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  1. Creation

    Pre-Scape Re-Launch

    what youtubers are you using?
  2. Creation

    Server Updates 11/17/18

    Amazing updates, please buff realism dr
  3. Creation

    Realism mode.

    30% increase drop rate for realisms @Kade
  4. Creation

    Server Update 11/12/18

    Very impressed with the amount of updates you're bringing out! Amazing!
  5. Creation

    Server Update 11/10/18

    Amazing once again boys! Keep it up!
  6. Creation

    Server Update 11/09/18

    Pretty speechless tbh one hell of an update
  7. Creation

    I'm Back!

    Welcome back boss!
  8. Creation

    New Player Here

    Welcome to the server!
  9. Creation

    Back Baby

    Welcome back!
  10. Creation

    Staff Updates - 10/29/18

    Congratulations to all of those promoted!
  11. Creation

    hello commynity!

    Hello welcome to Pre-Scape! If I can help you in anyway please drop me a pm!
  12. Creation

    Where is this server going?

    Thank you @Kade for answering the questions for the community we all appreciate the time you have put into answering our questions!
  13. Creation

    Where is this server going?

    Hopefully after this thread they will give us a better understanding of their plans and goals for the future! But yes the communication from the staff needs to be clear.
  14. Creation

    Where is this server going?

    Yeah I totally understand I'm not expecting updates every week but I just want to know how they're planning to get a bigger player base and what updates we can expect but they may bring things into the game which we do not want. Thanks for your opinion
  15. Hey guys, this isn't a rant but our player-base has dropped massively and myself personally and others as well would like a bit more insight on 'WHEN' advertisements are going to start because all I keep hearing from staff members is soon soon but I never seem confident in investing my time in continuing my realism account if I don't know the plan in which the staff team are putting in place to attract more players. Furthermore it would be nice to know what updates you're working on as it will give us the community a bit more insight and hope to stick with the server because I won't lie to you I am giving up slowly but I am sticking around because the updates you do produce are pretty good. So just a little clarification on the overall plan would be nice just to know the plans for the future in a bit of detail with dates on when stuff is going to happen because us veterans of the server if you like won't stick around when all we're getting is 10-15 player count if that. When we just finished beta and advertised we had 100 players at peak and this was great to see. Why can't we do what we did before? Anyways I just want some clarification because I'm not gonna waste my time if I don't know the plans of the server or the goals. -Creation.