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  1. Gimmieurst0f

    Taking a break

    I will be checking the forums here and there for new updates, but as of now I will be taking a break from the server. The lack of updates has made the content for me pretty stale and It just seems like the updates are few and far between. But i hope everyone continues to grind and enjoy themselves. Good bye for now
  2. Gimmieurst0f

    wildernes keys

    Looks pretty solid for me at least for ironmen
  3. Gimmieurst0f

    Ruined backpacks

    Its definitely not easy in the slightest. I have opened at least 50 and have not gotten a single snape grass from it. Without prayer pots it limits what I can and cannot do. I have 98 herblore without making a single level 36 prayer potion or whatever the level is
  4. Gimmieurst0f

    Ruined backpacks

    As of right now the addition of ruined backpacks have helped iron men make SOME useful potions. However I believe that either the rate (1/30) needs to be lowered or the contents of the ruined backpacks need to be changed. Because of the lack of secondaries, for example, I am unable to make prayer potions which limits what i can and cannot do. I believe that the useless secondaries need to be taken out for potions that have little to no use. That or when you open it have a variety of secondaries that come from it, as well as a lot more of them