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  1. Original Sin

    post league of legends usernames here

    i play on NA, im a illaoi 1trick. username: Elodaddy Sin https://na.op.gg/summoner/userName=elodaddy+sin finished diamond 3 last season
  2. Original Sin

    Sins Day Off 1

    No problem friend i see you just got offline in-game. i hope you sleep well
  3. Original Sin

    Sins Day Off 1

    you're right its all a joke bud i mean its not like most new players getting ragged and abused with broken op items for 3 hours at a boss would get mad and leave the server or anything like that. you are truly a blessing to the staff team.
  4. Original Sin

    Sins Day Off 1

    oh no the billy guy deff takes it seriously. he was constantly going on the other day about how he runs the wilderness. and how good he is. the billy guy is pretty toxic tbh. but he's never toxic on his main. he's only toxic on his alt account which he mainly uses for pking.
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    Sins Day Off 1

    -NAMES HAVE BEEN CENSORED OUT TO PROTECT IDENTITIES THIS POST ISN'T TO FLAME PEOPLE IT'S TO TELL A STORY, BUT IF ZARYTE BOW GETS NERFED DUE TO THIS POST PLS PAY ME- it's story time ;D So i know there are all kinds of pvp in runescape, you have range, welfare melee, nh bridding, dhing, rushing, theres legit too many to list. its pretty diverse. but then there is Deep Wilderness Pking. Now, this is where pking gets pretty juicy. and on this server, people battle over the bosses, or just to get after people they don't like very much. When i first started playing i see some juicy lookin dudes risking BONK at blood reavers right, but im a day 1 realism player, so im like level 3 as fuck. so i make an account called "pker sin" and dry to dip my beak into two players geared like this oh yeah it was juicy lookin. so i throw on some robes, get my tribrid gear ready to go, just like i would on osrs. i run up, barrage one of them, and then my prayers immediately drop and i get 1shot and smited. i was like dafuq. so i run my happy ass back up there, and try to dbow rush one of them in welfare ranged, to see if it happens again. (guys this was day1 of me being back on the server, i hadnt played since April 2018 so i legit thought they had to be hacking, i didnt know zaryte bow was a thing) and boom i get 1shot and smited again as soon as they both turned on me. So, this time im like "ok this time ill screenshot as they kill me so i can report it" and i run back up, and one of them had left to bank, so this dude was squaring off with a blood reaver all by himself. so i ran in, d bow speced him when the reaver got him low, and dunked him. And he was still skulled from attacking me before! I'm talkin i got me a zaryte bow, blood necklance, Row(i), and some muthafucken glaivens. 😝 i was so hyped man, i was about to quit the server because i found out how broken zaryte bows are, and then i got one myself. so i was like why the fuck would i leave XDD. So i continue to mess around on my pking account, while i grind the fuck out of my main account as it was on realism and i was trying to max it ASAP. by the way, as of this post, the grind has been real BABOOM but no really i just afked at bandits with blood necklace and sir owens. i legit did almost nothing. realism is easy, stop crying rEaLiSm BtW. so BEFORE this, when i was at 88 ranged, i decided to go hit up some Spino. because i figured those maxed out guys in overpowered gear doing blood reavers were on to something yaknow? maybe wildy bosses give op loot idk .-. So i kill spino about 5-6 times and this titanic twat rolls in in full ahrims, freezes me in place, and then uses a z bow spec on me, so not only can i not move, but i have this monstrous boss hitting 40s and 50s on me, a pker hitting 30s on me, and im fully smited. 0 FUCKING COUNTERPLAY, if you survive that, then spino and the pker got royally fucked by RNG. like, im talking worse than satan screws people in hell with his 20ft long pitchfork with no lube . you have to hope there's a god damned star up in the sky looking out for you to survive that impossible ass situation. and as i die this dude says "excuse me this is my boss", and then types "pce' in help chat. like, rood guy. real rood. im like WHAT so im not allowed to boss? okay guy thats fine, im using void, you are litterally only killing me for potions and food. and its not like he would kill me again right? he doesnt get pkp or anything from it 🤔 so i go back, and after 3 kills he comes, and i run away before he could freeze me. This continued for around 3 hours, i would kill a few bosses, he would come and try to kill me for my potions and food, sometimes id get away, sometimes i wouldn't. it was rather frustrating so i got away from the wildy bosses, even though they were what i needed to get decent start-up cash on this server, and did about 14 hours of afking at bandits to level up my stats to the picture you saw earlier >:3 And i decided i was ready to go back to the wildy bosses, and confident i could defend myself if i was to be attacked. and then the same guy that kept attacking me before at the wildy bosses came back and started messing with me. after 2 tried i killed him, and then i killed him again, and then every time he came back it just seemed easier because i was manipulating the bosses aggro, and using my zaryte bow spec at the appropriate time when the boss was about to hit them, to stack my hit with the bosses 40-50 hit. but for some reason the guy kept coming back, and this time he had an idea the guy decided to log out his main account under the demonic gorilla, and wait for me to skull up there. His friend came and started doing the gorilla in front of me, and it was rather frustrating watching over the past few days, as the guy (lets just call it ragging me, because it basically was, any time he would kill me it was for food and potions, he was only attacking me to inconvenience me, pretty sure the guy was salty over me dropping his friend for the gear i was doing wildy bosses in) kept coming back to attack me, he would walk right past the guy doing demonic gorilla. So to take out some anger, i killed the guy twice at demonic gorilla. i wasn't getting anything, i just wanted him to feel the same frustration i felt when his friend ragged me at wildy bosses all day the day prior. when i attacked him the 3rd time, his (ok at this point its getting kind of confusing with all the hims and guys and dudes, so we'll call the guy who originally started ragging me "billy" and his friend at the demonic gorilla is "bob") friend billy logged in where he has previously logged out in full hybrid ahrims gear, and they both turned on me and combod me out pretty quickly. i was a very sad boi But i kept coming back, because bob kept doing demonic gorilla, and billy started doing spino on his alt account. i ran over to Spino and started attacking Billy, who ran away until bob came to help him. But bob just stood there, because bob didnt want to risk his elysian and his ACB. because sin had a zaryte bow. and sin wouldnt attack bob, so bob would have to skull. so bob just ended up having to sit and watch while i decimated billy and took his hybrid set After this i kept running up, attacking bob at demonic gorilla, running away, logging out and in, rinse and repeat. i was doing this so bob would get annoyed and attack me and skull unfortunately, billy teleported in on his main and attacked me with ice barrage! and i was like.... wait a minute hes barraging me, his friend, AND THE GORILLA. so im attacking bob while the gorilla just smacks the fuck out of billy, because hes protecting from ranged since i only have a zaryte bow (by the way, in all these 2 versus 1 battles, they would both use protection prayers, when there are two of them and one of me. i know, they have huge genitalia) so once gorilla gets billy low, i turn on him and 1hit him as the gorilla hit a 30 on him, so he died, then i quickly killed bob. now get this, Bob dies, i immediately relog, in case they come back in anger over losing a 2 versus 1 that badly, AND BOB CAME BACK, but BOB DIDNT BANK. so BOB HAD NO FOOD . and he immediately attacks me and skulls and i use my zaryte bow spec on him and then kill him in the next hit And i get his elysian spirit shield and at this point you guys are sitting here all like but i go back, done with the fight, and these guys keep coming and attacking me, one of them barraging and ranging (yes through all of these fights this man still had not realized that when his partner is only meleeing, he should probably stop autocasting barrage) and his buddy would just poke me with chaotic rapier. and id die sometimes, and sometimes id kill them, but at this point they both stopped risking items, and 2v1ing them when they both used protection prayers was rather boring to me, and i stopped fighting them, and just killed bosses. i ran over to demonic gorilla to have a talk with bob, and billy runs up and stands next to us and we all just kind of stand there for about 30 seconds before i asked them a question and we had a bit of a conversation after this conversation, i ran south and teleported home, and logged off. and chronicled my days spent so far on the server on these forums for all to read, or more likely, to take one look at all the text and say TL:DR -might make part 2 if i get bored again-
  6. Original Sin

