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  1. christian

    clan tasks

    hello everyone, I was of extra activities within pre-scape that will keep us moving forward. What i came up with is this, Clan tasks. What i mean by clan tasks is: people within the same cc will have to work together to complete longer and more difficult to complete tasks. for example, fish 1k rocktails or kill 200 tormented demons. after completing these tasks you will be rewarded with clan xp and clan points. clan xp will go toward leveling your clan up to different stages. starting at bronze moving up to dragon. the clan points can be used by either all members or certain ranked players within your clan (your choise from which rank they can be used). possible rewards are: 1. clan rewards - the bonusses from the wells (just for you clan). so you wont have to pay the 7.5m. 2. clan gear - everyone can get a free clan cape from the clan store, this clan cape will get a different colour for every stage your clan is at. final result would be at the dragon lvl. where you would have the max cape in terms of clan level. 3. skip task. clan points can also be traded in return for a skip to your next task. if you have any other idea's for rewards please leave a comment! Kind regards, Your friendly everyday player, Legolas
  2. christian

    skilling master

    hello everyone, I was of ways to make skilling more interesting. So i thought maybe add a skilling master, just like we have a slayer master. this skilling master would have 3 different difficulties, for example Easy - mine 150 coal, Medium - mine 200 mith ore, Hard - mine 150 rune ore. the completion of this task would reward you with skilling points, i suggest 10 points for easy 20 for medium and 30 for hard. These points can be used in the skilling store. there are 3 options for rewards 1. As rewards i suggest items that make skilling faster. For example a axe that lets you chop trees a bit faster, or a pickaxe that lets you mine ore a bit faster. or a different net/harpoon to let you fish a bit faster. ( or you can trade the points for a skilling pet, which allows you to be faster in that skill you have the pet for) 2. Skiling cosmetics, different cosmetic gear that looks good. 3. Skilling supplies, points can be traded in for herbs, ores, logs, etc. 4. exp lamps, a certain amount of points can be traded in for 50k xp in a skill of your choosing. i hope this might be considered because it would make skilling a lot more interesting. it would also force people to train all their skills instead of just the ones that are afkable. Kind regards, Legolas
  3. christian

    donator skilling zone

    hello everyone, I was wondering if there is anything that could be done with the current donator skilling zone. I feel like how it is now isn't working. Furthermore, The motivation to donate small amounts is not present, because all items in store require you to donate big amounts and donator benifits only get good once you've donated 50 dollars+. (If you consider donator skilling zone good). For this reason, I suggest making Donator skilling zone 20 dollars to acces and making a number of changes. such as: 1. bring back the magic trees. 2. add a pond, where you can fish for higher tier fish. (sharks, manta's, and rocktails) 3. add a cooking furnace 4. add thieving stalls. (i know that they are also in edge, but why not put them in donator zone aswell to fill up the space. it will also allow me to thieve in piece) 5. (not priority) but why does that area look so depressing? i makes me question life if i spend to much time there). just kidding, cant we make it like a forest area? Kind regards, please read this with a grain of salt, since i have had a bit to drink. Legolas
  4. christian

    pest control

    hello everyone, just a small suggestion, would it be possible to add a ::pc command to see how many players are playing pest control at that certain time? or just add it in the quest tab? Kind regards, Legolas/Christian
  5. christian

    the return

    hello fellow pre-scapers! After weeks of searching the deep web to replace the dark hole left inside me, I can finally stop. because Pre-scape is back! the void, that once was the will to get up in the morning and fire up my laptop has returned! this time around I wont be messing around with a knight account. I will start with realism, and i cant wait to restart the grind and get back up there. I am sure that Kade's changes made the game better than it always was! but that's not what made this server, the best server. that was the community, so I hope to see you guys again in a couple days! In the meanwhile ill patiently wait, Christian/legolas
  6. christian

    clan chats

    i know that it is not needed, but it would still be a fun addition, gives people something extra to do in the game. i dont see the downside
  7. christian

    clan chats

    Dear all, this suggestion is somewhat off an odd one, but i trust that when the server gets busier it can be a great addition. clan tasks, every clan chat will have tasks which will give you clan xp upon completion. for example: fish 2k rocktails. everyone in the cc can contribute to completing this task. after the completing of the task you will automaticly get a new task. this will have 2 benefits to the server. 1. skilling will become more interesting and it is extra content to the server. 2. people will create their own cc's, and it gives friend groups the chance to show off their clan lvl and compete with other friend groups. furthermore, i dont see any downside in adding this because no cosmetics or new items will be added to the game. but i do know it attracts skillers and friend groups who want to complete challenges together and strive to be the best cc in the game. kind regards, Christian
  8. christian

    daily tasks

    Dear all, regarding the post about creating more content for the server I was of adding an extra feature to the daily tasks, so please tell me if any of these 2 options seem like a good idea. 1: add a daily task streak, where after completing 10 consecutive tasks you get a legendary mystery box instead of a normal one. 2: add weekly tasks, these tasks would be more difficult to complete, for example, kill 200 king black dragons. also for a legendary lootbox instead of a normal one. i know this wont be a top priority, but i believe that small changes like this could make Pre-scape the #1 runescape private server. Kind regards, Christian
  9. christian

    pest control

    Dear Permedd, 1. when i said rune pouches i was trying to say ''ruined backpacks'' my apologies. do you think supplies are a good idea? or do you also dissagree with that? 2. regarding the second point, i am not talking about 1m a game, i am talking about having other ways of creating more money in the game. because as of now, there is a limited amount of coins in the game which makes it difficult to price certain items in a correct way. (300m for full torva = 120 dollar donation)?? doesnt seem right does it. 3. i dont see why cosmetics would be a problem to anyone? give someone the ability to do a 1000 pc games for different looking hat with no stats! i dont care! but i certainly would want to have it! I hope you can see any promise in this, if not please come with suggestions to keep pc alive, instead of bashing all the ideas. Kind regards, Chris den Arend
  10. christian

    pest control

    Dear vhalid, I think the implementing of xp rates would contredict the reason why i am trying to implement this. this would mostly be, to encourage veteran players to help new players at pc. most of these players will have their combat stats already maxed. I do like the idea off xp though, but maybe in non combat skills? Kind regards, Christian
  11. christian

    pest control

    i totally agree with that chance, at this point people are pking with 3 void sets. this means that there is no point in killing them right now.
  12. christian

    pest control

    thank you chance for your input, i was that if you have all the items in the store that you need there would be no point in getting any more pc points, and therefore have the option to choose for more money instead kind regards, Christian
  13. christian

    pest control

    Dear all, since most of us have been playing for a while now, we have unlocked void armour. Because the PC shop is limited in rewards, there is no motivation for us to help the new players achieve the same armour we where fortunate enough to achieve in record times. so here are some suggestions I thought of to encourage veteran players to help out at PC. 1. buyable supplies in PC store (caskets, rune pouches) 2. the ability to not receive any points but have an increase in coins after winning a pc game 3. different cosmetic armour in PC store (maybe something with a large amount of points to show off how much you have been helping at pc)? I hope that this could make its way into the next patch to give our new players less of a hard time achieving void. If you have any suggestions or tweaks to make to idea a reality, dont hassitate to pm me or leave a comment. kind regards, Christian