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Pre-Scape Full Release Announcement 07/23/18

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Kade    611

Greetings Pre-Scapers,

After nearly 2 months of being offline, and addressing all the major problems and issues with the server, Pre-Scape has finally decided on an adequate date to properly push out our Full Release.

This release will include various amount of new updates, miscellaneous bug fixes, from high to low, and a large portion of new content. The overall idea of this release is to make sure that this time around the game server will be able to stay online and running without any MAJOR issues during our up time. So that as our community enjoys our game play, the development team and I can plan out our future updates prior and push something new out almost every week.

Previously, we ended up spending nearly the entire first month on bug fixes, and we were not able to keep to our promises, that being said updates were not being pushed as planned, this led to a drastic disappointment and decline within our community. Which I would like to again, apologize for. But do understand I have kept my promise, and I have not given up, and have only worked harder to get this in the right direction :)

Now although the release does NOT guarantee to be "PERFECT", we can definitely guarantee that it will be a lot more enjoyable than last time, and allows us to build up more and more given the feedback and suggestions from the community, without being held back by obstacles such as stability, server sided, and or client issues. 

As many of you know, I have been paying nearly everything out of my own pocket these past 2-3 months now, that includes the monthly protection over our services. Just like before, we expect to be targeted by DDoS attacks, but preparations have been placed ahead of time, to hopefully prevent our site and or game server to go down again.

Private Beta testing will continue to run for the next 9 days as we prepare for our release, so if you would like to take part in this you may send me a PM via Forums or Discord. We will want to make sure you're serious about this, as we do not want to catch anyone just slacking around, or your access to our beta server will be terminated.

In regards to what to expect on the release, players who stayed dedicated throughout this roller coaster have already secured their account if they left a reply on our thread that was announced about 3 weeks ago on the "Claim Your Open Beta Account". 

  • Your statistics will all be saved 
  • Your bank will have entered a soft reset to balance out for the upcoming economy for the hundreds of new players we anticipate.
  • Your Donator Rank will be kept.
  • You may be missing some items, from players who originally charged back.
  • Overall, your account will be there, but your "net worth" will definitely have been hit 
  • Beta testers will be given their account within the end of the first week of server release

We understand it can be depressing that you have lost some of your items, but this is the only fair way we could think of that is balanced but also not completely tearing you away of your wealth. Staying dedicated to a project that has been pretty much "dead" for the past 2-3 months means a lot, and we want to do what we can to show our appreciation in a balanced way to the 30 players who saved their accounts.

With all this being said,

August 1st, 2018, 3:00 PM CST Pre-Scape will officially go back Online to the public. If you already have our previous launcher, it will automatically pick up the new client automatically. Other than that all the links will be updated accordingly 5 minutes prior to launch, and an announcement thread regarding the downloadable client and day one release will be published.

Thank you for not losing hope and trusting me,

Yours truly,

owner2.png Kade

Founder / Owner 


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