apply it just like applying for staff and other people support/not support and app getd accepted/declined that way we could prevent scammers @Kade
  7. 2B8

    Buying $10 / $50 scrolls

    Buying all $10/50 scrolls - $10 scrolls for 30-40m ea - $50 scrolls for 200m ea pm me in forums / or discord / or post below so i can get on and buy your scrolls!
  8. 2B8

    The Well

    yeah it would be great to have such a feature in the quest tab. +1
  9. 2B8

    Maxhit / Dummy

    Hello guys, I think we should have a command ::maxhit to show our max hit in the gear we are wearing, or a dummy that could be place in home beside shops or bank where you hit it and shows the max hit that you can do with the gear that you've used to hit it with.
  10. 2B8

    Donor Add-ons

    maybe more perk for $10 donors, like a donor zone or something? but yh support this 100%
  11. 2B8

    Devyns POV.

    Sad to see you leaving but what you’ve done is sad lmao...
  12. 2B8

    Z-Bow Buff

    never tried it so cant say
  13. well everyone does iron man and maxing series, ect.. do rags 2 riches would be super fun to watch!
  14. 2B8

    Before you advertise

    yeah yeah we should have more stuff before like officially advertisements - release, ect.