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  1. Oxycontin

    The Love Store

    Sounds good mate, look forward to seeing more work.
  2. Oxycontin

    forum mod app

    I agree with this, I think you'd be a great candidate for when the forums activity picks up (if it does) Best of luck mate.
  3. Oxycontin

    The Love Store

    That's actually really cool, Cheers mate I really like it.
  4. Oxycontin

    Economy Reset

    Lmfao, you're so salty.
  5. Oxycontin

    Aboot time

    G'day mate, seen you around a little hope you're enjoying yourself.
  6. Oxycontin

    Economy Reset

    Can someone switch my vote to yes please, for some reason i stupidly picked no..
  7. Oxycontin

    Economy Reset

    I'd love to see an ECO reset, but in saying that I'd only want the items/banks reset.. Not everyones stats/time played and what not, as many people have grinded for hours to get to where they are.. I think removing things like the torva sets and spirit shields from the donations store could be a good start to making the eco a little bit better if there is no reset.
  8. Oxycontin

    Pre-Scape Open Beta Closing 06/08/18

    Good to hear.. Lets hope it works out right this time though.
  9. Oxycontin

    The Love Store

    Some decent work here mate, would love if you could make one for me.. Text: "Oxycontin" Second Text: Color(s): black and white Theme: Death lol
  10. Oxycontin


    Nice bank mate
  11. Good luck with your goals.
  12. Oxycontin

    Wassup Plebs

    Say pleb more.... Welcome to pre-scape.
  13. Oxycontin

    Taking a break

    Peace mate.
  14. Oxycontin

    t3rr0rd3mons SS app

    What's really the point in adding another staff member when there is like 15 or so active players? Soon we will need to call the server "staff-scape" I think if the servers player base picks up than sure go for staff but right now, there is absolutely no need for another staff member (in my opinion)
  15. Oxycontin


    Peace angel, that leaves us with like what? 6 active players now.