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  1. Creation

    Server Update 09/18/2018

    Amazing updates, thank you very much!
  2. Creation

    Team boss

    Avatar of destruction should be added to wildy and spawns every 2hours or so which drops something unique for the 3 players who deal the most damage. Would increase wildy activity to if its in a multi zone
  3. Creation

    Hunger Games

    I think for future updates this could be looked into but for now shouldn't be a priority as the player base isnt big enough right now. Thanks for the suggestion though!
  4. Creation

    its nimerz

    Welcome to Pre-Scape! If you need any help or assistance please feel free to pm me in-game! Enjoy your stay with us
  5. Creation

    Double everything week

    Support love these ideas and would love to see them inplemented in-game maybe apart from double donator points
  6. Creation

    Server Update 09/09/18

    Amazing updates keep up the amazing work!!
  7. Creation

    Server Update 09/08/2018

    Amazing updates once again!!
  8. Creation

    skilling master

    Very nice idea! Would love to see this in-game!
  9. Creation

    Tome Of Frost

    Just spent an hour grinding out some dung and 'Tome of Frost' does not seem to be coded. Its supposed to be unlimited water rune source. Please code this in @Bane @Kade
  10. Creation

    Website Update 09/05/18

    Absolutely incredible stuff!
  11. Creation

    Little Point for Forum Moderators.

    Recently we have had donator updates- why hasn't this been picked up and added to knowledge base under donator benefits? Little things like this need to be picked up on or we keep adding benefits to the game and nobody knows what they are and it just keeps building up and up, Don't wanna tell you how to do your job but please pick it up a little Just want to make your jobs easier!
  12. Creation

    Slash Bash?

    Yo Slash Bash is on drop tables but not in boss teles? Where is he? @Kade @Bane
  13. @Kade and @BanePlease look into this topic, Currently nobody uses PVP armours as they degrade so if they were to be ungradeable untill death then people would go into wildy and farm revs increasing wildy activity. As for the strength of the revs @JaySlay I am realism mode and use turmoil and soulsplit and seem to cope find with the revs but that is just me Would love to see an item which maybe shields you 50% from revs attacks which I think would be very beneficial and give people another reason to go and farm the revs. Maybe make it a rare reward or drop from these revs.
  14. Creation

    Slayer Tasks

    I would love to see this implemented. I already suggested to @Kade an elite slayer master only giving boss tasks in and out of the wildy which then gives elite slayer points which can be used for a boss lair which drops drygores and the points go down each minute. 1 minute= 1 point. I believe PVP armours need to be undegradeable because then more people would use it and pk with it ect but on death degrades but you can fix it so that its a money sink.
  15. Creation

    Was a good run

    Im suffering a lot of family issues right now and I am not in the correct state of mind as someone very close to me is sick. I just can't commit to this anymore and I think this server will blow up. Good luck all.