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Giveaway for one golden scratch card

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Mw2fan    66

Instead of just doing hide and seek events, a forum giveaway will allow everyone to participate and will be fairer. 


Rules: Post a random number between 1-1000 in this thread. 2 days from now (9/25/18) I will use a random number generator with a list of all the numbers posted in this thread. Whoever's number is selected will win. I will also screen-record the results!


*Note you are limited to one entry so only post one number. To avoid multiple forum accounts being created only accounts with a creation date before 9/23/18 are eligible. 


Best of luck!

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Jake    188

1-1000 seems like a bit much for the activity on the Forums lol.


Regardless, my number is 69.


If I win, I'll also give it away :)

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Grey Salt    111

I really like the spam proof rules of this giveaway. Great format, I hope to see people use this more to help boost forums activity a bit.


My number is : 722


Best of luck to everyone in the giveaway!

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