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  1. T3rr0rd3m0n

    Dungeoneering Suggestions

    this is already happening it just takes time to get everything set up but we appreciate the thoughts on it
  2. T3rr0rd3m0n


    lol all of you are saying welcome but i am not new haha ive been with kade since zamorak
  3. T3rr0rd3m0n


    Hello, Most of you already know who i am but for those who don't, i am t3rr0rd3mon formerly known as skillers2ftw. i have played on servers with several of you in the past and i am glad to see some old names popping up. i just wanted to take this time to get into the community a little bit more and to let everyone know who i am. on other news the server has been great since its been up the developers have done a great job fixing most or all of the bugs and adding in all the areas that were left out. so this is me saying thanks for bringing the rsps scene a great server.
  4. T3rr0rd3m0n

    monster guide

    Hello guys im t3rr0rd3mon formerly known as skillers2ftw. today my suggestion is to add a guide of the locations and maps on how to get to certain creatures thanks have fun prescape