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Found 1 result

  1. owl

    Owl's 1-99 Fishing Guide

    1-99 Fishing Guide *The following guide is for every in-game mode (Realism, Knight, and Ironman)* Step one: Getting there/ getting supplies To get to the fishing location: Magic Tab > Skilling Areas > Next Page > Next Page > Fishing. To obtain the items you need to fish with is simple speak to Martin and buy (Small Fishing Net, Lobster Pot, and Harpoon). Step Two: What fish to fish and to what level First I would like to say I will not add pictures to this section as it is pretty self explanatory. here is a list of what to fish and when to fish the next fish all the way to 99 1-40 Fishing you will be fishing a mix of shrimp/anchovies 40-65 fishing you will be fishing lobsters 65-77 fishing you will be fishing tuna/swordfish 77-91 fishing you will be fishing monkfish 91-99 fishing you will be fishing sharks ENJOY 99 Fishing!