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  1. Ebay

    Major Re-Work / Temporary Downtime

    Sounds good, any clue if the down time is 1 week, 1 monthn or longer ?🙂 P.S add clan wars into wilderness
  2. Ebay

    Various Suggestions and QOL!

    (i've not read all the replies) Howevet, i think the bosses are located stupid at the moment, i would like to see them spread around the wilderness. Now they are all very close to each other and all are located in multi, i would like to see some og the boss in wildy 23 or around there so people actually hava a chance of surviving if they will get attackef by a pker. Atm it's barely no chamce og surving if you get attacked if you are killing spino, ord etc because its far to the Obliske or lever. I wanna see pkers work for their kill with teleblocks etc. - Add clan wars into wildy 20/21 and move the blood boss (idk the name) outside of clanwars would be sweet. Most of the Rsps i've played where Clan wars are located in wilderness attracted myself to pk on their servers, and its was alwayd packed with pkers, that's why i think adding it would be fully worth it. Sent by mobile
  3. Ebay

    Forums Event

    My favorite thing about Pre-Scape is for sure the community thing that could be improved or that you would like to see added : find a way to get more cash inti the game. at the moment it feels like everyone has wings, vanguard etc. my numver is 383 Please remvoe my other reply
  4. Ebay

    Yer Boi R3dlegend

    I remember when myself, virgin and you were talking about to make a pvm clan on the old server nice too see you.
  5. Ebay

    FFA suggestion

    Make it so whenever you've killed someone you get full inv of rocktails and make it also that you get new pots after everykill. Right now it's kinda unfair when someone has killed like 2 people and the last one has been hiding all the time, because the one that has killed 2 people have none restores left and no prayer, which makes the fight very unfair. Full inv of rocktails when you've killed someone Restock the pots when you've killed someone.
  6. Ebay

    Flame Wars Season 1 - Rewards & More

    As i've said before, you've no clue what she donated, she didn't donate 10k lol. Seems like you're talking alot about egirls, Sadlyfe you can't check that on the note book right? Rather have a egirl then eboys right? or maybe you're the other kind whoknows
  7. Ebay

    Flame Wars Season 1 - Rewards & More

    Don't you kids get bored of this? literally 60 pages of this are of you kids talking to eachother with some trash "flame" or "trash talk" literally seeing on forums 24/7 to talk shit to eachother lmfao go get a life kids
  8. Ebay

    Flame Wars Season 1 - Rewards & More

    kids trying to get their post count higher lul. Worst flamewars ever going on here, literally sitting 24/7 on here and trying to get some pixels and get their post higher. #bringbackoldpermedd that could spit some fire instead of water, if you get me @Permedd
  9. Ebay

    1000$ donor rank

    Kinda feel the same thing, now since i am 500$ donator rank i don't feel like i wanna go for the next rank since it's such a big gap. -support from me
  10. Ebay

    Money pouch

    When you have above 1b coins (example 1.4b ) in only shows 1b in pouch, please make it so it shows 1400M .
  11. Ebay

    Flame Wars Season 1 - Rewards & More

    Both of you guys got the facts so wrong lol, 20000$ you must be high. I didn't donate a penny on zamorak lol. I didn't even get banned 5 times lol. I spent my time with a great friend that i'll have for life so i can't complain. Atleast i was able too keep my body in shape while i play computer games, unlikely you, they have to remove the roof of the house everytime you want to go to out because you can't fit the doors you ugly retard.
  12. Ebay

    About POS

    currently when you log out and come back later and some of your stuff is sold in pos you cant see what items it was, i personally really hate that i cant keep track on what items ive sold since i have a bunch of bones and cant really remember what items i even had in pos. Also i think it would be nice to have a POS on foruns so you can see what items are being sold in POS, like have a new section with it inside. think that would be very nice. obviously there are some updates that needs to be done before this one, however i think this would be very nice😊
  13. Ebay

    What do you want to see?

    we definitely need ways to obtain ancestral, twisted bow, kodai wand, zaryte bow, elder maul etc and not in only golden scratches, we need bosses and minigames that you can do to obtain them.
  14. Ebay

    Community awards or to early?

    Don't really like the community awards already, however i believe it's nice to start up with MOTM (memeber of the month), maybe that's also to early. Maybe have MOTM given a small reward just like an golden scratch ticket - and whenevevr the community get bigger the reward would change on the MOTM obvisouly. If community awards would be added now it's probably the same guy that wins like 5 of the rewards which would be kinda unfair.
  15. Ebay

    Few suggestions

    im 100% for this, just need to player base to be able to have clans. The reason why i want this is because it will most likely attract people to pk there. But ofcourse, would be fun having clans there.