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Angel Garcia

How to add pictures to support/report threads

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Angel Garcia    26

Step 1: create a forum account

Click the big 'Sign up' button.




Await email confirmation (be sure to check your spam folder).

Step 2: Getting your screenshot


If you often upload pictures, this is the way to go. You can download Gyazo here:
This is an application that will let you drag a square with your mouse, it'll take the picture and automaticly upload it.
Right-click the picture and 'Copy image address'.


Step 3: Using report/support forum sections

To get there through the support center on the forums.
Click the 'Start new topic' button on the top right of your screen and fill in everything.

(keep it to the point and know that most topics are visible for everyone)


Now, to post an image, you simply press 'Choose files' above the text input, whilst using the url (web address) you copied from the image before.



Hope that's will help you :)





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