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  1. Athanasia AKA mystkitty?

    1. Jacob


      This would be correct. :D

  2. wtf is that name =D skitty was best

    1. Ms. Kitty

      Ms. Kitty


      everyone made a new name pretty much so figured I would also. I had chosen hedwych (head witch) but someone thought I stole the name from a streamer sadly =[


  3. who r u?

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    2. Ms. Kitty

      Ms. Kitty

      well oi oi oi mr miksi   how are u

    3. miksi ei

      miksi ei

      im great how abaut you?

    4. Ms. Kitty

      Ms. Kitty

      as they already told you I'm kitty. 

  4. Hey, i'm not able to Edit my post on the Clan section;
    Well, i mean i was able to edit it once but now i had to go in and do it again and it seems my permissions were revoked.