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  1. 2B8

    1,000th Topic

  2. 2B8

    PVP Armours

    The Armour and Weapons Should Degrade but Not To Dust And Be Reparable By "Bob" For a Repair Fee << this one is the best option if not, keep them degradeable
  3. 2B8

    Thank You Everyone!

    Oh sir, sad to see you leaving but hopefully you come back as soon as possible!
  4. Kade - kade, one of the best rsps owners I had ever met, you are really such a great guy with great skills. You do really care for prescape and always trying to fix stuff, not to forget your great activity; thanks for the great work! Slayer - meh i really like you personally your such a great guy which does his job in a great & fun way, I always enjoy communicating with yourself sir, thanks for the work! Finch - the first staff member that I had ever talked you, you have been always helping me and everyone else too, Your my favorite admin tbh; Active and Helpful Hades - You are a good guy and I always see you helping others and staking <3 Nivo - One of the best staff members too, never had an issue with you and always see you online and helping people! Yor - The most active staff member here, your always online fam helping new players and doing your job in a great way! Duke - I like the way you perform your role in this server, your a good guy but sometimes a bit moody im D - Well, never met you before, never saw you on just like once and you was afk, but pretty sure your a good guy like any other staff member and Hopefully we will meet soon Vhalid - Ayy my boy right here, I knew you for years now, your my favorite server support here, you really do your job in a great way and you always help new players and even helped me so much, thanks for the work bb.
  5. 2B8

    prescape is virus?? ?

    Hahaha thanks for doing this bro!
  6. 2B8

    Tree farming

    Yh +1
  7. 2B8

    Angel Garcia Staff Application

    Negative: Well atleast get 100 hours before applying to be that kind of staff hunting bro. Positive; I always see you trying to help people in help cc and your really active, once you get 100 hours ill 100% support it!
  8. 2B8

    Suggestion for later

    A NEW system which spawns a wildy boss once every 30 minutes or an hour, that boss gonna be OP, spawned in different multi spots which will be dropping some rare new items such as Drygores. so by that, we woukd introduce a new custom wildy boss & drygores **NOTE** that is like for later after we get osrs bosses, ect..
  9. 2B8

    Mithril Seeds

    We can get trusted mm rank, and you gotta apply it just like applying for staff and other people support/not support and app getd accepted/declined that way we could prevent scammers @Kade
  10. Man, you have so many # of hours but you never spend your time on help cc, most of the time i see you online but when i pm you ‘your afk’ so yeah I guess you should increase your activity a bit and i would change my mind, ‘no-support’
  11. 2B8

    Patch Notes 1.8

    Good job @Banethanks for all the great work!
  12. 2B8

    Buying $10 / $50 scrolls

    Buying all $10/50 scrolls - $10 scrolls for 30-40m ea - $50 scrolls for 200m ea pm me in forums / or discord / or post below so i can get on and buy your scrolls!
  13. 2B8

    Owl's Staff Application

    Sorry fam i would NOT support this, you have only got 25 hours playtime, literally never saw you online ingame too, sorry bud; good luck tho!
  14. 2B8

    The Well

    yeah it would be great to have such a feature in the quest tab. +1