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  1. Eat

    hello commynity!

    Welcome back it seems =D
  2. Eat

    What do you want to see?

    Hi! Would love to see combat properly re-worked, it went from quite enjoyable to boss, to now being resource intensive and some mechanics just not working. Would love to see safe spots fixed around many bosses. High-scores patched and fixed, this hasn't been working for some time now. Would love to see a community boss that could spawn on an opposite cycle to the FFA mini-game, multi combat boss, same hp, that spawns and can drop the same drops in the regular area. (Jad can drop fire cape etc) Every player get's a drop, hangs around for 5-10mins. Something to get people together seeing as not many people are interested in the FFA mini-game anymore and will give a chance to the lower level players to learn mechanics from bosses from other members of the community. Probably more people will add to the list, but this is just where I feel in my opinion things need to be addressed. =D ~Drop rate bonus is a myth
  3. Eat

    It's Eatt!

    Cheers man, just only realized that I hadn't done an official intro haha. Glad to see you've come back too, stay away from gambling my man haha
  4. Eat

    It's Eatt!

    yeah I'm back at work now so I won't be able to commit too much on the grind haha. That and the skills I have left are absolute balls haha
  5. Eat

    It's Eatt!

    I've come to realize that I haven't actually introduced myself officially on the forums. My names Matt! I go by Eatt/Eat2 in game. Mr.afk Been around for a while, since way back in the beta stage. Seen a lot of people come and go, seen the downside of scandals and bug abuse but feel like it's a well rounded server that everyone genuinely enjoys playing on. I've been on the rsps scene for a couple years now, held a few staff positions (ss,mod,admin etc) on many different servers. I come only bearing ideas that have thrived on other servers that are no longer around anymore. A little more about me personally, I work in the open cut mining industry in Western Australia as an explosives plant supervisor. Working away from home 2 weeks at a time then enjoying a solid week off. I enjoy working on cars, 4x4ing, camping, festivals, gaming when I'm home (alot of FPS's) and time with my young family (I have a fiance, a son who is 18 months old and 2 dickhead dogs) I'm probably a lot older than a majority of the player base (29 next month LOL!), and can come off quite opinionated, take it as it comes, most the time it just comes across as brutally honest. I look forward to playing with more players as they join and seeing where this server takes us. Cya! =D
  6. Eat

    Inferno Guide

    Great guide, awesome clarity and a quality production. Look forward to some more guides from you ❤️
  7. Eat

    Loyalty Cape

    Excellent idea! Maybe make it a skiller variant available to all players like Sir ownes sword, 10m cost, some hourly rate goal to be able to wield it, maybe the possibility of combining it with the inferno cape/fire capes to give different effects? Excellent idea though which I think would be an awesome addition to the pre-scape community!
  8. Eat


    What's the most preferred comms client for the server? TS or Discord? Anyone have the TS details?
  9. Eat

    200 Crystal Keys +

    E X P O S E D
  10. Eat

    Where is this server going?

    I think what's a showing tell tale of the server condition is the player count. When I mainly play, in the hours I play, server count doesn't even peak 10. It's extremely disheartening to be the only person talking to themselves in the cc. One staff member logs in, questioned about the playerbase and just replies with eek. We care because, for the most part, it's a great place to play. We want to see dev blogs, we want to see updates, we want to increase the playerbase and make it an awesome community. We want to tell people to come play and enjoy their time, but at the moment, people just log in, see the players online and just leave. It's been through beta release, it's been out for a couple of months now. Is it a rut? Is it the campaigning? Is it existing player base? Just a note as-well, this isn't just for the week either that banes been ill...
  11. Eat

    Dragon claws giveaway

    looooooooooool, cause they were needed obviously.... Do another give-away mw2!
  12. Eat

    Dragon claws giveaway

    And I'm stuck at work and can't login haha!
  13. Eat

    Where is this server going?

    Why isn't this an expectation though? For a server that's been up and running for a while now, with previous experience from another very popular server, why isn't weekly updates expected? It definitely shouldn't be from the lack of funding as a lot of people are donating. I've seen much smaller servers on much smaller budgets still push advertising and massive updates weekly. Even seen a fully coded raids mini-game released and bug fixed within a week. Not owner/dev bashing here, but they've got a great thing going on here, wouldn't wanna see it wasted because of mis-communication.
  14. Eat

    Secret santa

    Obviously there would need to be some thought put into it as to how it's going to work. Let's hope, for the players sake, something can be done quickly and fairly for everyone who is still playing to enjoy.