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  1. Creation

    Staff Updates - 03/16/2019

    Thank you for everything Pre-Scape
  2. Creation

    Two Ideas

    Please look into these @Kade
  3. Creation

    1000 Crystal Key Opening

    My guess is 65
  4. Creation

    Few more suggestions

    Fix commands, remove the -'s (from ::answer, maybe others?). Separate ::Di commands. Add ::Toggleextra (Toggle the extra skilling supplies you receive, been suggested 64440 times), add ::Togglegame (Or game filter) and ::Toggleyell (Some people dislike seeing yells) Totally agree and a massive Support of getting rid of extra ores/logs ect so annoying when trying to complete achievements. Rework the daily task system. Add a Daily task point shop, filled with cosmetics / skilling tools (Living mineral, dragon hatchet, dragon pickaxe, skilling outfits that are new/old (Angler, agile, graceful, prospector etc). Remove or scale the low-tier daily tasks, the majority of players are past the "Chop 150 logs" type of grind. I don't really see why not, maybe add Leg boxes for a price as well in the shop. FFA fixes/changes: Remove Battle of the Gods, it's such a bad mode, or rework it, make it so Charge spell works, and god spells are buffed. Add more variety, could do welfare, max brid, tribrid, Dungeoneering (dungeoneering armor) etc... could think of more and give details if needed. Yeah I have mentioned this before. Also remove F2P Gamemode it's too slow and boring, all based on RNG and who runs out of food first. Battle of the gods is another one, we shouldn't get 99 hitpoints should be like 60 and yeah add accuracy of the spells. Split up shops, to make Home look more crowded, in a good way. It would also make going through stores a lot easier. Also add Lunar's altar to home. I don't mind this idea. More voting incentives. Make an achievement to claim 100? auths. Make a rare chance to get bonus items when claiming auths (XP Lamps, cosmetics, PvP armors etc). Rework store, it's really not worth voting ATM unless you want custom flippers and/or top hats. Yeah I agree voting is just a bit meh, I like the idea of adding an achievement and maybe throw in some chances of adding in a golden scratch card of mega rare rainbow phat or something just to give some incentives to vote. Event weekends, not only things like FP/PK tournaments, but also Double EXP weekends, Double drop-rate weekends, Double PkP weekends to boost activity. Please Please, at the moment vote books give unlimated X2 XP and gives no incentives for people really to come online at the weekend or to buy vote books which if new players can't make starter cash this way they just leave. I like the idea of different days for different events this would give people and incentive to come and play. All these ideas are great and I like them a lot, lately I have seen a lot of amazing suggestions I just hope that these don't go to waste because there are some amazing ideas here from everybody.
  5. Creation

    Just a Couple Small Suggestions

    1. Add Callisto to the game along with the Callisto Cub Pet -Support, but what would it drop? Same as OSRS? 2. If Callisto is added add it to Premium Donor island to keep it updated with the rest of the Wilderness bosses- Support 3. Add Row Imbue scroll to allow regular rows to be imbued into row(i) to the PKP shop for 300 Pk points - Support 4. Rework the Wilderness Key loots as currently for their rarity it’s not really worth using them unless you’re an Ironman -Massive Support this has been a debate now for too long 5. Give Omni-Talisman Staff a Runecrafting XP boost effect -Agree you get from Ckey and its worthless. 6. Add Bonfires for a little Faster way of burning logs.
  6. Creation

    Various Suggestions and QOL!

    Amazing list of suggestions. -I really feel like our teleport system is outdated and needs a massive rework as it you said the boss section is just messy and so hard to navigate around. -I strongly believe in more achievements some servers have 200 plus. - Some more skilling outfits would be very nice. - I actually like your wildy idea, I think it could work. It's something different so why not give it a test run.
  7. Creation

    Forums Event

    My favourite thing about Pre-Scape is: Killing Glod and opening his Golden Scratch Cards Something I'd like to see improved or added is: I think Pking is a major factor that really needs to be looked into. Also another way for TBOW to be obtained. My number is: 175
  8. Creation

