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  1. Skinz


    So I’m doing this pretty late seeing as I left like a week ago but yeah... Decided to leave Pre-Scape and discard the series I was doing. The reason I made videos for the server in the first place was to try and bring a few new faces to the game etc, which I did. (Apparently) However after playing the game for a while I decided that I didn’t really enjoy it as much. I wish everyone luck with building the server, I honestly think it has mad potential and if anyone can get Pre-Scape to number one, it’s kade. Anyone that has stayed subscribed to me in hopes that I’ll be uploading more content soon, feel free to unsubscribe because I won’t be. No hard feelings, all the best. -Skinz
  2. Skinz

    Realism Progress #1

    So in the start of the video i mentioned being SS, i actually resigned yesterday morning (after i had recorded the clip) to focus on YouTube more. I didn't like the amount of effort i was putting into my videos and it was because my focus was elsewhere. Enjoy the video guys!
  3. Skinz

    Teddy's Master Piece Shop

    Item(s): SignaturePayment: w/e u want First Text: SKINZSecond text: Pre-Scape YouTuberColour(s): red/metalic silverTheme:
  4. Skinz

    Progress Video #5

    No giveaway for this one :c Enjoy.
  5. Skinz

    Boss Crashing

    Having a rule against crashing is outrageous, if people want to kill a certain boss that someone else is already killing that's tough luck. I do however support Paid instances, maybe something like 3M for 1 hour? Different worlds would also be great however i don't think that will become a thing for a while.
  6. Skinz

    Progress Video #4 + 20m CASH Giveaway!

    Been out
  7. Big thank you to @Poseidon for donating the 20m for the giveaway, make sure you all thank him! Mostly staking in this one, few 99's too.
  8. Skinz

    Devyn Signatures

    So clean, I love it
  9. Skinz

    Patch Notes 1.2

    Once again, amazing work bane. Thank you!
  10. Skinz

    Progress Video #3 + Small Giveaway

    I’d love to but my laptop won’t allow it
  11. You guys should know the drill by now