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    Flowers' Departure

  2. Eat

    Leave your feedback on current staff!

    What happened to good old staff applications and feedback from the community before they are granted a staff position? Seem to log in daily and see someone else with the minimal play time and no community support on the team? Always an interesting read though when it comes to staff feed backs, a lot o rationalization and excuses for incidents that happened in game.
  3. Eat

    Team boss

    +1 love this idea!
  4. Eat

    Server Update 09/08/2018

    Nice one, look forward to getting a ticket!
  5. Eat

    skilling master

    +1 Would be a great incentive to get people into more skilling. =D
  6. Eat

    Bonecrusher upgrade

    Support this idea. Nice one.
  7. Eat

    Announcement 08/18/18

    I've had issues with nulling the account into a different level, no invisibility issues yet. Have you fixed the pest control running off into the ocean after a game, your char will literally try and run all the way back to the island once the game is over, again, nulling your acc on the island. Just a heads up
  8. Eat

    Pathing [URGENT]

    Fishing spot, you'll stop 1 square away from the banker and sort of freeze there until you click away and click the ground next to the banker and then enter bank. This is the easiest way to describe the issue, this is prevalent around many other places around Pre-scape. Combat pathing. not sure what's happening here, but you can attack an NPC, then get auto'd from another NPC and your char will favor the NPC that hit you second, this causes havoc at gwars and other multi boss/minion situations, just get stuck running backwards and fowards. Nex minions attack you out of their individual stage, so you can be taking nex and 3 minions, causing you to path all over the place into nulled areas. This has only happened a few times. Will update with more when I find more.
  9. Eat

    Farming [URGENT]

    Crops will say they're fully grown, when you go to harvest it's been overlaid with weeds and you can't get the crops. Either a text fail or something else is overlaying on it. Plant times needs to be looked at, it's an rsps, should be lower than OSRS, quite frustrating haha.
  10. Eat

    End game boss instances

    I'm sure it can be managed well that all arguments and doubts can be handled. Even a testing phase could be trialed...
  11. Eat

    End game boss instances

    The previous setup they had with the bossing at gwars was brilliant, as I said abit of tweaking and some thought and I imagine it being greatly accepted by the community. I'd be up for going into a discussion about the pro and cons about how they would handle it, but some community feedback will always hopefully heard.
  12. Eat

    End game boss instances

    It's been discussed a lot since beta times but now something has to be implemented. Having the same people (Not mentioning names or having a dig at them, they're just playing their game) who camp for HOURS on end for end game content. Specifically Corp, Gwars bosses is now becoming quite a large issue. I've been around a while now, on Pre-scape and other RSPS's. To remain still attractive to new members who want to be involved in the later game content and invite their friends it's important that everyone has a fair chance. To donators, they receive their perks etc everyone knows, but they also can buy gear. This gear 80% of the time is what let's them camp efficiently or at least give them the ability to make money quicker than other players enabling them to camp again, more efficiently. To non-donating players, most gear, is a grind to get. (Unless you have a staking habit. Don't stake kids) Now on other past servers and in particular Pre-scape, it's becoming quite an un-fair advantage to be a non-donator. How many times have you gone in mid game gear to either grind some better gear, do a slayer task or do a daily task and you can't even compete with someone who has camped the same spot for hours on end and come of the loser every time? THERE IS A SOLUTION Now putting aside how people personally feel about it, creating paid instances is not only a great way for players to boss who they need/want to boss, but also introduces a fantastic cash sink which keeps the economy strong against bank holders. Obviously they can't be instanced how they are now, but if there is some small tweaking involved to be more anti-afk then I feel like it could be a winner. Seems as of late I need to book an appointment behind 6 other people before I can spend my time allocated at a boss. Please voice any opinions as objective based, this isn't a witch hunt or a go at anyone, just a statement of where I feel I am as a maxed player. Thanks! ~Eatt
  13. Eat


    Could be charged 1m per instance and introduce a good money sink if the instance is handled properly. Slows the gains from eco holders as well who can out gear anyone who tried to crash them. Personal opinion is fine, but we're trying to positively construct a better place for more people to feel like it's a server worth playing...
  14. Eat


    "•Against private instances because you can afk camp without worry and abuse it, plus people would expect things to be similar to runescape in some sort and instances on the bosses you want isn't that." So what if we reverted it back to where it doesn't spawn unless you kill all the minions and they aren't agro. This should mitigate the afking surely. They're needed, it's the same thing nearly every boss I go to, the same people...