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  1. Creation

    Pre-Scape Open Beta Closing 06/08/18

    About time. However thanks for putting a plan in-place just make sure to follow through what you say and keep us updated. Thank you.
  2. Creation

    How to add pictures to support/report threads

    Nice guide bud keep up the amazing guides.
  3. Creation

    Flowers' Departure

    ah these things happen man. No problem in stepping back to step forward again. Good luck boss we are always here for you!
  4. Creation

    1,000 Casket Opening Vid

    Hashtag Filmora Free Version! Great video boss, keep them coming! GJ
  5. Creation

    It's Content Time

    can't wait for these updates!
  6. Creation

    Latest GFX

    Jeez man some of the best work I've seen, never expected this much! They're all amazing but I think the middle is the one I'm going for!
  7. Creation

    Patch Notes 1.9

    @Bane @Kade Can't sell Dragon Platebody or bandos boots to General Store.
  8. Creation

    Patch Notes 1.9

    amazing work boss! Keep it up and you will be rewarded! GJ
  9. Creation

    Latest GFX

    Some very nice designs here! I really wouldn't mind one myself if you have the time! Anything will do.
  10. Creation

    Owl's 1-99 Fishing Guide

    Quality guide boss! Keep them coming as I will use these guides on the forums! GJ
  11. Creation

    1,000th Topic

    Well done lads! We have a top Forum Admin in you! Thanks for your efforts.
  12. Creation

    PVP Armours

    I would like to see what 'Omicron' suggested. Add non-degraded armours dropped by revs in wildy or whatever but add non corrupt to pk store maybe or something like that,
  13. Creation

    Thank You Everyone!

    You're welcome back here boss anytime! See you around
  14. Creation

    Angel Garcia Staff Application

    This will get instant declined because you need 100 hours of game-time. I don't want to start anything but you need to read the requirements here-------- If you can't even be bothered to read the requirements and waste our time by creating this application when you don't reach the needs then what makes you think you're mature enough for staff? No Support but good luck.
  15. Veteran Rank requirements Loc?

    1. Finch


      We aren't old enough to call specific players "Veterans" yet. We plan to add the rank when the time is right.

    2. Creation


      Just nice to give players another something to go for if you catch my drift :)

    3. Finch


      Yeah I get it don't worry, I'm planning some other 'goals' for players to aim for relating to the forums :)