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  1. Step 1: create a forum account Click the big 'Sign up' button. Await email confirmation (be sure to check your spam folder). Step 2: Getting your screenshot Gyazo: If you often upload pictures, this is the way to go. You can download Gyazo here: This is an application that will let you drag a square with your mouse, it'll take the picture and automaticly upload it. Right-click the picture and 'Copy image address'. Step 3: Using report/support forum sections To get there through the support center on the forums. Click the 'Start new topic' button on the top right of your screen and fill in everything. (keep it to the point and know that most topics are visible for everyone) Now, to post an image, you simply press 'Choose files' above the text input, whilst using the url (web address) you copied from the image before. Hope that's will help you
  2. Congratzzz big boii :P

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    Owl's 1-99 Fishing Guide

    Nice guide, keep it up
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    Client Issues

    This guide is here in hopes that it can help players with any common issues that may occur while trying to play Pre-Scape. For example: ''error connecting to server'', " black screen when logging in" or you are experiencing any other client issues. If you get a black screen when logging in, try typing ::home Make sure you have the latest java version installed, you can just google ''java'' and click download there. Try deleting your cache, then reload your client. Try deleting your current client, then re-installing a new one (you can just click 'download' at the top of this page) If the client says "Error connecting to the server" then check that your antivirus is not blocking the application from connecting to the internet. You can temporarily disable this in the settings or add the client as an exception to run. If your client stops loading this is caused by a corrupt cache/model and can be easily fixed by reinstalling your cache folder. Hope that's will help you enjoy
  5. Angel Garcia

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Done, thank you.
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    Forum Frequently Asked Questions

    How To Make A Thread/Post? You have to click on the section that you want to post in it. Example: ' I want to make money making guide ' You need to go to "Guides" section: After that you need to click on "Start New Topic" and You have to type a title for the your thread, in the end you have to click on "Submit Topic" . How To Edit my Profile Page? Go to your profile page by clicking in your profile picture in the top of the page or : Things you can edit: You can change your profile picture You can change your cover picture You can Write a status (anything you want) so everyone else can see it I found a bug, Where can i report it? You can make a thread at "Report A Bug" section (::Bug) I want to report a player for breaking a rule! Where can i do that? Go to "Report player or staff" section, and don't forget to post good proof images/videos. How can i get my donator rank on the forums too?! You have to go to "Rank Application" section and make a thread but make sure to follow rank application format. How to ignore users? ---> How to change password/forum username? Click "Account Setting" --> So if you want to change your forum username click "Display Name", there should now be a box "New Display Name". If you want to change your forum password click "Password", make sure to choose a strong password. How can i add signature? use this thread ::thread-184 or : Hope that's will help you, enjoy
  7. Angel Garcia

    Pre-Scape Starter Guide

    There is guide for star location, which can be found here --> or type ::thread-427 ingame
  8. Angel Garcia

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Hello everyone, im making this guide to direct new players, that they can get the answers they need when there is no staff online/helpers. Q: How do I make money? A: There are many ways. I will list the most common. Thieving, steal and sell the loot to general store (::home) Slayer, Find the Slayer Mage located outside edge bank Pvming (use bossing teleport) ::thread-655 Skilling (use skilling telelport) Merching/staking (dont stake the items you are not willing to lose) Q: How to check commands in-game? A: Use this thread --> ::thread-401 (commands) Q: Where are skill capes? A: Skill capes sold by the Wise Old Man located in edgeville Q: How can I contact a staff member? A: You can see which staff are online by clicking "quest tab" then ""staff online".You can also message em by using the forums/discord Q: What does monsters drop? A: You can check all monster drop tables by typing ::drops Q: Where can I see my vote/dung/donator etcc.. points? A: The bottom of the quest tab contains all your gained points Q: Where is the crystal key chest? A: The chest is located within Edgeville bank Q: How to check "game mode" ? You can check it by clicking "quest tab" Q: How to change game modes? A: You can change your game mode from realism to knight by talking to account manager located ::home Q: What can I get from mystery boxes? A: Use this thread ::thread-479 to check what you can get from m box Q: Where do I claim votes? A: You claim your votes at edgeville/::home use this thread for voting guide -> ::thread-679 Q: Where can I use boss/trivia points? A: You can use them by talking to "oziach" located at ::home north west general store Q: How many pest control points do I need for full void? A: 850 points for regualr one and 1050 for elite one Q: What is the droprate for pets? A: Droprate for all pets=1/5000, you can also check em all by typing ::pets Q: How do I train construction/summoning? A: You cant train construction/summoning atm maybe in future Q: Can I secure my account? A: Use this thread ::thread-407 and it will show you how to enable 2-Factor Authentication for your account Q: Is there a altar to use bones on? A: Yes there is altar located at edgeville/::home Q: What is the Well of Goodwill? A: The Well of Goodwill is a piece of content that is aimed at both sinking money from the economy and rewarding players with 30% experience Q: How do I get a fighter torso? A: You can buy it from slayer shop or void knight store or boss points store (oziach) or pk points store (oziach) Q: How to get cannonballs? A: You can ask someone with donator rank to buy em for you or you can get em from caskets/backpacks Q: How to check the game rules? A: You can check the rules by typing ::rules Q: How to check donator benefits of Pre-Scape? A: You can check them by using this thread ::thread-411 Q: How to join Pre-Scape discord? A: You can join the discord by typing ::forums then click connect to discord Q: How to get slayer helm? A: You can buy the slayer helm from slayer shop for 250 slayer points Q: How to check my slayer task? A: You can check it by clicking "quest tab" then scroll down Q: Is there a guide/thread for star location? A: Yes, use this thread --> ::thread-427 for star location Hope that's will help you enjoy !
  9. Angel Garcia

