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  1. Skinz


    So I’m doing this pretty late seeing as I left like a week ago but yeah... Decided to leave Pre-Scape and discard the series I was doing. The reason I made videos for the server in the first place was to try and bring a few new faces to the game etc, which I did. (Apparently) However after playing the game for a while I decided that I didn’t really enjoy it as much. I wish everyone luck with building the server, I honestly think it has mad potential and if anyone can get Pre-Scape to number one, it’s kade. Anyone that has stayed subscribed to me in hopes that I’ll be uploading more content soon, feel free to unsubscribe because I won’t be. No hard feelings, all the best. -Skinz
  2. Skinz

    Realism Progress #1

    So in the start of the video i mentioned being SS, i actually resigned yesterday morning (after i had recorded the clip) to focus on YouTube more. I didn't like the amount of effort i was putting into my videos and it was because my focus was elsewhere. Enjoy the video guys!
  3. Skinz

    Teddy's Master Piece Shop

    Item(s): SignaturePayment: w/e u want First Text: SKINZSecond text: Pre-Scape YouTuberColour(s): red/metalic silverTheme:
  4. Skinz

    Progress Video #5

    No giveaway for this one :c Enjoy.
  5. Skinz

    Boss Crashing

    Having a rule against crashing is outrageous, if people want to kill a certain boss that someone else is already killing that's tough luck. I do however support Paid instances, maybe something like 3M for 1 hour? Different worlds would also be great however i don't think that will become a thing for a while.
  6. Big thank you to @Poseidon for donating the 20m for the giveaway, make sure you all thank him! Mostly staking in this one, few 99's too.
  7. Skinz

    Devyn Signatures

    So clean, I love it
  8. Skinz

    Progress Video #3 + Small Giveaway

    I’d love to but my laptop won’t allow it
  9. You guys should know the drill by now
  10. Skinz

    Hello, how are you?

    Welcome pal
  11. Hey guys, today I'm bringing you my second progress video on Pre-Scape along with a cheeky giveaway courtesy of @Kade and @Slayer so be sure to thank them There were a few people in the last giveaway that didn't fully understand the rules so here they are; 1. Like the video (on YouTube) 2. Comment your IGN (On YouTube) 3. Subscribe!
  12. Yo, this is dope! Nice one Dev