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  1. JustifiedMisfit

    $50 donor scroll

    Looking to buy $50 donor scroll Wanting to trade Gano set, poly staff and 200m, could also throw in some boots. IGN: Justified616
  2. JustifiedMisfit

    Hello Pre-Scape

    Hello everyone! I figured id re-introduce myself since i haven't been on in forever. I'm Justin, IGN: Justified616. Been playing this server for awhile even tho i took a bit of a leave. I like hanging out and making new friends! Shoot me a Pm anytime
  3. JustifiedMisfit

    Hello Pre-Scape

    Hello everyone, its Misfit616 from titans last project Zamorak-Rsps! Ive been playing zamorak for awhile on and off (more recently). I cannot wait to start my journey on his new project and help the community grow! Remember to have fun and support the new project by and amazing owner!