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  1. Ebay

    forum mod app

    There are already 3 people plus the owners/devlopers with powers on forums, there are only around 30 ish players on forums everyday at the moment, i don't believe there is any need for another staff member on the forums at the moment, however you should be a great candidate when the forums get more players. Goodluck anyways.
  2. Ebay

    Something Something

    I do like these suggestions, however as you mention about all the suggestion people are making, bane doesn't really have time to do them at the moment, since it's busy with a lot of stuff such as bugs, glitches etc as you are aware off. About drop partys, giveways etc, i believe it would be better to have a higher playerbase before you start doing these, like it's around 30 ish player on peak time, and if you are gonna host all these event's then it's a high chance it's gonna be a lot of the same people that are gonna win over and over, which would make it pretty unfair for the new players that will "hopefully" join whenever they start to advertist the server etc. Point is i personally would wait to until the player base is higher before doing the giveaways, and the updates that are on suggestions section and do the bugs/glitches before, it's very hard to find a very trusted devolper around, so that's is most likely not gonna happen.
  3. Ebay

    Staff feedback

    hahah, had too make one since most of them are not really a feedback lol
  4. Ebay

    Patch Notes 1.9

    I am just wondering, it's still not possible to sell the Dragon Full helm to general store?
  5. Ebay

    Staff feedback

    * note that i've only been playing for the past 10 day's or so yeah * @Bane - Gonna add you on this list since you're probably the most imporant on this team at the moment. Very great developer, been pushing some great updates since the release, i like that sometimes you really speak and jokes around with the community via help clan chat or yell. It definitely makes to look like you really care a lot about the server, where other developers do not do that very often. Kade - Pretty much the same as Bane, both of you doing some great updates, not easy to say that you are doing behinde the scens but i am sure you're doing a lot of work since i know you from a previous server. Playerbase isn't the highest at the moment, but i am sure you'll pick it up whenever you're gonna start the advertisement and the content updates. well done so far Slayer - A great Manager, helps out in the Help clan chat and yell sometimes, which is very rare to see a manager do. Doing some small events here and there which is great as well, i am sure the community appriciates it a lot. As a manager i believe it's you'r job to make sure the staff team is working propperly which it is at the moment. so well done Finch - seen you in game a few times which is great, hard to say anything really since the most of the stuff you do is on forums, where it's difficult for the community to see what you actually do. And that the forums aren't really active at the moment so doubt it's much to do there. Hades - Been very helpful in help clan chat and yell chat, seems like you are pretty active in game so well done. Nivo - I really haven't seen you the past 10 day's, maybe twice where you've been on for a few min's and that's about it. you definitely have to pick up you'r activity, since it's slim to zero at the moment. Yor - Know you from a previous serve and there you we're really helpful with everything, so whenever i saw you had Server support i was sure you would do amazing which you are really doing at the moment, very helpful in the help clan chat. keep it up fam. Duke - Also another great server support, Haven't seen you a lot but that might be because of the timezone or just me not paying attention to help clan chat, however when i've seen you around you've done excellent with everything that a server support should do. im D - Pretty much the same as Nivo, I haven't seen you at all for the past 10 day's i don't know why, but might be timezone i guess? or might be some irl issue but if it's that you could've told the community about you not being on for a few day's. Vhalid - Pretty new server support so kinda hard to say something, however since you'r promotion you've done nothing but great, so well done. To the whole Staff team, It's pretty often i see that there are no staff's on, i don't know if it's no staff around this timezone or just someone being inactive or what up Would be great to have staff's to cover the whole timezone.
  6. Ebay

    miksi ei support app

    I definitely support you miksi, i think you deserve a chance on her as well, i know how much you love being a staff and you will be doing your job perfectly! +1 from me.
  7. Ebay

    Wilderness Multi-logging

    Ofcourse it should be allowed to multi log in wilderness. If you're not willing to die or lose a few item's you should not step into wilderness. It's very simple to escape from a pker with 2 accounts
  8. Ebay

    Patch Notes 1.2

    Great updates speechless what you did to my divine though
  9. Ebay

    Oi Oi

    Hello hello, you are not bad at dhing :3 atleast there will be a staff that will be very active like you were on the previous server. =]
  10. Ebay

    6,000+ Visitors

    Very impressive, looking good for you so far. Hopefully all your hard work will turn out to be a success. Great regards, officer Ebay.
  11. Ebay


    Nice vids, hopefully the deep wilderness will be abit active on this server
  12. I was fucking horrible at it, but it was indeed fun i am a god at it now
  13. Whenever i am home i play, fortnight on pc/ps4, bf4, pubg and csgo