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  1. Mr Bobo

    2 suggestions (10-30min of work)

    You are absolutely right. I hope kade can kick these small issues out and maybe start up a pvm balance team or something.
  2. 1. Add vesta spear to the drop table at revenants 2. Corp change: - Make him use all 3 attack styles with decent switching - Lower hp from 20.000 -> 8000 or Make range effective against corp it takes about 9min 30 seconds for 1 kill (using zammy spear, fury, bring (i), full torva, steads, b gloves and the black firecape)
  3. Mr Bobo

    Creating a middle man for gambling...

    Jake no worries, I didn't get scammed, I'm just making a scam proof gambling system myself. I'm almost ready with it by now, but i'll need to figure out how to make interfaces tough. The software/serversided part is about 95% done
  4. I need help with some moral toughts.. So lets say there is a middle man system for flower pokering and or dicing, that holds the bet during the duel (like duel arena ish). What if the planting started and 1 guy logs out (note: player could lose connection without trying to scam). Would a 10-15min timer be fine to give him a chance to come back? And after the time past, the remaining player auto wins? Because this is the only fcked up thing that could happen. Or just be a cold blooded dev and make logging out auto lose? Like that is how it is with duel arena tbh.. Gimme your toughts
  5. Mr Bobo

    [STEAM] Any rocket league players here? :D

    Your too funny mate.. ! 😂 Rocket league is the most insane game evaaaaaa.
  6. So yeh basicly, are there Any rocket league players here on steam? If so, what is your steamname and what ranks do you have? I'm a champ 1-2 on 2's and champ 2-3 on 3's
  7. Mr Bobo

    Some stuff I'd like to see

    Thanks, lets hope we get some good updates soon
  8. Mr Bobo

    Some stuff I'd like to see

    Updated this thread hope to see some stuff taken in now..
  9. Mr Bobo


    Hey man, I'm Mr Bobo (ingame aswell). I'm 23 years old, I'm from Belgium and I'm about to finish college on Software Development. As for a job I work at TomTom (from the maps/gps devices which you might know) as a Software Engineer. Hobbies are my gf (obviously), doing some sportive stuff, playing games and hopping in some calls on discord 😅 Looking forward to see you ingame
  10. Mr Bobo


    +1 for this !!
  11. Mr Bobo

    small suggestion

    Yep i suggested it yesterday aswell 😛 But as long as it gets approved im down
  12. Mr Bobo

    Some stuff I'd like to see

    Thanks, studying is going 'okay' Glad you agree with the suggestion Yeh multiple players have been crying over this and I do understand em.. once you played a server with placeholders you can't live without em 😂
  13. Mr Bobo

    Some stuff I'd like to see

    Allright guys, I updated this thread and left the prev suggestions which have not been realised in it aswell. Website/Forum: 1. Put the content in a container and adjust the width so it only uses max width of the screen, or use bootstrap.. Server: 1. Presets => Having presets makes the game so much more enjoyable. You can save up to 10 presets meaning you can save a setup (gear + inventory) 10 times. For example you would have a 'range pvm tank' setup, a 'range pvm damage' setup and a 'range pk setup'. This makes switching a lot faster and I've seen a lot of people wanting this rlly bad. 2. Bank placeholders => The fact that your bank keeps bouncing around where all your items are mixed and you can't get any structure is sooooo anoying. Bank placeholders can be brought in really easy on a low level and could be improved (visual wise) later on. 3. Add Unique slayer npc's like on OSRS (suggestion from some1 else but can't remember who) with their corresponding drops 4. Rework phoenix, add some decent drops to it but make it use the real combat waves so its a bit more challanging since rn its just an afk boss rofl and it doesn't rlly drop something usefull.. 5. Add Prayer Renewalls 6. Add a flask creation way 7. Corp1: Make dragon warhammer and bgs have an effect on corporeal beast Corp2: Make corp vulnerable to range aswell, rn corp is outrageous difficult to kill, just cuzz of the 20k hp.. it takes ages.. 8. Add Wildywyrm NOTE: For suggestion 1 and 2 you could easily start with a fully text working system. For the presets one, just be able to save your current state of inventory/gear with a name in a list would be good. And later an interface could jump in. For the placeholders, start with putting the amount of the item to 0. So it stays there in the bank and later you can then upgrade it so it has the oppacity added towards it and having the actions to remove some placeholders etc. I'm pretty sure a first stage of both mechanisms could be written in less then a week so I hope to see this approved.
  14. Mr Bobo

    Some price checks?

    Hey guys would someone be so nice to get me a bit updated on the prices? I just came back here and i'm willing to set up a price guide for the forums. But I need to be a bit updated first. So maybe this would be a good way to get some prices already. I'd like to know the price of: - yellow phat - red phat - donator Scrolls - nex sets - ags - claws - bandos tassets - drygores - glacor boots - Armadyl crossbow - blowpipe - trident If you know any of them plz reply underneith feel free to also reply with items not in the list. i will update the list accordingly
  15. Mr Bobo

    It's Content Time

    Aight lets go (imo i stated them from most important to less important): - Fix farming on new client - Fix cannon so it can be placed where ever in multi zones, now you can't place it 99% of the time, or even more special you can place it and the next time you can't - Bring in some more money making ways (and i mean cash, not items), maybe add some cash drops to bosses as a rare drop? thats one way, but think about other ways aswell. - Add some custom items to the bosses (no i don't mean empowered items, i mean cosmetics or even normal items but with different skins? So more bosses have good drops. Those items would be the rarest drops. - Wildy bosses - Zulrah - Raids if possible? This would be a huge community thing - An automated event system? Meaning instead of a staff member having to do the events, make a system to do it. And you don't get items directly but you get event tokens. Which you can swap for items if you gathered some. The event could be held every 2-3 hours, so more people can win instead of having 1 event every 6 months.. How would it work? For example every 2-3 hours 3 events will be held, events could be: hide and seek repeat after me (type exactly the same thing as the system said) Bring me x-amount of item-x (things that you usually don't need) And so on... - Fix all current bosses (they are way to afk-able, no activity needed. For example, corp can be afked, like really??) - I do think summoning would be a good addition. (wartortles for banking space, spirit terrorbirds for run energy in wildy, some others for skilling benefits) - Better Dungeneering