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  1. Operative

    Economy Reset

    Sure create a separate thread asking why those certain people quit. It was due to a broken release and delayed/no content, as well as no solid, good, or quick cash making method to keep new players as Matt had stated a while back. Those people shouldn't have a say in a server reset. There are other reasons why people quit, but for me the reasons I stated above are the main reason 90% left (other than the gamblers/stakers), and they should not be able to have a say in a complete server reset when this coming release is supposed to fix those specific reasons.
  2. Operative

    Economy Reset

    The player base went from 100-140 1st week, to 100 2nd, to 70ish 3rd, to 50ish 4th, and from the month of may declined to 10. All of that was not because of any p2w aspect. The server was released not working without much content, and when the promised content was delayed and not delivered people quit. Beside nex gear, players were getting drops like claws, 50m statuettes, hilts and others in the first week. Pay to win? There were some crazies that reached few bil xp and completionist in the first week and there's nothing other than frost drag bones in the online store, and no supplies in game. I'm not even sure if f bones were there from beginning because some players on highscores still aren't donators like Convenzion (they fixed so if people had donated for supplies it would add onto their donation). P2W was not the reason people quit or stopped playing, it was because of bugs and delayed/no content. The p2w reason quitters are at best a few. Tldr: People quit because of broken release with bugs and glitches and delayed to no content/updates, along with no cash flow into eco, NOT any p2w aspect. Side note: I have seen your name but probably not during May as much, maybe you logged onto check if anything had changed but not really played. I have seen you pop up from time to time. Now, in my opinion, no one from first month should be voting if they didn't stick out for this long and stayed throughout the decline. They've got no clue what's been going down other than checking in game and forums for 'have things changed yet'. Those that stuck out and maintained activity throughout this time have more of a right to vote. That wasn't targeted at you, Omicron, directly.
  3. Operative

    Economy Reset

    I don't see how having items in eco is bad. Once new cash making methods work there will be buyers and there will be suppliers. A refund seems terrible because many have donated and quit after losing to staking or gambling, and every donator would be able to purchase items once more upon release even if you re-work the shops (rework all the fucking shops). Having all these nex sets, godswords, spiritshields, barrows sets etc., allow for another way to obtain them in game rather than grind them out. And all these valuable items are not held by everyone, especially the nex sets. The people holding onto them would not give them out or sell for cheap and would dictate their value. There would be a base for an eco, whereas with a reset there would be no eco. I agree with reworking the system but don't see how resetting everything is beneficial to already having items being present that can be purchased as players gain the cash. In the end it's a matter of do you like seeing people with shit, end game max shit, on the release or not. There are not that many. Many people have put in a ridiculous amount of time to get to where they are and for those who stayed until now it's going to be a real blow. Nivo stated there's a giant economy because the server started out strong for first few weeks and items kept coming in later. The main p2w items are the nex sets and maybe spirit shields, everything else from don shop 2 was majority dropped in game (claws gs boots and other spirit shields). Rework the shops and leave the current items in game for a base, since it is planned to have a big release with many players, having these items doesn't seem to be a problem. Only problem that seems to come to mind is if players get an item from drop and want to sell they might have trouble since the eco already has a surplus at first. If server can keep up good player base these items will recirculate back into the eco, and there will always be people that hold a lot more than others. Tldr: Rework shops and stuff but having items in game allows for a base for the revived community and another method of obtaining them. Refund is a terrible idea but I bet a lot of people already self refunded themselves with charge backs.
  4. Operative

    Pre-Scape Open Beta Closing 06/08/18

    One player having 22 nex sets is still one player. At max there's another 15 more which i highly doubt considering it's all going around from staker to staker. An eco reset would make sense if the majority all had a few nex sets or any other item. Majority of the nex sets in game have been donated for, no more than and not even close to 5 sets are probably from drops. Without a cash flow people donated for these items, now with the hopeful cash flow on release there will be items in game ready to be sold. These specific items were donated for and if there is a reset you bet first 5 minutes of release someone will donate for them again like on beta release. There's no way a reset would make anything fair because all the nex sets in talk were donated for. This time with these rares and other items being in game less need to donate and more option to grind for them or cash to buy them.
  5. Operative

