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  1. zeke

    Staff Updates - 04/30/18

    I totally 1+ Vhalid
  2. zeke

    Z-Bow Buff

    Oh I was unaware of that, thanks for telling me
  3. zeke

    Z-Bow Buff

    The zaryte bow needs a buff for either accuracy or damage, it seems to only hit around 250 max and that is rare. The special attack also needs a huge buff, i have not seen it hit over a 70, for a nex item this is kinda pathetic. These were recorded using dragon arrows.
  4. zeke

    Teddy's Support Application

    Ive only seen teddy on once and im on for at least 10 hours a day, You would think its probably a timezone thing, but here's the kicker i'm also from Australia, i have to agree with you hash he seems to be kind of inactive.
  5. zeke


    Thats true, would be fun though
  6. zeke

    A few more suggestions

    although i would like to see more frost bones in-game (easier obtainability) that would be way to op and abusable as i said, and as for the mbox for skilling items they already exists, the ruined backpack and caskets (dropped off monsters) give skilling items
  7. zeke

    A few more suggestions

    Yes i was going to suggest that, however i think untradable skilling outfits is a bit far, since they are worthless. I think if those outfits and only those outfits are added it would be fine, i was aiming my post more towards the skilling materials he mentioned.
  8. zeke

    A few more suggestions

    I like the idea of skill points, but its really abusable, the shop would really need to have only cosmetics. make multiple accounts, level easy skills, spend points, trade items over. I do like all these though, GJ
  9. zeke


    That is true
  10. zeke


    No its not duo dung it will be a new mini game, similar to duo dung, i just thought it would be fun to do a dungeon with multiple people, then comparing rewards at the end since you get random
  11. zeke


    Prayer bar under health bar - In-game price guide - A raid system - Just realized i forgot to add dots on the map, oh well. (Ho Lee Fuck, accidental photo bomb) Visible Buffs - Will be adding more in the future
  12. zeke

    Forum/GFX Giveaway!

    Wow, you have the biggest ego and of course the imgur upload took 14 minutes how could i have missed that, its not like you can upload directly to the forum.. i'm going to stop replying you are wasting my time, well ill leave you to your 200k designs for 300 stores buddy.
  13. zeke

    Forum/GFX Giveaway!

    See now you're being an asshole. As i said we all work at our own pace, and mines obviously slower then yours so what if it took 2 hours it could've taken 5 whats the difference? and if it took you 30 seconds why did it take you 14 minutes to reply... give me the font you used and ill create yours in under 10 minutes aswell. the fact that you are calling out my work because you can do it "faster" is just you being an ass and trying to show off, grow up. You arent even mature enough to have the GFX designer tag on your profile.
  14. zeke

    Forum/GFX Giveaway!

    all you did was wrote kade in a font, selected it, added a picture of Cerberus, cropped it into the font, then added then added some kind of lava texture behind it all No need to be an ass, we all have our own pace we all cant be as good as you also: transparent* not trasnparant
  15. zeke

    Forum/GFX Giveaway!

    You might have seen those pictures of the gods, but not it as a whole, i spent a good 2 hours on it