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  1. 3 hunna

    What are your plans?

    i'm going to bank stand for 24 hrs straight
  2. 3 hunna

    New Player Here

    tremor hi
  3. 3 hunna

    Hunger Games

    Great idea. You should bring this suggestion up again when the playerbase increases.
  4. 3 hunna


    what up boss. thanks for buying my drygore offhand.
  5. 3 hunna

    Lizardman Shaman's Buff

    100% lizardman need a buff.... I think the hp should be increased to 300 or 450 and the dr should be slightly increased.
  6. 3 hunna

    Economy Reset

    what about just wiping banks and returning donations (leave stats and progresses alone)?
  7. 3 hunna

    Maxhit / Dummy

    useless in pvm tbh... but pvp its extremely useful when pking.. not sure how u think its a bad proposal?
  8. 3 hunna

    Staffhunters need to chill!

    thanks.. i forgot how to log in to server. will be good guide hoepfully
  9. 3 hunna

    Staffhunters need to chill!

    glad im not the only one that noticed this
  10. 3 hunna

    Minor quality of life suggestions

    definitely do not need a store next to the thieving stalls... it takes like 2 seconds to get to the general store... i support the rest of the suggestions.
  11. 3 hunna

    It's ya boy, uhhhhhhhh, skinny ...

    ayyy legalbloom i remember seeing you at gamble on the previous server... nice to see some old faces returning
  12. 3 hunna


  13. 3 hunna

    Leaked footage!

    nice footage
  14. 3 hunna

    Hi There

    welcome to prescape fawk. hope you enjoy