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  1. Creation

    boss points shop

    No support these items are supposed to be high tier items and you can camp some easy bosses for points. No Support
  2. Creation


    -Can we please make skilling a bit more convenient by using space-bar to either cook or fletch a certain amount? Also add 'all option' in stead of having to spam a number more than 28. Click spacebar to remove message in chatbox when you level up. Can we please add different coloured slayer boss heads to drops and be able to turn them into different coloured slayer helms? Cost 500 points per different colour helm in shop. Make Ferocious ring do something? It's commonly dropped and does nothing, should tele you to task up to 5 charges and give you % damage boost within Kuradels dung. Can we have a few more benefits for Ultimate Donators? Add an island? - maybe 2 boss points/triva per kill? -Constant 5% xp boost? -Shop with overload 4's? -Add Vorkath? -Add grouped wildy boss? -Another way to get Tbow? -Add range and mage turmoil prayer, dropped by something or add to PK shop. -Add some bosses weak to magic not sure if mage has a purpose in this game in terms of pvm lol. -I still think slayer helm needs a buff on range and mage. -Buff Korasi Spec. -Redo Wildy keys? Chaos altar by Ice Plateu can offer more xp and has a small percentage to save the bone -Add best inslot magic cape? Mage arena 2 minigame or something. -Add description and pictures of pets in ::pets. -Duo slayer with separate shop? -Add hm drop rate you have when you have items equipped and Donator status ect in quest tab. @Jake @Kade Just some suggestions to maybe think about.
  3. Creation

    Staff Updates - 02/11/2019

    Gz to everyone promoted, well deserved!
  4. Creation

    Server Update 02/10/19

    Amazing updates once again. Pre-Scape is on the rise! Can't wait for the next batch
  5. Creation

    Nappy's Journal

    Welcome to Pre-Scape!
  6. Creation

    Staff Updates - 02/07/2019

    Sad to see you go Jarred, good luck with your future endeavours
  7. Creation

    Server Update 02/03/19

    Amazing updates, still no way to obtain tbow?
  8. Creation

    Buying $50

    I am buying a $50 for 630m cash. PM ME IN-GAME OR ON FORUMS!
  9. Creation


    Welcome to Pre-Scape!
  10. Creation

    Server Update 1/25/19

    Loving this hard work boss. Keep it up man!
  11. Creation

    Farming Guide

    Another amazing guide! Promotion LOC?
  12. Creation

    Staff Updates - 01/23/2019

    Amazing promotions, Good luck to everyone!
  13. Creation

    Flower Poker Tournament

    IGN: Creation Good luck to all!
  14. Creation

    Staff Feedback By Creation

    Owner Kade You put your heart and soul into the server which I love, this is why I stick around and I believe in the project hence why I donated $300. I won't lie over the last few weeks you seem to have lost a bit of motivation. You need to start banging out updates like before and double check up on your coding as there have been some flaws and bugs in some updates which are amazing don't get me wrong but need to be double checked. Look at what you have here a stable 40-60 player base which is a perfect platform to really start to grow that should be your motivation, we have gone from 5-10 players to a stable 40-60 which i think is amazing. Come on man lift yourself up and lets make this happen. Manager Jake Hi, Jake you since being promoted I think you have grown into this role well you're active and always someone who helps regardless of your high rank, you always have time for people and seem to keep on top of updates and threads and updating me and others on updates ect. You're Kades right hand man so give him some confidence and help him as best as you can, try motivate him day in day out cause this server can be amazing and I believe in it. Good Job, please some more events though Forum Administrator Fawk You're a solid forum administrator you handle your job very well with giving people ranks and your response time is very very fast. You do come in-game now and again which is great to see from you. I can't really fault you at all as you do your job and get it done. Lovely to have you here just keep up the amazing work. Administrator Operative Can't say anything as you're away. Yor Hi Yor, I'm not gonna sit here and bullshit but when you were global I thought you were the best staff member active, communicating and enjoying the game, nowadays you're afk in-game and rarely answer questions. I believe you're bored here and are just hanging onto the rank. Truthfully if you don't want to do this anymore give this role to somebody else, truthfully it hurts me to say this because I thought you were excellent as global moderator but ever since you have been promoted you have gone down hill. Global Moderator Rob Hi Rob, I think you're doing your job the same as Fawk very solid and do your job well I can see a promotion coming your way soon because you seem very passionate about the game and always seem to want to help others. Keep doing what you're doing because your doing very well. If I had to make a criticism make some guides in-game and put them on the forums, other than that I believe you're doing a good job. Forum Moderator Hamze Hi Hamze, it's hard to judge what you do but I'm sure you're doing alright. I'm very active on the forums and you seem to greet the new players which is nice to see. You're probably the first staff member that comes into contact with new players on the forums and you always seem to make them seem welcome. I guess you can try make some forum based guides if you can think of any. A part from that I think again another solid staff member- you just get your job done. Server Moderator dzuma Hi Dzuma, for me personally when you're online you do a perfect job answering the community questions in the Support CC very bubbly and funny guy we need people like you in the community you bring a sense of laughter and enjoyment to the game and you sometimes make me laugh with your comments For me a place you can improve is just up your activity is a little and maybe make some guides on the forums if you haven't already apart from that man I think you are a pleasant person and thank you for being a mod for us. im D Hardly ever see you anymore. Server Support Lancelot For me Lancelot you're the best server support member. You're active in the support cc and you are always helping me or the community out with creating guides on the forums with outstanding detail, I think you deserve a promotion with the amount of work you have put in over a small period of time. Thank you very much for your efforts and keep up the amazing work! Gemini Don't see you enough to be honest. Jarred On par with Lancelot with in-game knowledge of the server and ability to help out others in-game. The only reason for me Lancelot edges it is because of his extra efforts to create guides on the forums. Apart from that another amazing server support in my eyes whenever I ask you questions you answer quickly with detail or if you don't know the answer you point me in another direction of someone who can help. Take my hat off to you as you're working hard and are doing a fab job. Thank you very much for your efforts and you're another one I can see getting promoted soon. As Rec Pep I rarely see you as well.
  15. Creation

    #1 Realism Woodcutting XP

    Wow some insane xp gains! Gl guys