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Found 1 result

  1. Greetings, Alongside the announcement earlier this week, I would like to follow up on something even larger that will aid us in not only marketing but also a prosperous growth in the coming days. As most of you know, prior to Pre-Scape we were once known as Zamorak RSPS. Without stroking my ego too much, I can confidently say that Zamorak was among one of the largest servers back in the day. The community, the marketing, the activity, and overall environment was at a level that we could only strive to reach now. However due to unforeseen circumstances, when reaching a certain level of success back then, situations were not so stable and under control as they are today. After an up-time of nearly 5 years straight and having over 800,000 character files created on our game, we had to switch directions and open under a new name. That name as you all know, for nearly the last 2 years, is Pre-Scape. The idea behind Pre-Scape was to advertise as one of the leading Pre-Eoc content packed Runescape Private servers. (Pre-Scape, hence the name. I know, "quite original"), and welcome our fellow users from Zamorak along the way to the best capability we could without altering the domain and registrars to the full extent. To say the least, Zamorak.Net has basically been unavailable for me to use legally for the last 2 years, to the full potential I wanted to. But after battling it out with the company behind my domain and name servers, I can finally market and use it to its full potential. During the last 1-2 years I have been completely focused on Pre-Scape and building the base to be as stable as possible and most importantly even more enjoyable than what Zamorak already was. Pre-Scape essentially became a working area for me to continue enjoying what I do and allowing players to continue their gameplay here. The handful of people who followed along the way definitely made their way here, but THOUSANDS of others have been unable to realize and understand that Pre-Scape has essentially been Zamorak this whole time. The main question that everyone will have is what's going to happen to Pre-Scape. Now, one thing I have is integrity, and I refuse to do this the way I have seen multiple servers do in the past. They would close their server down, and re-open their "Nostalgic" name completely fresh, and basically say "fuck you" to the players who played their game, donated, and dedicated endless amount of hours. I genuinely care about my community, and I love everything I have built these last 1-2 years within Pre-Scape. With that being said, nothing is changing aside from using and switching our brand to our Original "Zamorak" and use its full potential to finally hit the RSPS Community of the fact we are back. I believe everyone here would agree, it would be the smartest decision to use all our resources where we can to make sure that Quarter 4 of this year goes as planned. No one will lose their progress, in fact if you've noticed, I've already made the adjustments on the website practically everywhere, the server has still been online and running smoothly, and the only few changes that will occur are the names server wise and our client (will happen soon) Everyone on the website will remain functional, now the only thing moving forward is to set up advertisements, and let the RSPS Community know we are back. In fact, we have already started to see a growth in player base these last few days and that's only from word of mouth. For those who want an idea of how strong our community on Zamorak truly was, well go ahead and do some research on youtube and you'll see hundreds if not thousands of videos from content creators across the entire RSPS community uploaded over the last few years. In regards to some marketing stuff, I have gone ahead and re-uploaded our original Zamorak RSPS promotional video from 2016 to help bring some traffic back to our subscribers and other users across the community The link will be uploaded soon. The original video has been unlisted. I also cannot thank you all enough for sticking through everything, and I am so grateful for those of you who did not give up on me and the server. is now active and will be the main source of traffic for our website. However, will remain functional and in use for our OG's. Best Regards, Titan / Kade