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Kade    706

Greetings Pre-Scapers,

So the time has finally come to where we will be pushing out some content updates for the community. I understand that there have been so many bugs and glitches that have needed dev.pngBane's attention to the point where it has been hard for him to focus on adding anything new. Although with that said, we have reached quite the stable stage, where we can finally make time to bring content updates to the community.

We have already planned to bring out Multiple OSRS Wilderness Bosses, Instance Bosses starting out with Zulrah, and its items - which was determined by the community's input on our last poll. 

I would like to hear everyone's input on what they want to see in the next update so we can focus on that accordingly. I understand that we need to release a good amount of content updates, so we'll be choosing the most appealing content update suggestions. Whether it be a new mini-game you want added, or a fully working clue scroll system, placeholders, etc. Let us know so we can make a prioritized list and spend the next week or so on getting them out as soon as possible, with what we already have planned. 

Thank you so much to everyone who has stayed patient with us, we promise it will all be worth the wait.

Best Regards,

The Pre-Scape Team

owner2.png Kade,dev.pngBane


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Bardaloo    55

I would say mini games or a community type update. Maybe setup a good lootshare system and a boss or 2 that needs multiple players to kill.

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Vhalid    48

Amazing, Can't wait for some new content!

my suggestion's:


Dung Floors 2&3 w/ Fully working team system.


Relleka Rooftop agility course (80 Req.)

Ardy Rooftop agility course (90 Req.)


Adding/Fixing QoL material.

1. Sara boss attack animations fix

2. Corp pet (zachary braggs) fix

3. [debug] messages / any other pathing messages that appear in chatbox removed.

4. examine pet glacor = " pet ganodermic beast" fix

5. add placeholders in bank

6. add ability to spacebar through dialog 





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Poseidon    29

Here we go! :) I think Zulrah should be high on the priority list and maybe cluescrolls. Placeholders in bank would be cool too, but shouldn't be the first thing to be added.

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Zachariah    43

Wilderness bosses, Zulrah, Queen black dragon, actual working dungeoneering (that was teased a while ago) , clue scrolls 

Also fix corporal beast and nex boss mechanics so they're actually working as intended.

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