    Wilderness Rejuvenation Suggestions

    Elite tasks ONLY: Kill (1-100)+ Ord Agree Kill (1-100)+ Blood Reaver Agree Kill (1-100)+ Demonic Ape Agree Kill (1-100)+ Spino Agree Kill 50 Players Disagree I don't think the playerbase is big enough maybe 30? Kill a Lava Dragon Maybe a few more Kill 200-500 Frost Dragon's Agree Trade in a Statuette worth 1M+ Agree dropped when you kill your target Kill (1-100) Venenatis Agree Kill (1-100) Scorpia Agree Wilderness QoL Changes Fix TB when you leave wilderness (Still Tb'd when you escape) Agree Fix Bonus XP when skilling in Wilderness Agree Glory and other teleport methods for 30 and below Wilderness Agree Add/Fix Miasmic barrage/other Miasma spells Agree Add Freeze/vengeance timers. Agree Ability to set obelisk TP destination (Similar to OSRS Wilderness diary reward) Agree Wilderness Altar with bonus XP (More for irons but still helpful) Agree Wilderness TEAM Boss Strongly agree Revamp Wildy Wyrm, or add another custom boss. The idea for this boss is that you should require a minimum of 3 players to kill it efficiently. This boss should give drops to ALL people that contributed a certain amount of damage (Ex: Roll on drop table if 10% damage done, if possible.) Potential Drops: Always: 500K GP Rares: Legendary MBoxes 1-5, 5-10 x Crystal Keys, PkP voucher- 50-100 Points, 5M GP, Ancient Statuette, PvP Armors, Imbue Scroll ULTRA Rare (1/2000)+: Twisted Bow, Kodai Wand, Elder Maul. Leaving this open for interpretation for the most part, don't want to go into full detail of how the boss fight should go etc. Buffs and Nerf's Firstly. Add Grim Reaper. This NPC would claim untradeables on death (in wilderness) and sell them back to you for a high price. Void Top and Bottom: 5M each Agree Void Gloves and Helmets: 2.5M each Agree Max/completionist/Infernal Capes: 5M each Agree Defenders/other misc untradeables: 1M each Agree Maybe goes down depending on donator? There is currently zero risk for PK'ing with untradeables. This is a must. Nerf's: Nerf Zaryte Bow. It hits 30+ through prayer, and takes off protect item. This is way too overpowered. You can fight off practically any setup if you have a zaryte bow and they don't. Agree Nerf dragon claw Special attack- It can hit 90+ on spec, however the accuracy should be BUFFED. Strongly agree Dharok's set affect. People can hit 50+ at 70+ HP, please adjust Strongly agree Twisted bow hits 60+ through prayer, this has to be nerfed Strongly agree (There's more but can't think. Respond with potential nerfs) Buffs: AGS is not that good -AGREE Korasi max's a 40. Please buff. AGREE (Again, there are more. Respond with potential buffs) PkP store changes Agree You get hardly any PK points for getting a kill, you get more from winning an FFA then killing someone (On a lower KS.) Currently you have to kill 40-50 people to be able to purchase a Zamorak Godsword. Add scaling to PkP points. More kills = Better PkP gains. (Ex: Every 25 kills you get +1 PkP, or more) LOWER: PvP armors, and make the prices even. (Perhaps all to 100 PkP each) PvP weapons as well. Way too expensive. Make them 150-200 PkP each Eye of the ____ Rings Lower them to 75 each Zaryte Bow. Really 750 points? Thats 250 Points assuming you have lower KS the entire time... way too expensive You know what, pretty much every single weapon needs adjusting. ADD: Barrows sets- 15 PkP for any set. This will help encourage PK'ing and bring in a lot more barrows sets hopefully. Crystal keys, legendary mboxes, PkP Tickets (So you can sell PkP) Cosmetics ONLY obtained from store (I'll leave this open as i'm not sure what the plans are for cosmetics in the future in terms of adding more to stores or custom donations) Bounty Hunter PET AGREE Mini Grim reaper? Or a different model. Chances: 1/500 From a target in wilderness OR 1000 PkP in store OR 1/1000 from Wilderness keys Gives 15% drop rate to every Wilderness NPC (Similar to bloodhound, but wildy NPC's only) AND/OR Bonus PkP while pking with it out Wilderness Keys SRONGLY AGREE They are utter trash right now. Like it's not even worth looting them half the time Potential rewards: Buff skilling supplies from them. 1-5 PkP per key used. 3rd age equipment Barrows sets, whips, furies, dragon boots (Misc med tier Pk items) GP drops 1-10M Statuettes (Probably already a thing, just more common) Clan Wars PK Hub AGREE Add Clan Wars to Minigame TP's Add clan wars: White/Red for a practice pk'ing area. Easy multi area outside for team fights/pk area Some amazing ideas here Andy and I really hope the management team look at these strongly and quickly. -Wildy altar 50% of not using a bone. -Add Daily wilderness task like 10PK points and legendary box. Wildy keys is a must these have been outdated for so long. -Love the idea of a mini-reaper. @Kade @Jake @Yor @Operative
  9. Creation

