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  1. Steelie

    Devyns POV.

    No offense @Kade over half the playerbase is a multi-log account from another player -> meaning take half of your active players; that's a more realistic view of your playerbase. For every 'Account name' there is a Real 'accountname' or Hard 'accountname' online Me and my mates (We are 5 players) were all online this weekend for some 10-20+ hours and we made up more than 10-25% of the total playerbase. Greeets Steelie
  2. Steelie

    Mining Guide 1-99

    This isn't really a guide.. this is more like a list of REQ. Like you would make a tierlist for weapons, please think about locations, ways to get there, pref exp rates ( Goin' Realism -> do this this that, as Knight go do that that this) No hard feelings, just a tip for your next guides? ~ Steelie
  3. Steelie

    Responsive @Finch

    Hello once again So to start off: no offense Suggestion: Make your 'responsive' forum work as a decent responsive website. The forum adapts to different sizes, but is not optimized enough for mobile. Not to say: it's a pain in the b*tt. The forums are nice, just this responsivity hurts; screenies for explaining. No hard feelings aye! Just an ex web designer being a butthurt as asual (: ~ Steelie
  4. Steelie

    Teddy's Master Piece Shop

    Well, some look nice. Just wondering if you're using templates, since it's all in the same style, just colors change, even the textures are the same. I'm just checking around, i'm a GFX / Model designer myself and wondering if i should put my time in GFX'es here. If this is the only competition ~ Steelie
  5. Steelie


    Pm me ingame (Real Steelie) I'm interested and if i join i might do some GFX-Work for you/the clan. Greetings, Steelie
  6. Steelie

    Untradables in wildy

    Hello once again! Maybe make untradable items being sent to an npc if you die in wildy, so you can retrieve them for a certain amount of GP. This to stop the people running through wildy wwith void & chaotics pking everyone with 0.00% risk Thanks in advance!
  7. Steelie

    brutal green dragons

    Hello! I'm just going to suggest to add drops to brutal green dragons. I'm not sure if there are any other monsters without drops, but it's sad, not even bones. It's not a top priority, but i'd like to mention it anyway, maybe you guys don't know about it Greetings, ~ Steelie
  8. Steelie

    Cannonball mould

    Hello! Small suggestion; Add a cannonball mould from an npc/thieving stall -> You can buy a cannon but no cannonballs/mould except if you're donator (feels like waste of vote points) -> You can get balls from caskets etc. (It's nice, but i would pref my ammo is not dependant on luck) Greetings, Steelie