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Treasure Island Tutorial

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Jake    201





Welcome to the Treasure Island guide. This guide will highlight any and all relevant information that you may want to know about this minigame.



  • Location
  • Bosses
  • Chest Rewards
  • Video Walkthrough
  • Additional Information




So, how do you get to this location? All you need to do is go to your spell book, select the minigames teleport, go onto the next page and click on the "Treasure Island" option. This will take you directly to the minigame and you can start straight away.







There are 4 bosses involved in this minigame and each of them drop a different key (Sagittare, Unholy, Riftsplitter and Necrolord). You can use these keys to open the chests that are planted at the centre. These bosses are very easy to defeat, typically taking about 20 minutes to kill all 4 of them, but this is dependant on what setup and gear you are using. Providing you pray against their attacks, you should find this minigame very easy!


Sagittare // Difficulty: Easy


Combat level: 483
Attack style: Ranged, Magic
Prays: Ranged
Aggressive: No
Poisonous: No
Weakness: No Weakness
Drops: Sagittare Key unknown.png


Unholy cursebearer // Difficulty: Easy


Combat level: 475
Attack style: Melee, Magic
Prays: Nothing
Aggressive: No
Poisonous: No
Weakness: No Weakness
Drops: Unholy Key unknown.png


Har'Lakk the Riftsplitter // Difficulty: Medium


Combat level: 582
Attack style: Melee, Magic
Prays: Nothing
Aggressive: No
Poisonous: Yes
Weakness: No Weakness
Drops: Riftsplitter Key unknown.png


Necrolord // Difficulty: Easy


Combat level: 495
Attack style: Magic
Prays: Nothing
Aggressive: No
Poisonous: No
Weakness: No Weakness
Drops: Necrolord Key unknown.png


Chest Rewards

In order to open the chests that are planted in the centre, you must acquire all of the keys from each of the 4 bosses. The Necrolord, Unholy cursebearer, Sagittare and Har'Lakk the Riftsplitter all drop their own keys, and you must have one of each in your inventory in order to open the chest.





  • Dragonstone_bolts_e.png Dragon bolts (e)   x   75
  • Ruby_bolts_e.png Ruby bolts (e)   x   75
  • Diamond_bolts_e.png Diamond bolts (e)   x   75



  • Rune_2h_sword.png Rune 2h sword   x   1
  • Dragon_2h_sword.png Dragon 2h sword   x   1
  • Granite_maul.png Granite maul   x   1
  • Rune_pickaxe.png Rune pickaxe   x   1
  • Rune_scimitar.png Rune scimitar   x   1
  • Dragon_scimitar.png Dragon scimitar   x   1
  • Rune_axe.png Rune hatchet   x   1



  • Blood_rune.png Blood runes   x   500
  • Death_rune.png Death runes   x   500
  • Astral_rune.png Astral runes   x   500



  • Bones.png Regular bones   x   100
  • Big_bones.png Big bones   x   50
  • Dragon_bones.png Dragon bones   x   25
  • Frost_dragon_bones.png Frost dragon bones   x   10



  • Uncut_dragonstone.png Uncut dragonstone   x   1
  • Uncut_diamond.png Uncut diamond   x   1
  • Uncut_ruby.png Uncut ruby   x   1
  • Raw_shark.png Raw shark   x   50
  • Raw_rocktail.png Raw rocktail   x   25
  • Runite_bar.png Rune bar   x   15
  • Adamantite_bar.png Adamant bar   x   25
  • Mithril_bar.png Mithril bar   x   50



  • Cannonball.png Cannonballs   x   500
  • Saradomin_brew_flask_6.png Saradomin brew flask (6)   x   25
  • Super_restore_flask_6.png Super restore flask (6)   x   25
  • Coins.png Coins   x   1,000,000-10,000,000





  • Rune_full_helm_g.png Rune full helm (g)   x   1
  • Rune_full_helm_t.png Rune full helm (t)   x   1
  • Rune_platebody_g.png Rune platebody (g)   x   1
  • Rune_platebody_t.png Rune platebody (t)   x   1
  • Rune_platelegs_g.png Rune platelegs (g)   x   1
  • Rune_platelegs_t.png Rune platelegs (t)   x   1
  • Rune_kiteshield_g.png Rune kiteshield (g)   x   1
  • Rune_kiteshield_t.png Rune kiteshield (t)   x   1


God Armour

  • Zamorak_full_helm.png Zamorak full helm   x   1
  • Zamorak_platebody.png Zamorak platebody   x   1
  • Zamorak_platelegs.png Zamorak platelegs   x   1
  • Zamorak_kiteshield.png Zamorak kiteshield   x   1


  • Guthix_full_helm.png Guthix full helm   x   1
  • Guthix_platebody.png Guthix platebody   x   1
  • Guthix_platelegs.png Guthix platelegs   x   1
  • Guthix_kiteshield.png Guthix kiteshield   x   1


