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Found 2 results

  1. Kade

    Golden Scratch Cards

    Golden Scratch Cards Golden Scratch Cards are similar to our Mystery Box / Legendary Box system, however the rewards have a larger variety of value. Golden Scratch Cards are like actual scratch off cards that you purchase in real life. You scratch off 3 sections within the card, and based off of what you get lined up in a row, you are awarded a prize. Attached with a link is all the rewards from Golden Scratch Cards: Below is an example of myself opening 5 Golden Scratch Cards (The list of rare items are endless and include all Old School / Raid Items as well from RuneScape) All ornament Armour gained from Golden Scratch Cards gives 5% drop bonus You can purchase Golden Scratch Cards from our Donator Store:
  2. Kade

    Play Now Links

    Welcome to Pre-Scape! Please choose from one of the two links below to login and play Pre-Scape. If you are having issues with the launcher we recommend you use our manual client. Launcher (automatically updates your client and keeps you with the latest version) Manual Client (Does NOT automatically update) Download and play Pre-Scape RSPS for free, the Java jar launcher requires your system to have Java downloaded. If the jar doesn't work please try one of the installers for your system. You can download java here: If you're having issues with the game client try reading this thread Best Regards, Kade