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  1. Sorduinn


    Yes, I would like to order 2 partyhat sets, and uhm 3 nex sets and a sled for dessert. Thank you.
  2. Sorduinn


    Wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors
  3. Sorduinn

    Finally Maxed

    Well done sir The achievement you speak of on this here day is tremendously impressive. Bravo to you sir! Bravo!
  4. Sorduinn

    I'd do anything for the right price ;)

    Are you willing to go a step further? I am talking cash money, money cash in this ************. I am a serious business who does dead ******* serious big money deals. So here is my question... Do you do kinky shit? It isn't illegal neither it is against the rules of pre-scape from my knowledge. Think it over, sleep on it.
  5. Sorduinn

    Where is Nivo?

    http://prntscr.com/jhuyty welcome back. i dont know who you are but you seem like an average type of dude that i'd dig. call me.
  6. Sorduinn

    Yor’s Inactivity

    Sorry for stealing your computer bro, thought it was kade's. I'll give it back to you later this month man. Deuces.
  7. Sorduinn

    Flowers' Departure

    aint life a bitch man It's good that you're setting you priorities straight, what comes after can only be for the greater good. I wish you good fortune in the days to come fellow Runescapean.
  8. am i the only nutella lover in here?

  9. Sorduinn

    Gnome Strip Club

    100% support. This could be the best suggestion ever made in the forums, ever. I think it's just a matter of how soon the developers will add this in the game. Well done to you sir, bloody well done.
  10. Sorduinn

    1,000th Topic

    More like congratulations to you.
  11. Sorduinn

    Staff Feedback (100% real)

    u forgot about me. but ok cool feedback bruh.
  12. Sorduinn

    Staff Updates - 04/30/18

    Phht called it. Knew he was a little snake.
  13. free kisses 10m ea at the Varrock's underground tube station. Limited stock so hurry.

  14. Sorduinn

    Frequently Asked Questions

    An ok guide. Next time try to make a more visual guide to make it easier to follow through the whole thing.
  15. Sorduinn

    New content to bridge the wait

    Well i think it is quite obvious to say. No castle wars / soul wars, people aren't even sure if the fight pits exist or not or if its work fine. Shows how inactive they are and that developers haven't been working on it. What I am simply doing is making a suggestion not trying to start a debate lol. From what I can see this server needs something that the players could hold on to. PvP is dead, every server has PvM, bossing etc. It needs something that the players can come back to such as playing mini games every day. This would really set this server apart from all the other rsps. And I've played zamorak before and there were many reasons it wasn't growing.