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Announcement 08/09/18

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Kade    418

Greetings Pre-Scapers,

We have completed the first week of our release and we could not have done it without all of you. We plan to branch out to marketing here soon, but we want to make sure we knock out as many bugs as possible. We expect to start launching some advertisement campaigns towards the end of the week, and have already paid and scheduled some content creators to upload videos regarding our game.

I want to say thank you to anyone who has donated the first week, your funds are most definitely being put back into the server, and it will show soon enough. Thank you for your trust, and thank you so very much for your support.

Below are the updates we were able to get out within the first week of release, and this would not be possible without dev.pngStan, dev.pngBane. We still have a long way to go, no server out there is perfect, but we plan to get as close as possible. 

I have appointed Operative who will be going in-game and gathering information from the community and creating a list for me to work on with the rest of the development team. If I am not on, message him directly. If he is not on, do not hesitate to message anyone else on the staff team of Pre-Scape.

Focuses on the next week

  • Minor to Major Bug Fixes (any that are left)
  • Pathing 
  • PvP Updates
  • Wilderness Updates
  • Begin to implement suggestions posted by the community



Best Regards,

owner2.png Kade

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Leigh    26

Doing a great job can't wait to see the player count take off when advertisement begins. 

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Jarred    1

everything is falling together nicely, can't wait to see the server really kick off!

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Stable    7

Honestly love how involved with the community everyone on the staff team is, keep up the outstanding work!

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Operative    46

Three major updates first week to address major issues is what was nice. Thanks for having me, and I suggest if you want to pm me regarding any bug/glitch please give accurate details so I can better assist.

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