  • Saradomin_full_helm.png Saradomin full helm   x   1
  • Saradomin_platebody.png Saradomin platebody   x   1
  • Saradomin_platelegs.png Saradomin platelegs   x   1
  • Saradomin_kiteshield.png Saradomin kiteshield   x   1



  • Tan_cavalier.png Tan cavalier   x   1
  • Dark_cavalier.png Dark cavalier   x   1
  • Black_cavalier.png Black cavalier   x   1
  • Highwayman_mask.png Highwayman mask   x   1
  • Red_boater.png Red boater   x   1
  • Orange_boater.png Orange boater   x   1
  • Green_boater.png Green boater   x   1
  • Blue_boater.png Blue boater   x   1
  • Black_boater.png Black boater   x   1
  • Black_elegant_shirt.png Black elegant shirt   x   1
  • Black_elegant_legs.png Black elegant legs   x   1
  • Red_elegant_shirt.png Red elegant shirt   x   1
  • Red_elegant_legs.png Red elegant legs   x   1
  • Blue_elegant_shirt.png Blue elegant shirt   x   1
  • Blue_elegant_legs.png Blue elegant legs   x   1
  • Green_elegant_shirt.png Green elegant shirt   x   1
  • Green_elegant_legs.png Green elegant legs   x   1
  • Purple_elegant_shirt.png Purple elegant shirt   x   1
  • Purple_elegant_legs.png Purple elegant legs   x   1
  • Armadyl_cloak.png Armadyl cloak   x   1
  • Bandos_cloak.png Bandos cloak   x   1
  • Ancient_cloak.png Ancient cloak   x   1
  • Saradomin_cloak.png Saradomin cloak   x   1
  • Guthix_cloak.png Guthix cloak   x   1
  • Zamorak_cloak.png Zamorak cloak   x   1
  • Wizard_boots.png Wizard boots   x   1
  • Red_headband.png Red headband   x   1
  • Black_headband.png Black headband   x   1
  • Brown_headband.png Brown headband   x   1
  • Green_dragon_mask.png Green dragon mask   x   1
  • Blue_dragon_mask.png Blue dragon mask   x   1
  • Red_dragon_mask.png Red dragon mask   x   1
  • Black_dragon_mask.png Black dragon mask   x   1
  • Frost_dragon_mask.png Frost dragon mask   x   1
  • Bronze_dragon_mask.png Bronze dragon mask   x   1
  • Iron_dragon_mask.png Iron dragon mask   x   1
  • Steel_dragon_mask.png Steel dragon mask   x   1
  • Mithril_dragon_mask.png Mithril dragon mask   x   1
  • Rune_cane.png Rune cane   x   1
  • Amulet_of_glory_t.png Amulet of glory (t)   x   1



  • Zamorakian_spear.png Zamorakian spear   x   1




  • 3rd_age_full_helmet.png 3rd age full helmet   x   1
  • 3rd_age_platebody.png 3rd age platebody   x   1
  • 3rd_age_platelegs.png 3rd age platelegs   x   1
  • 3rd_age_kiteshield.png 3rd age kiteshield   x   1



  • 3rd_age_mage_hat.png 3rd age mage hat   x   1
  • 3rd_age_robe_top.png 3rd age robe top   x   1
  • 3rd_age_robe.png 3rd age robe   x   1
  • 3rd_age_amulet.png 3rd age amulet   x   1



  • 3rd_age_range_coif.png 3rd age range coif   x   1
  • 3rd_age_range_top.png3rd age range top   x   1
  • 3rd_age_range_legs.png3rd age range legs   x   1
  • 3rd_age_vambraces.png3rd age vambraces   x   1


Video Walkthrough



Additional Information

- There are 4 chests in the centre, but they all provide the same chances of getting any of the rewards

- Don't be scared because the bosses have high combat levels. As long as you pray their attacks, your setup/gear shouldn't be much of an issue

- Be sure to check out Rob's thread where he opened up a total of 100 chests




  • Credits to gfx.pngHash for creating the title for me
  • Credits to 1994k for providing me with information regarding the minigame
  • Credits to manager.png Finch for allowing me to borrow some gear to record a walkthrough and for providing me with the full rewards list


Happy Scaping,

Jake // Gamble.

Edited by Jake
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Titan    1,054

Thank you Jake for making a detailed guide for this, I will be placing this in the announcement section for a limited time, so players can take a first hand look :)


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Fawk    205

This is amazing. Thank you very much udon.pngJake for putting the time and effort that you did into this. 

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Fawk    205
1 hour ago, corebe2no said:

how u know the droptable?

aight guide btw

The staff team provided him with it. 

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Finch    0

Wow, what a great guide - comprehensive, but easy to follow. Thanks for taking the time to create this, it'll be extremely useful I'm sure.

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Grey Salt    111

Great guide for the new minigame! 

You didn't miss anything here. great job. I'm looking forward to seeing what other guides you'll be coming out with the the furute.

Keep up the great work.


P.S. Thanks for linking my thread ^.^

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