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  1. Operative

    Squirrel, Goals, and desires.

    Nice layout on thread, and some outrageous goals. Good luck!
  2. Operative

    Level 9 Firecape?

    You could try with xp locked so you don't gain any combat lvls
  3. Operative

    boss points shop

    There's already 6 ways to get pvp gear/weapons. Revenants/bork, pvp, wildy key, ffa, pvp shop and leg m boxes. I don't mind there being some good stuff for 10k (or many thousands) because that is a lot of kills for any one boss.
  4. Operative

    Operative's Absence

    For those old who've noticed and new players (welcome btw) I've been inactive because I'm currently out of country. I'll be back After the 25th.
  5. Operative

    Flame Wars Season 1 - Rewards & More

    Too long, didn't read.
  6. Operative

    What do you want to see?

    Something like raids, custom to pre-eoc related era or raids 2. Team based, hard yet rewarding. Can be used to reward exclusive in game gear better than nex gear and certain donator gear. Combat system looked into for rework or fix. Wilderness appeal and PvP promotion. Main suggestion points are in this thread. https://pre-scape.com/forum/index.php?/topic/1045-weaponsequipmentcombatwildernessstylecustom/
  7. Operative

    Was a good run

    Well you have your reasons but you also advertised another server before leaving due to losing out on gambling... so I'd question your motives.
  8. Operative

    Treasure Island Tutorial

    Great formatted guide, thanks for the effort. As for the coins i've gotten 5-10m cash drops and a total of 35m cash in 50 chests.
  9. Operative


    Are you still muted? It was up to Jarred to decide at the moment (if he did mute you) when to take action. From the second pic there was no cursing and I wouldn't mute for that either, neither can you call for someone to be muted. It depends on the staff how strict/lax they are when enforcing the rules. It's not because they are donators that they are not muted/unmuted. I'll look into core's muting/unmuting.
  10. Operative

    Combat/PVP Mechanics

    Hello everyone I'd appreciate if you can list the problems you've encountered while trying to pvp in any form (duel arena, wilderness, etc). Please be as detailed as can be. Some examples can be that your character and target are attacking each other from a few spaces away, or that you are splashing ice barrage on targets in rune too often (3/5 times), or that entangle spell does not cast while you are running towards target. Please also list the gear, combat stats, and prayer you had so we can get a better understanding on why/how someone would splash ice barrage on rune too often. Gear, attack styles, prayers, pathing, etc. Whatever you think has a problem let us know. With this information we can test the problems and work towards bettering the pvp experience.
  11. Operative

    Loot From 100 Treasure Island Chests

    Real nice, thanks for the effort. It gives us good insight on what's possible with the current drop rates and what we can do to modify drops and rates. I've opened 50 so far and made about 35m cash without any 3rd age or z spear.
  12. Operative

    End game boss instances

    Paid instance doesn't sound bad at all, and I agree the $500 zone should have a corp of its own. Having boss zones for $100 and $300 can also make it a bit fair for the non donators. Downside with paid instance is that (and should be) if you don't get a drop you don't have any profit, because i'm no less than 4-5m an hour for god wars, or it can be tested for few hours to see how mcuh profit is made from common drops such as rune/caskets and that be the fee. It cannot be so cheap that everyone can have access to it without consequence, because then it is an instance with a measly fee. With paid instance players can either go into normal boss or pay an npc outside boss room for a separate instance, but in doing so they'll most likely not profit from any of the common drops of the boss, and maybe the gwd bosses can have a chance at dropping 5m cash as well. Previously when sara/bandos were changed to not have minions aggro, it meant that players could just pray against the boss and not take damage and stay much longer. The sara/bandos boss is now not aggro and minions are aggro again, and minions have a worse drop rate (which should be upped a bit more) so one would be forced to attack the boss and have all attack types raining on them. I'm not really for every boss non aggro since it will be a paid instance.
  13. Operative


    Against instances on any boss that isn't an instance, period. That's my personal opinion.
  14. Operative


    I do agree iron man should get a little more from donating but I can't think of anything that's fair to the ironman role for now •Entirely against ironman having access to donator store 2 or any gear shop, don't play as an ironman if you want to purchase gear •Against private instances because you can afk camp without worry and abuse it, plus people would expect things to be similar to runescape in some sort and instances on the bosses you want isn't that. •"fix skills"- yeah that's very specific •Ironman can train 5x faster than realism as well as drop trade items over so no to any droprate bonus •Idk if ronman have access to donator skilling island but if there's more rune ores in original rs in non wildy then yeah they should be added •Since ironman do get less xp than knights the lamp should be nerfed for them so I agree So I did camp zamorak boss since it was updated to drop staff of the dead. I used elite void mage, comp cape, and dungeoneering equipment. I went through 1400 zamorak boss kills in the week until i got the staff then left. Some came to challenge me and got few kills but that was that. There's no value in ironman if they can purchase gear, and it should rather be stated that ironman do not access to any donator gear shop. In return they should have something for ironman role but I can't think of anything right now and neither can you because ironman are that status for getting everything by grind.
  15. Operative

    Suggestions for all Part 4

    Omicron is the only one so far that has proposed some sort of detailed alternative, the rest just say remove this or change that expecting management to figure out a good alternative. Donator store was to have more gear which were removed and the prices were raised. The orig party hats were even removed and added to the leg myst boxes. Not everyone can spend $150 for a end game armor or $80/50 for spiritshields or drygores. There's people who have the time to grind because of no work, or less time because of work and they would rather pay, and the server is a business none the less. Not everyone even donates for gear all the time, but that is what sells best. A lot more content can be added into the game and not donor store to add value to the grind. Management would like to add drygores into a minigame type of random reward so it is obtainable in game, as well as other non donor items. As for the reduction of drop rates, it means changing everything else. How stupid is it to have a 1% bonus and how much would someone have to donate for the new bonuses, why would they even donate for a bonus as whack as 1-10% if that's the max? You'd have to re-do the entire system and the author of this thread couldn't care less to propose a detailed alternative with actual explanation, rather remove this or change that. Server is a business and if what you propose isn't going to help it then it will not happen. Hosting the server, advertising, paying the developers and profit need to be achieved and your suggestions only diminish the chances at that. Personally speaking I'll think nothing of this because it is asinine.