    Pre-Scape Open Beta Closing 06/08/18

    No one person or entire game has 50 nex sets or 20 phat sets. Those with monopoly over these items will probably not even sell for cheap and wait until new players can afford with the new changes that are going to be implemented to increase cash flow. People will once more start grinding or donating for these items.
  6. Operative

    Pre-Scape Open Beta Closing 06/08/18

    Seems that things have been sorted out and there's a plan of action once more. A really important announcement which was needed. Thanks, looking forward to a greater release.
  7. Operative

    Finally Maxed

    Good job. The grind you did was definitely noticeable. Become first realism comp, you can definitely do it.
  8. Operative

    It's Content Time

    Says the guy that out DPs me (in max and overload) with BCP, d legs and super pots. I have shit RNG with drops and hits haha. I personally think Corp shouldn't have instance; it's a free for all.
  9. Operative

    I'd do anything for the right price ;)

    He sure did haha thanks for the service (for making overloads)
  10. Operative

    It's Content Time

    Agree with you about donator skilling zone buff, and there's a bank chest at the crafting guild already.
  11. Operative

    It's Content Time

    Hey Oxycontin, I agree with all you said and had made wilderness a big part of my suggestion thread 1045. I feel your desire for the server to get players and have an active wilderness, or appeal for the wilderness. Do checkout my thread. Right now they seem to be putting some effort into this with the new content of wilderness bosses. Sounds hard but gotta be a little more patient with it, and support my thread for wilderness.
  12. Operative

    It's Content Time

    OSRS bosses, expand dungeoneering, clue scroll. Addy and rune drags. Completionist cape prayer and animation. When we were able to use the npc drop generator I noticed it gave different values for the bonus I was receiving from normal row and row i, they seemed half of what is stated. Could this be checked on? Chins do not give range xp, need fixing. Bork can melee across map after recent patch. Fix PvP armors. Side note: Lot of stuff from my suggestion thread but how about the weapon fixes to korasi (spec), polypore (accuracy and animation), zaryte, and range pking overall could use a buff.
  13. Operative

