[Preview]: Massive Stability Update COMING SOON (real soon)

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Stan    8
Posted (edited)

Hey guys,

As you might have noticed, the server has extreme difficulties handling a relatively large number of players (100+). Now the biggest bottleneck in the server is the way our SQL system is written (thanks, Nick...😑). SQL is basically where we keep data that is shared by the game-server and the website. 

In-depth explanation (for those interested):

Basically, all communication between the GameServer and the SQL server is handled on the main game thread. Meaning that after every request sent, the server must wait for a response from the database before continuing processing other stuff, like your combat session. SQL is slow... and the RuneScape engine aims to re-iterates every 600 ms (1000ms is 1 second). The absolute max duration of a cycle should be around 400-500ms in order to maintain a stable game.

This is a little before and after my changes, this is a local version of the game with 500 artificial players:


(updated 500 players their high-scores, took 18 seconds to complete, that's 18000-600 = 17400 ms of lag!):


(updated 500 players their high-scores, took 5 ms to complete, that's 600-5 = 595 ms left to do other processing!):



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Rare    34

Arguably the first update that could actually significantly improve shit. Good job.


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