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  1. East

    Pre-Plus XP Tracking | Personal Project

    Thanks for letting me know about this!
  2. Before i start, I just want to say that NONE of the data shown in the images below is correct or valid, It is simply for example sake. I am posting this as i just want some opinions and feedback on the direction of this so far. Below is an example of viewing a players "profile": Some of the colors need changing, and a lot of data is placeholder but you get the point that i am going for. Of course you can view each individual skill and see the XP tracked in that skill by clicking on said skills icon, including overall. Let me know what you think think
  3. East

    Yor’s Inactivity

    Hope all is good, see you soon mate
  4. East

    Hiscore API

    Honestly, imagine having full xp tracking, individual skill with a nice UI flow chart. Its a shame because it would literally take them 2 minutes to add
  5. East

    Flowers' Departure

    All the best to you mate!
  6. East

    Hiscore API

    Glad to see somebody else could make use of this
  7. East

    Hiscore API

    I have asked for this previously, but thought that i would make a thread just to official put it out there. All that i am asking for is an API on the website that can be used to get player hiscores data (Levels, xp, etc) in plaintext. (Or JSON, XML, etc) If you're curious why, personally i want to make a tool for XP tracking.