    Just slidin' thru

    Welcome to Pre-Scape I have definitely seen you around in-game! If you require any assistance please feel free to pm me! Enjoy your stay, and good luck with your realism grind!
  10. Creation

    Barrows Guide- By Creation

    Hey Guys! Hopefully this simple, detailed guide can help some of you guys out there to be well on your way to successful barrows runs! Barrows can be a fantastic way to kick start your account for some basic bossing gear for the future! Here at Pre-Scape barrows is slightly easier to OSRS. You should kill all 6 brothers, throughout your run there is a chance for you to find the hidden room, leave this until last. There are is one chest at the end. You may get lucky and get a barrows piece, but if not, you have a very high chance of getting some runes and ammo. ________________________ How do you get there? Firstly you go to your spell-book and click Mini-games. Secondly you will see this page 'Click Barrows' You will end up here __________________________ Barrows Brothers: Ahrim's - Use's magic attacks, pray mage and you will not take any damage. Dharok's - Use's melee attacks, pray melee and you will not take any damage. Make sure to keep your prayer up! Karil's - Use's range attacks, pray range and you will not take any damage. Guthan's - Use's melee attacks, pray melee and you will not take any damage. Torag's - Use's melee attacks, pray melee and you will not take any damage. Verac's - has the ability to hit through prayers, but pray melee to reduce damage taken. __________________________ Map of Brothers: ______________________ Gear Step Ups: What I bring: Alternate Step up: (Basic) _________________________ Once Inside the room. Once you dig with your spade onto a hill you will be taken into this room. You need to click on the 'Sarcophagus' to spawn the NPC. Once you kill the one of the brother it will highlight green and tell you your killcount _______________________ At the end. At the end or during your barrows run you will receive this message, Make sure you kill all the other brothers before going to kill the last one! Once Inside click the chest in the middle of the room and the last brother will spawn: Lastly click the chest to claim your reward! ________________________ Rewards: __________________________ Tips: Use Overloads for faster runs! Use Special Attack weapons for faster kills! Use Augury for faster kills! You can kill barrows NPCS outside of Magebank (::MB to teleport there) -These drop barrows sets/ Pieces. -You can also get the pet drop that gives you 15% drop rate increase of that brother!
  11. Creation


    Another amazing video mate, Thank you for making videos for Pre-Scape. Can't wait to see what is next!
  12. Creation

    Staff FeedBack by Tobster

    Thanks man but didn't we get back to back Infinity sets? :L Plus it was more of a solo effort as you wreck with that tbow
  13. Creation

    GWD Challenge!

    Challenge accepted. I will send a screenie in when I die
  14. Creation

    Staff FeedBack by Tobster

    Thank you all for your kind words, it really means a lot because I put everything into this server as I love to play with this community. And I really believe that this server will continue to grow and gain more attention. I will continue to work hard for you guys as I love to help people and will never just turn my head around and not answer a question
  15. Creation

