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    forum mod app

    No Support. Good luck.
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    Not gonna make a long post. Quitting Pre-Scape.
  3. Step 1: create a forum account Click the big 'Sign up' button. Await email confirmation (be sure to check your spam folder). Step 2: Getting your screenshot Gyazo: If you often upload pictures, this is the way to go. You can download Gyazo here: https://gyazo.com/download This is an application that will let you drag a square with your mouse, it'll take the picture and automaticly upload it. Right-click the picture and 'Copy image address'. Step 3: Using report/support forum sections To get there through the support center on the forums. Click the 'Start new topic' button on the top right of your screen and fill in everything. (keep it to the point and know that most topics are visible for everyone) Now, to post an image, you simply press 'Choose files' above the text input, whilst using the url (web address) you copied from the image before. Hope that's will help you
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    Finally Maxed

    boo ! gratzz
  5. Congratzzz big boii :P

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    Angel Garcia Staff Application

    "To be honest" ye ofc lol
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    Patch Notes 1.9

    Great work keep it up and thank you
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    Owl's 1-99 Fishing Guide

    Nice guide, keep it up
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    Best Staff Team

    Kade: Fantastic work with the updates, seems like a humble person when it comes to interacting with the community. Slayer: You are a funny guy and don't mind being who you are at the end of the day. It's rare to see people in high ranks, not act a certain way due to being a certain rank. The community should be thankful for you. Finch: Super-active on forums. Always there to help ingame/forums/discord. Hades: Excellent in-game activity and a good amount of work on the forums too. You've got a genuine drive to help people with that being your major motivation. Nivo: The punish-machine. Good communication, extremely active ingame and fair forum activity. D: N/A Yor: You are always available when help is needed in most cases. Your activity in game and online is superb. You are also a very easy person to talk to. I don't see see much areas where you need improvement. Duke: You are my favorite staff member You are always working from what I've seen, little to no break. Dedication, engagement, and activity is strong with you. Best of luck with your journey through the ladder. Vhalid: Recently promoted and taking the job seriously. In the few times I've gotten to see how you are in game, I think they chose the right person and im always gonna support you. Wish you best of luck.
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    Angel Garcia Staff Application

    Thank you all
  11. Angel Garcia

    Angel Garcia Staff Application

    Thank you.
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    Angel Garcia Staff Application

    Username: Angel Garcia Time Zone: UTC +3 State/Region: Israel How many hours can you be on during the week: 25-42 hours. What time are you usually online: Late afternoons / Early mornings. Any past history of being staff: No. Have you been sanctioned (disciplined) before? No. Do you have Skype: Yes. How long have you been in the RSPS scene: Around 7 years. What makes you different than others: First of all, I have so much love for Pre-Scape as a server, when I first started I was amazed at how customized the interfaces were and I knew this server would be my home for a long time. I feel like the experience I have and the knowledge I have as a player I know what it takes to help keep the community stable and the server growing and i can quickly identify needs and problems, and then provide solutions. I'm hard working, honest, and easy learner. I have the ability to stay focused in stressful situations and can handle many tasks. In conclusion, I'm confident I would be a great addition. If accepted, what would you bring to the staff team: I’d bring a great attitude, I’m a dedicated player. I have a strong desire to help others and i can bring dedication and a drive to succeed to the server. In conclusion, i can say that helping others is a key value of this server. Total Time Played:
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    Matt's Server Support Application

    Support. your knowledge on Pre-Scape is great, and you’re an overall great guy! i’ve seen you helping people out quite often in cc and in general. Good luck @Matt
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    Yeah Gidday

    Welcome to Pre-Scape azza
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    Patch Notes 1.8

    Great work dude, keep it up !