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  1. Yeti

    Club Returns to Zamorak

    Welcome back! Those videos are sick man, crazy seeing all those old names in the chat, surprised I didn't see mine lol! But imma need you to teach me those pvp skills lmao
  2. Yeti

    The Return of Shoey!

    Great to have you back!! Feel free to pm me in game, forums, or disc if you ever need anything!
  3. Yeti

    Yeti's design

    Shoot me a PM on discord
  4. Yeti

    Yeti's design

    Hey Thanks man I appreciate it!
  5. Yeti

    22/10/19 Staff Updates

    Yo gratz to everyone!
  6. Yeti

    Zamorak / Pre-Scape Information

    Yeah I know I just wanted to make sure you knew you could at least get a little bit back!
  7. Yeti

    Zamorak / Pre-Scape Information

    If you had money donated on Zamorak you can message Titan, Fawk, Operative, Slayer, or Yor and get up to $50 back to your account. Just include in game name and email used to make the purchases
  8. Yeti

    Finally made a signature!

    Yes sir, shoot me a PM on discord!
  9. Yeti

    Finally made a signature!

    @corebe2no Yeah man I can make you one. Shoot me a PM on discord and we can talk details.
  10. Yeti

    Finally made a signature!

    Finally got around to making my own signature, nothing too crazy but it's not too bad! Let me know what you think.
  11. Yeti

    Most High's Introduction

    Welcome back! Feel free to pm me anytime im on with any questions! Look forward to seeing ya in game!
  12. Yeti

    Zamorak / Pre-Scape Information

    Honestly, I love this move! I think this will definitely help bring in some new faces as well as some old ones! Thanks for being so dedicated to your community
  13. Yeti

    Server Information - Q4

    Appreciate all the hard work you do for the server! Can't wait to see what's in store for the future!
  14. Yeti

    New Player Information

    Niko, I completely understand where you are coming from. I think myself and others' playtime in-game has been down as of lately due to school starting back up. While it is still a smaller community it does become more active when school is not in progress, for me at least. I love this server, the owner Kade does a great job at listening to the community and keep the updates rolling out when he has time to do so. I hope you stick around and see you in-game. If you have any questions feel free to message me in-game or on the forums. My in=game name is Yeti.
  15. Yeti

    Staff Updates 08/15/19

    Gratz everyone!