    Best Staff Team

    This was nice Don't forget the MVP Bane side by side with Kade
  14. Hello. Firstly thank you for viewing this thread. It is comprised of a bunch of suggestions I had thought of while playing. If you also have have suggestions which can fit my criteria please do add in comments. Leave your thoughts. Weapons •Korasi - Buff spec, that's all. I've fought with and against and it doesn't spec above a 20. (Neit-Fury-Torso-D legs-D boots-D def-Max Cape) and not even hit 20. Fought Energi (full torva divine korasi) and he didn't even spec me above a 10. •Polypore- The accuracy is terrible. Tested with help of E in duel arena. I was in full mage gear and splashing non stop on melee without them even potted or praying. The damage could use a buff. Also the original polypore animation would be nicer to see than the one it has right now. •Zaryte Bow- Personally haven't used it but keep hearing players complain it doesn't work as it should damage wise. •Darts- It's been confirmed that other bosses like zulrah will be added, well Zulrah drops fang for blow pipe and there's no way to make darts, so let's get them in the smith option. Maybe add even more ranged weapons like axes n javs for smithing? •Magic Short/Rune knives- Neither hits high even in good range gear (void, ammy range, etc) Suggest buff. Haven't tested darts or javs since i never bother to pick them up. •Poison- Can't create or buy poison for weapons, either add the pot/weapons for sale or make it a part of herblore. Equipment •Ring of Life- When worn it says doesn't work in wilderness, suggest fix so it does. •Ring of Recoil- Doesn't work, suggest fix. •Dharok for PVM- Works fine in pvp but pvm it does not hit often. I'll hit nothing 3/4 times and that's at 1 hp. Also have not hit in upper 80s either. Suggest accuracy buff at least. •ADD New AVA Assembler and fighter hat to pest control, Obsidian Armour, God Staffs, D halberd, Leaf-Bladed Weapons, Crystal Halberd/Shield/Bow to Crystal Chest, Imbued God Capes (drop), Bolas Combat •XP DROP: I have achieved 1B xp in strength and constitution and can no longer see xp drop while pking using the str option. Please fix •Health- It does not regenerate on its own. •Magic Snare- Says supposed to snare for 15 seconds, doesn't even hold for 3. •Magic Telegrab- Doesn't work, suggest fix. •Magic Ice Barrage- Fails to freeze when the barrage animation is shown hitting in pvp, fix. I have not bothered to check many other spells Wilderness (long one) ***Aim is to make wilderness appealing for every type of player*** •ADD Vesta Spear to rev drops, Inferno adze to chaos elemental with a (1/5) chance to give extra ore/log •Drops- Make non native wilderness npc have a slightly better drop rate (TD, darkbeasts, barrows, frosts, etc) •Untradeables- Have untradeables (not all) like void, dung items, b gloves be sent to a special chest at home and cash be dropped in their stead. To get these items back pay a small fee (150k elite void piece, 350k chaotic, etc). This would make it some risk in taking these items to wildy and would make it worth something to fight someone that uses untradeables. •Wilderness Skilling- Fix resource area which has rocktail spots and magic trees and make it accessible. Allow for 2-3 logs to be chopped ea time for magic. Allow for 2-3 rocktails to be caught ea time. Have this buff for wilderness skilling only. The mining spot just south of frozen plateau or scorpion pit change to have more rune ores and maybe have custom gem mine over there for random gems or specific gems. Thoughts on multiple ore mining? •Lootbag AND/OR Noting- If lootbags are added in and made instantly accessible (shop), or easily accessible (drop), and only allowed to be used in wildy, then this would create incentive for people to go do frost or rune mining more often. One lootbag with 28 inventory space to be used at a time. Lootbag only for storing items, you cannot take items out and lootbag can only then be deposited to bank directly. Maybe instead of a lootbag for 28 items, a small loot bag (3 items per bag and use as many of these as you want). If an option to note items (not frost bones or rune ore) is added, like a note spell or token or something, along with wilderness skilling (mining/fishing/woodcut), this would create a big incentive for people to try skilling in wildy. They would have the chance to get more items, get more cash, and create wilderness traffic. More items: wilderness skilling gives more (maybe set a limit on how many noted items at a time or something). More cash: would make woodcut and fishing and even mining more profitable, currently thieving scim stall at home beats these skills in profit. Wilderness traffic: people would go to wildy more. People would create lvl 3 skillers to not be attacked, other would make low lvl pures to kill lvl 3 or fend off other pures, others might create higher pures or zerkers for those accounts. The wilderness skilling buff along with bag/note would create a big positive for any lvl or player to want to enter wildy. Note: inferno adze with its proposed special ability to stack with skilling buff. Have this high skilling in high wildy so it's not easy to run out but also worth the risk. If summoning is later added maybe disable bag/note if people use BoB familiars. •Possible areas- For more wilderness areas to modify for skilling or other purposes (npc/boss) utilize lava maze, lava dragon isle, and area north of fountain of rune. The area west of Frozen Waste Plateau could also be utilized. Make these deep spots have an appeal worth the risk. Style/Shops •Crystal Chest- Add treasure trail armors to crystal chest •Stardust Shop- Add gold coloring kits for the dragon armors •Vote Shop- Add in different color whips or whip dyes and other stuff •Boss Point Store- Lower the prices... 7,500 for bandos or armadyl armor is crazy •Trivia Store- Proper animation for boxing gloves and maybe add the imbue scroll Customs/Unorthodox •Legendary Mystery Box- The majority of the rares i see from these (game announcement) are party hats and spirit shields and scrolls, to make leg myst boxes more appealing add in other donator shop items like skele, nex, etc. •Custom ability- The full set of karil and torag is never utilized because their set ability suck and aren't really situational. Thoughts on adding in a custom ability to the set? Karil set has 1/5 chance to snare target for 2 seconds and Torag has 1/5 chance to hit double. •Decant potions- Give donators option to decant potions and make super combat pots decantable Thanks for reading all of this. This was just random stuff i thought of while playing. I would very much like to see some wilderness changes to bring in traffic in that area. Leave your thoughts.
  15. Operative

    More wilderness slayer monsters : )

    Some of those are there but require wildy slayer task, but i like the overall suggestion. It can go along with mines for having an npc dropping cash by lvl and wildy lvl to increase cash in eco and create more wilderness traffic.