    Commander Zilyana Guide

    Content: 1) How to teleport to Commander Zilyana 2) Drops 3) strategy 4) Gear 1) Teleport: --> --> After you teled you need to kill atleast 10 Spiritual Ranger in order to open the big door. 2)Drops: You can also check them by typing ::drops-npc 3) Strategy: As with every Gwd Boss, she has Minions! 3 in total: Bree (Ranged), Starlight (Melee) ,Growler (Magic). So before you open the big door pot up activate protect from Melee / Piety if you using melee gear. She will use her Normal melee attack, which you are praying against.The damage you will take, is from the magic minion (Growler) as you arent protecting from Magic. Watch your HP, and kill Zilyana. After thats done, kill her minions, and she should respawn, as soon as she Respawns quickly run up to her again, to avoid as much Magic Damage as possible. Repeat until your supplies run out / you get bored. 4) Gear: Melee Gear; Best Gear is torva set, bandos etcc.. to rune set. + b ring + barrows gloves + steadfast boots/ dragon boots + fury + fire cape/tkz cape + c rapier/whip/hasta. Range Gear; pernix set/void/karil's/black dragonhide set + archer ring + barrows gloves + glaiven boots/ranger boots + ammy of ranging + armadylcross bow or rune crossbow inventory setup: Or: Hope that's will help you enjoy
  10. Angel Garcia

    Herblore Guide 1-99

    Nice guide, keep it up
  11. Angel Garcia

    Agility Guide

    Thank you bro, i will do my best
  12. Angel Garcia

    Agility Guide

    Thank you
  13. Angel Garcia

    Agility Guide

    Courses: Gnome Course - level 1-35 You can get here by clicking, Skilling teleport -> Agility -> Gnome Course -->--> Experience rates for different obstacles: Log Balance (Start) knight game mode; 3750 xp realism game mode; 75 xp iron man game mode; 375 xp Net Climb knight game mode; 3750 xp realism game mode; 75 xp iron man game mode; 375 xp Branch Climb knight game mode; 2500 xp realism game mode; 50 xp iron man game mode; 250 xp Balancing Rope knight game mode; 3750 xp realism game mode; 75 xp iron man game mode; 375 xp Branch Climb knight game mode; 2500 xp realism game mode; 50 xp iron man game mode; 250 xp Net Climb knight game mode; 3750 xp realism game mode; 75 xp iron man game mode; 375 xp Pipe (Finish) knight game mode; 19500 xp realism game mode; 390 xp iron man game mode; 1950 xp Barbarian Course - Level 35-52 You can get here by clicking Skilling teleport -> Agility -> Barbarian Course -->--> Experience rates for different obstacles: Rope Swing(Start) Knight game mode; 11000 xp Realism game mode; 220 xp Iron man mode; 1100 xp Log Balance Knight game mode; 6850 xp Realism game mode; 137 xp Iron man mode; 685 xp Obstacle Net Knight game mode; 4100 xp Realism game mode; 82 xp Iron man mode; 410 xp Balancing Edge Knight game mode; 11000 xp Realism game mode; 220 xp Iron man mode; 1100 xp Crumbling Walls(Finish) Knight game mode; 23100 xp Realism game mode; 426 xp Iron man mode; 2310 xp Wilderness Course - level 52-99 You can get here by clicking Skilling teleport -> Agility -> wildy course ->-> Experience rates for different obstacles: Pipe(Start) Knight game mode; 6250 xp Realism game mode; 125 xp Iron man mode; 625 xp Rope Swing Knight game mode; 20000 xp Realism game mode; 400 xp Iron man mode; 2000 xp Stepping Stone Knight game mode; 10000 xp Realism game mode; 200 xp Iron man mode; 1000 xp Log Balance Knight game mode; 10000 xp Realism game mode; 200 xp Iron man mode; 1000 xp Rocks Knight game mode; 245000 xp Realism game mode; 4900 xp Iron man mode; 24500 xp Agility store : You can also buy xp for mark grace ( 1 mark=4000 xp knight mode, 104 xp - realism mode, 520 xp - iron man mode ) Hope that's will help you ! enjoy
  14. Angel Garcia

    Woodcutting Guide (knight game mode)

    Teleports: Click your teleport tab: x4 page: You will be teleport to this place once you there go and talk to "Wilfred": -----> You can also buy the dragon hatchet for fast exp or to get it as drop from 'Dagannoth Kings'. (Do ::drops in the game to check the droprate) Information about hatchets Prices: Bronze Hatchet: Price -> 82 coins Iron Hatchet: Price -> 35 coins Steel Hatchet: Price -> 28 coins Mithril Hatchet: Price -> 275 coins Adamant Hatchet: Price -> 1596 coins Rune Hatchet: Price -> 7624 coins Different types of trees: Normal trees, Required woodcutting level; 1 Experience given; 16250 xp Oak trees, Required woodcutting level; 15 Experience given; 24375 xp Willow trees, Required woodcutting level; 30 Experience given; 43875 Maple trees, Required woodcutting level; 45 Experience given; 65000 xp Yew trees, Required woodcutting level; 60 Experience given; 113750 xp Magic trees, Required woodcutting level; 75 Experience given; 162500 xp Hope that's will help you enjoy !
  15. Angel Garcia

    How To Vote

    Thanks @Chills, btw you can make a suggestion here -->