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  1. Chills

    the miksi suggest

    I'm aware of that but that still won't stop people from trying to do it. If skilling items do get added, it will also help ironman since they can use that shop correct?
  2. Chills

    the miksi suggest

    I support neither, The grind for void is already tedious, and most people when they get void just stop playing Pest Control, Unless they want to help others, I feel if you do the skilling items it may make PC overpowered, someone might be able to duo it with an alt and just farm the items.
  3. Chills

    Max Cape.

    You going to be bored of the game when you get comp, Idk why you are racing for it lol, Congrats nonetheless bb.
  4. Chills

    D's Suggestions/Ideas

    Nice suggestions, Support them all.
  5. Chills

    AFK Combat Training

    Nice guide, Especially with that little video thingy Thanks for this.
  6. Chills

    VPN Voting Solution

    If one or more of these options make it into the game, I believe the number of votes for items in the vote shop should be increased a little. To balance it out. Just a suggestion.
  7. Chills

    So being honnest brings you...

    Can't say that you didn't know it was a rule, It clearly says it...
  8. Chills

    Cannonball mould

    You don't even need a mould though? I've made cannonballs without a mould...
  9. Chills

    Skiller Vs Main

    Hello peoples, I'm conflicted, I am currently a max skiller but I'm also debating if I should just go for it and make it into a main. Someone halp meh
  10. Chills

    Agility Guide

    Wow, these guides continuously get better and better, keep it up!
  11. Chills


    Welcome to the community, I have also have seen a few people that I recognize however you are not one of them unfortunately so nice to meet you
  12. Chills

    Auth System

    Massive support I find that having to stand literally right outside the bank to claim is a little odd..
  13. Chills

    Minor quality of life suggestions

    I support all of these.
  14. Chills

    Flowers' Goals for 2018

    Goodluck with your goals and nice typo didn't know "yuo'er" is a word.
  15. Chills

    Trivia Point Store

    Skiller items, Cosmetics, IE Grain bad, Flippers, elegant, Etc. Pleeeeeeeease