    2v1ed for elysian

    i wish i was recording this lol. i went to demonic gorilla to kill dmob, and Dan kept teleporting in to attack me and they fought me 2v1. won about half of them, because zbow op(FUCKING NERF THE SMITE FFFFFFFFFF) and then eventually dmob came back angry after i won a 2v1 vs them killing them both, and he TELEPORTED BACK WITH 0 FOOD so i used z bow spec to smite him for an elysian. i was like wut .-.
  7. Original Sin

    The Seven Deadly Sins Community Clan

    clan will re-open once i get max combat (realism btw) so in a couple of days. with the primary purpose of teaming up to do the wilderness bosses together. This will lead to our members being able to do the bosses with credible protection, and being able to progress in the game faster, as the wilderness bosses give the best items to get ahead in this economy.
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    Sweet Karma Cutie

    thank you for helping me with my new forums signature cutie
  9. Original Sin

    New content to bridge the wait

    yeah lets make glacors useless.
  10. Original Sin

    The Seven Deadly Sins Community Clan

    declined until you make a "less troll" application
  11. - Must understand English, and be capable of speaking and typing it. - Join our discord - Be capable of voice chat - Can't have a bad reputation in the community - No prior Bans/IP Bans - Solid game knowledge 1. No Bsing. We are not our own enemies. 2. Help your clan mates. We are legion. 3. Be productive members of the community. We are the ones to follow. 4. Don't be toxic. (do i really need to come up with something clever for you to know not to be a piece of shit?) 5. Follow the rules of Pre-Scape. We are an example to others. 6. No multi-clanning. We are loyal to the brotherhood. 7. No begging. We are self sufficient. 8. Don't trash talk other clans or post negative comments on their threads. We are not children. Clan Leaders @Original Sin Generals Captains Lieutenant Sergeant Corporal Recruit