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  1. Azza

    Some Signatures

    These are so sick bro, I love the Gerrard one, keep it up
  2. Azza

    Economy Reset

    Yeah that works great for players like me looking at going for 1b xp in skills when i have like 1k rune bars that i have smelted to use for smithing, Like its not just the big items that are going to ruin people if they get taken, all the supplies that have been gathered/crafted are going to be just as bad to lose
  3. Azza

    Aboot time

    Welcome mate, Will definitely be good to keep seeing you around in game
  4. Azza

    Economy Reset

    Well im knight and i have grinded over 100 hours to get my comp cape? yet you think they shpuld still be reset because you can get max in a few days? I really dont understand this logic, I have grinded shit like fishing for 20 hours so i have food to use and stuff, l;ike this doesnt effect the eco at all since im never going to sell it however thast still something i have worked hard for. I mean i have donated 50$ and have worked super hard to get to where i am at now, probably top 10 richest, like the "pay to win" aspect doesnt really exist for me, i have only gotten to where im at from hard grinding. I mean i have been lucky with staking at times, but overall with staking i am even, you say you dont want the game to be pay to win yet the people who are getting fucked here are the people who havent played to win and have grinded for hours on end.. I believe i have around 300 hours since i started which probably 200 have been grinding in one way or another. I mean i spent a day straight killing frost dragons for 500 bones for comp cape... yet you can buy them in dono shop? Keep telling me about this game is pay to win. idk, why should ironmen and realists not have stat resets but knights do? thats a joke in itself. the logic just isnt quite there
  5. Azza

    Economy Reset

    Nah thats ridiculous, especially when people have donated and shit And what happens to people who were donators that got cleaned from staking? Then they relog into new sever and have free donor points? Seems legit Also, most people would quit if you did
  6. Azza

    Taking a break

    Ah well, hope to see you back at some point mate
  7. Azza

    Is this a bug or just pure luck?

    then theres me who camps it for like 2 days straight and get 1 boots
  8. Azza


    Damn, That is nuts, now i dont feel so bad for taking 2 nex sets off you today
  9. Azza

    Finally Maxed

    You sir are a machine
  10. Azza

    I'd do anything for the right price ;)

    That is correct
  11. Azza

    I'd do anything for the right price ;)

    Cant tell ya that, might wantt to charge others more
  12. Yeah hello fellow Pre-scapians. Last night I came to a deal with Operative to sip 1000 potions (4) to potions (3). While I was sitting in the Edgeville bank I had an idea. That idea was to make this post. Basically I am selling my services and will do anything for the right amount of money. Whether it be Sip 1000 pots, collect dragon bones, cut logs, get agility tickets or whatever. Maybe a Signature for forums? Heck, ill even do things out of the game if you want me to. I will do it. But only for the right price. I see myself as a bit of a businessman and entrepeneur so I'm definitely happy to barter on a price. So if you have anything you would like me to do post a reply or PM me ingame. Disclaimer: I will not do any task that will break the rules of Pre-scape or anything that is highly illegal. Please be responsible about this and understand that this is a 100% serious business. Azza out
  13. Azza

    Flowers' Departure

    Always sad to see someone go, wish you all the best with your personal matters and hope to see you back soon -Az
  14. Azza

    It's Content Time

    Would love a bit more stuff added to donor skilling zone, eg: scim stall, rocktail fishing spot, fpermanent fire to add logs to. herb patch, alters, range for cooking, would be cool to have everything in one spot, slayer master?, not really a skilling zone as it is. and maybe have seperate commands for skilling and monster zones? (::dskill or something like that) Dungeoneering: more floors+teams Bank booth in crafting guild, makes it super hard for non donors to train mining trivia questions that arent directly server related (general knowledge) A server boss that spawns every couple of hours that requires multiple players to kill