    IronMan Guide- By Creation

    If i have missed anything or got something wrong please let me know. Yes i know I'm bad at guides. If you have any questions feel free to PM me here or contact me in game "Creation' Hit CRTL + F key for faster searching. Intro Ironman mode is completely self-sufficient meaning that you cannot trade, duel, or pick up PVP items. Drop rates are the same as Knight accounts. There are however quite a few shops that you can buy majority of the basic skilling items from, which i will list later on. I highly suggest you start with the starter pack if it's available for you.The current exp rate is 50x I would suggest ::voting to get 1H of X2 XP. You will keep 3 of your items upon death and any untradables you have inside the wilderness. Any items outside Wilderness are automatically Kept. Useful Commands ::getdrop-(NPC Name) - Opens up a specific NPC's drop table ::getitemdrop (item name) - allows players to identify all NPC's that drop a specific item ::Drops- Shows you all NPCS In-game and their drops. ::Train -Teleports you to Rock Crabs Useful Guides Starter Kit Upon Login Stores Ironman Only Store: Any general store (This is where you can sell items from thieving for cash) or any item. Slayer Master This shop is located @::home. Below is a picture of the Slayer Mage. I would first start out by buying the slayer helm then the Hex/Focus sight to make a full slayer helm. The Full Slayer Helmet is the upgraded form of the Slayer Helmet. This helmet can be made from adding a Hexcrest and a Focus Sight to the regular Slayer Helmet variant 'you need both together to add them'. When attaching the add-on to the Slayer Helmet, the combined item will have the same bonuses even if one of the add-ons is not attached. This helmet is placed in the helmet slot and adds adequate bonuses if you are on your Slayer monster task. That being said, this helmet is more useful than its normal counterpart due to this helmet offers Magic and Ranged bonuses to the addition to the Slayer Helmet The Ring of Wealth I is obtained through the slayer shop for 1250 points or the trivia shop for 1000 points. This ring provides a 10% drop rate increase which can come in handy for Iron-Men. Melee intro As many stats on a ironman combat can be very time consuming. It is extremely suggested to do slayer tasks while training any combat stat, when resetting a task it will cost you 30 slayer points so I would suggest starting with easy tasks and working your way up following the slayer guide on the forums. When you begin this journey I suggest you head over to the thieving stalls and accquire 93 thieving to obtain a Dragon Scimitar as it is a very useful weapon for training your stats. This stall is where you can obtain a Dragon Scimitar at level 93 Thieving. It is located outside Edge bank. Acquiring Starter Gear/Weapons Starting out my Ironman I would take part in any Pest-Control Events as getting Void Melee/Range will be very beneficial to your account as both sets are very useful in terms of getting the basic fundamentals of getting your account up and running. I would suggest training your stats to around 70-80 then doing Pest Control. Must have items These are just suggestions but i highly recommend getting them when you can. Bonecrusher - Obtainable from Dungeoneering Shop - 75k Tokens - Auto bury bones - Highly suggested to buy this first. Full void with helms - Pest Control game - 700 points for full Melee Set- At least get the range one as it's technically the best for irons. Rune cross bow - Found by killing Armadyl- God war dungeon - Armadyl boss teleport Wildy keys - obtainable from wilderness bosses/NPCS - Chaotics Obtainable from Dungeoneering Magic Magic can actually be one of the most time consuming. I would Suggest Runecrafting as a main Source of obtaining your runes. You can also open Caskets dropped by NPCS to obtain Runes (This isn't an efficent way as it's all based on luck) Obtaining Dragon axe and Dragon pickaxe Dragon axe/hatchet can be obtained by any of the 3 Dagannoth kings. Dragon pickaxe can be obtained through many different bosses such as: Lizardman Shaman, King Black Dragon. Obtaining an Amulet of Glory: Caskets will give you an amulet of glory Catching Dragon Implings will also grant you an Amulet of Glory. (Requires 83 hunter) TIPS -Do your Daily tasks as it rewards you with 1 Legendary Mystery Box/ 2 XP Lamps. -::Vote to get vote points to buy Crystal Keys (Link to Ckey Rewards) - I would Suggest at higher levels to kill 'Glod' as he drops Golden Scratch Cards which get amazing items. -Also do ::FFA which when you win you get 1M cash 5PK points and a random drop from the table. (Link to FFA Reward Thread) Farming is very important as you need potions to be able to kill NPCS Quicker. You find the Master farmer by doing 'city teles' Draynor then run west into the Town Centre. You can pickpocket him to get all the herb seeds you need. Pick up Runied BackPacks as they give you secondaries for herblore to make potions Please Pm me in-game if you want something added here, I have missed a lot but can continue to add more stuff I will be going around the community and asking Ironmen what they find difficult and add it to this guide