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    My favourite thing about Pre-Scape is: The other people who play the game, I have made many friends and have always only had pleasant experiences with other players. Something I'd like to see improved or added is: I have not been as active but that will be changing soon so I am not up to date on all things in game so I'd have to say I'd just like to see the player count increae. My number is: 15
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    Launcher Window

    Finally solved it
  3. The Yeti

    Launcher Window

    Can anyone tell me why when I launch the game the window and all the buttons in the game are tiny, so tiny I can barely see them? I've tried resizing the window, tried going full screen and nothing works everything stays tiny. I attached a photo of what it looks like when I first launch the game. EDIT: Solved
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    Welcome back to the RSPS community, look forward to seeing ya in game!
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    Sup Guys

    Hey guys, The Yeti from zamorak here, looking forward to seeing where this goes!